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Fire Pro Wrestling World

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Melly Fed
All the work I've done in this game, that range from PS2 ports of earlier work to requests to entire collections of characters and whoever I happened to think of at the moment. Expect a lot of fighting games, movie characters, musicians, all that good stuff.

99% of these characters have 4 outfits, all of them have custom AI and movesets, most of them have voices, and almost all of them (aside from some 'boss' characters) are in the 184 edit point range.

Some of these characters do use DLC, and instead of cluttering the workshop, if you want a DLC-free version feel free to request it and I'll upload another version of it ASAP!

Icon done by my awesome gf whose works you can check out here:

If you use Carlzilla's Modpack and have custom wrestler voices enabled, some of these do support that function, so here's a directory for those .wav files if you wish to use them:
Items (165)
"Steven Seagal" (Will Sasso)
Created by MellyInChains
Fresh out of his pajama party with Jack Nicholson, it's...thankfully not the real Steven Seagal, but Will Sasso impersonating him on MadTV.

Another MelvBash 3 request, 'Steven' comes with a moveset based on every attack he does in the skits, resulting in ...
Albiole (Battle Monsters) / アルビオレ (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
The 'cursed spectre' from that weird Sega Saturn fighting game Battle Monsters.

Movelist is based on what I could base it on.

He comes with four outfits:
- Default in-game palette (1P)
- 2P in-game palette (2P)
- Manual artwork (3P)
- Ending appearance (...
Amiba (Fist of the North Star) / アミバ (北斗の拳)
Created by MellyInChains
And now, here's Toki. I mean, Christopher Lambert. I mean, Amiba.

His first two appearances were done by LordMo (many thanks as always!), with me filling in the other two slots. His moveset is a combination of the moves he performs against his fight with ...
Andrew Eldritch (Sisters of Mercy)
Created by MellyInChains
Frontman for an important goth rock band...or so I've been told. I never listened to them.

From LordMo's team, he sports an American style of wrestling, and mostly favors grab/slam moves on small damage, and switches it to hard hitting strikes when on lar...
Angela Belti (Power Instinct) / アンジェラ・ベルテ (豪血寺一族)
Created by MellyInChains
From the Power Instinct series. Outfits include:

- Default (primary)
- Power Instinct 1 default (2P)
- Summer palette from Bonnou Kaihou (3P)
- Zombie palette from Bonnou Kaihou (4P)

Her theme is MIC-AngelaBelti, which can be found here:
Anna (Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2) / アンナ (ウルトラファイトだ!キャン太2)
Created by MellyInChains

Anna is a snake woman who tends bar for her sister, except she doesn't really help with maintaining the bar so much as beating the living hell out of people challenging her to fights. So really, Fire Pro isn't really that much different for h...
Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot (Mortal Kombat Trilogy)
Created by MellyInChains
The platypus ninja that may or may not exist in Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Comes with a moveset that includes all the basics you'd see in MK3, the rest of his moveset is mostly that of really flashy hold moves. AI slightly tweaked so that he's a bit more aggr...
Arakune (BlazBlue) / アラクネ (ブレイブルー)
Created by MellyInChains
One of the most unorthodox entries in MelvBash 3, it's...the goopy guy from that fighting game series I played like once.

Moveset is loooooosely based on whatever I could pick up from his moves in source, and he came out as a pretty straightforward, and a...
Armor King / アーマー・キング
Created by MellyInChains
King's rival, also specifically the first Armor King. Tekken loves all those different Kings.

Comes with a moveset very close to his Tekken 2 moveset (even an attempt at the Mishima uppercuts), logic that prioritizes his more powerful throws, and 4 outfit...
B.B. Scorpion (Ring Rage) / B.Bスコーピオン (リングレイジ)
Created by MellyInChains
The guy hailing from Texas that goes WEEEEE all day.

Movelist very close to the original, although his exact backbreaker I'm not sure is in this game. He's a towering powerhouse, although he has a bit of trouble dealing with stand-up fighters and is slow ...
Created by MellyInChains
He's been through it all; getting 'stuck' in a blood pressure test, being 'pregnant', having his finger detached twice, having actually died TWICE during the show's run. This'll be easy for him.

This buttmunch comes with a moveset very accurate to the sho...
Belokk (Mortal Kombat Gold)
Created by MellyInChains
[18:43] <EdBoon> Belokk was a character that was developed by Eurocom but they
did not have the time to finish him.
[18:43] <EdBoon> EUROCOM rules !!

The scrapped demon-looking guy from Mortal Kombat Gold makes his way into being the third ent...
Bio Force Ape
Created by MellyInChains

So with that out of the way, the titular protagonist from the doomed NES platformer/wrestling game, Bio Force Ape. Grapples taken from the game, some other attacks taken from the enemies he fights....
Blood Warrior (大江戸ファイト) Continue Screen Skeleton
Created by MellyInChains
The second Blood Warrior character to be released on the workshop, and it's the skeleton warrior that stomps up and down whenever you lose in single-player mode. April Fool's I guess??

He has a slightly slower count for DQs and move speed. I might revis...
Blue Mary/ブルー・マリー
Created by MellyInChains
She shall return! Just not in a KoF game for now.

Blue Mary from the Fatal Fury / King of Fighters series, with a movelist very close to her moves from KoF98 (and a couple from her alt form in Ultimate Match). Comes with AI to emulate a few of her special...
Blues (Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2) / ブルース (ウルトラファイトだ!キャン太2)
Created by MellyInChains

A very concerned construction worker joins Fire Pro to make sure all the venues are modernized and safe. And for some reason, people keep wanting to wrestle him when he's busy.

His moveset consists of a few moves inspired by his moveset in U...
Bob Hoskins as Mario
Created by MellyInChains
The unlikely protagonist of my girlfriend Sasha and I's playthrough of Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth, which can be viewed here:

"Mario" here has a movelist very closely modeled after wh...
Bonnie Tyler
Created by MellyInChains
The last of the Melvbash 3 requests. I dunno anything about this lady's music either, other than she did a duet with...Meatloaf. Huh, well there's your tag team right there.

Boasts a technical style, prefers to wear down the opponent with strikes upon sma...
Booger (ECW Anarchy Rulz)
Created by MellyInChains
When the Fire Pro audience wants some REAL excitement, they pick Booger!

Arguably the most famous ECW Anarchy Rulz jobber since Trainer, Booger comes with a moveset very close to source. Expect a lot of spears, suplexes and chin locks with this snot nos...
Brandon Whittaker (Dead Rising 2) / ブランドン・ウィットテーカー (デッドライジング2)
Created by MellyInChains
Everyone's favorite frantic guy that hangs out in bathrooms with gigantic shards of glass ranting about revolution when he's really just making the whole zombie thing worse.

Part of DrKelexo's team in Melvbash 1, I couldn't seem to place his data from R...
Created by MellyInChains
Beavis stole his burrito and he ended up here after chasing him.

Nuthead/Bombhead/Buffcoat/etc, like Beavis, comes with a moveset almost entirely modelled after what he does to Beavis (and a drive-thru speaker, amongst other things). He ended up being a m...
Caleb (Blood)
Created by MellyInChains

The undead gunslinger who can't decide whether he has hair or not is an entrant for this year's Melvbash, inspired by his appearance in the engine Knuckle Fighter Alpha. His moveset was mostly based off of moves that had appropriate word...
Created by MellyInChains
I am Calypso, and I thank you for playing Fire Pro Wrestling World!

Moves around the ring very fast and tends to take his time disqualifying anyone....
Captain Bennett (Commando) / ベネット (コマンドー)
Created by MellyInChains
He doesn't need the girl. He doesn't need the gun. And he's going to kill you now.

Vernon Wells's role as the villain in the 1985 movie Commando comes with the moves taken from the fight scene with John Matrix, and has AI that makes him recklessly charge ...
Chameleon (Mortal Kombat Trilogy)
Created by MellyInChains
Not really a Kombat Underdog (people like the ninjas that actually exist so y'know), but I wanted to do this little experiment anyway. And you don't have to highlight another character and hold 5 buttons until the fight starts to play as him!

His movese...
Chili & Pepper (Battle Monsters) / チリ&ペッパー (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
They're proof that good things come in pairs.

Slowly continuing the Battle Monsters Fire Pro Project™, the afroed clown cavemen were probably one of the hardest translations into a Fire Pro moveset I've done in some time, but I did my best. They're very a...
Chuu (Yu Yu Hakusho) / 酎 (幽☆遊☆白書)
Created by MellyInChains
Apparently Australian but I didn't listen to the dub because I can't pass up hearing more of Norio Wakamoto.

His appearance base is made by DrKelexo where I took care of the rest. His moves are largely based off of his appearance in The Battle of Yuu Yu...
Clemence Bellamy (The King of Fighters XIV)
Created by MellyInChains
The newcaster giving the hard details regarding the complete chaos Verse causes in KOFXIV. You can also have him as your online icon in that game, strangely enough....
Created by MellyInChains
Looks like Beavis found where they keep the coffee backstage.

Moveset wise he's similar to Beavis, but with the more powerful moves swapped out with quicker ones. This variant also has more of a lean towards surprise pin rolls. Stats-wise, he trades most ...
Corporal Hart (Timesplitters 2)
Created by MellyInChains
Locked, cocked and ready to roll!

Cortez's maybe-dead buddy comes with a moveset that combines both Bret and Owen Hart's moves; except they're specifically taken from Wrestlemania The Arcade Game and WWF Attitude respectively. She came out with a style th...
Cycloid β (Street Fighter EX) / サイクロイドβ (ストリートファイターEX)
Created by MellyInChains
My first public work with the custom parts craft, it's one of the weird see-through hidden characters from the first Street Fighter EX game!

Their moveset in this translation keeps relatively close to their moveset in source. The super they swiped from ...
Cynthia Rothrock (as Kristi Jones in Undefeatable)
Created by MellyInChains
"Keep an eye out, Stingray!"

My personal favorite B-movie kung fu master of the 80's, the inspiration for Sonya Blade (no, really!) jumps in with her moves and outfits from the Godfrey Ho film Undefeatable.

Her theme filename is MIC-Rothrock, which can...
Dabo/ダボ (Def Jam Vendetta)
Created by MellyInChains
One of the two characters exclusive to the Japanese version of Def Jam Vendetta, it's the first ever artist signed to Def Jam Japan, who made an album called Baby Mario World and also can be seen superimposed over gameplay footage of Vendetta for his song ...
Damdo (World Fighting/All-Star Fighters) / ダムド (THE 異種格闘技/THE ALL★STAR格闘祭)
Created by MellyInChains
Inspired by the Ranking of Fighters of the big crossover Simple 2000 game All-Star Fighters for the PS2, here comes the vaguely Bam Bam-looking guy who hails from volume 42 of the series, World Fighting.

His moves in that game (which much thanks to Lord...
Dan Forden (Mortal Kombat 3)
Created by MellyInChains
Toasty! Or you're toast! Or crispy! It's your choice.

From Street-Trash's 'Gaming in the Clinton Years' team in Melvbash 2 comes the composer for the Mortal Kombat games. His moveset is loosely based around the set of basics everyone has in the MK games...
Dane (The Quiet Man) / デイン (ザ クワイエットマン)
Created by MellyInChains
The protagonist from 2018's hot new 'what the hell' game that would've been pretty effective if it weren't for the confusing plot...the uncomfortable gang stereotypes...the thoroughly awful and unpleasant dad subplot...the in-game graphics being way worse ...
Data -2500 (WWF No Mercy)
Created by MellyInChains
You may recognize this man back in the day when your WWF No Mercy cartridge decided to throw away all your data mid-match. He's a beloved figure in gaming indeed.

He is given the name of 'Data -2500' whenever he shows up by a different method, specifica...
Deathmask (Battle Monsters) / デスマスク (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
Guess I'm the only one making characters from Battle Monsters! Anyhoo here's that shambling behemoth who screams a lot.

A large portion of his moves from the game ended up in the 'grapple (big)' section, so the rest of his moves are more or less based o...
Delsol (Force Five/Fighting Vipers) / デルソル (フォースファイブ / ファイティングバイパーズ)
Created by MellyInChains
What an interesting history this dude has...for starters, if you've played the 2002 game WWF Raw, you've played the game where this guy's mask from Fighting Vipers 2 is in the list of usable CAW items.

He is the wrestler mascot of Anchor Inc, a company ...
Diver (Soul Blade)
Created by MellyInChains
An NPC from Soul Blade from SoulEdge's ending and...well, here's the explanation:

Moveset and AI included, moves based off of Sophitia's, naturally. Her outfits are:
- Default (1P)
- Sophitia! (2P)
- Sophitia...
Doppelganger (Battle Monsters)
Created by MellyInChains
AKA 'the mirror match guy', this mysterious hockey-mask wearing apparition will challenge you in arcade mode right before turning into your own character. He has no name nor does he have a backstory, but strangely messing with the sprite layers reveals he'...
Dr. Rick Dagless M.D. (Garth Marenghi's Darkplace)
Created by MellyInChains
Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Actor. Plus wrestler. You're about to enter the ring of Darkplace.

The best doctor ever has a very powerful, brawling moveset at his arsenal, based on his attacks from the show's fight scenes. He is a bit slow at running ...
Dr. Wiz (Fighters' Impact)
Created by MellyInChains
The strange, quiet and mysterious mid-boss that turns into your character in Fighters' Impact. I made his palette as a ref different because I may make a playable version of him one day and wanted a way to easily differentiate the two versions (was also ba...
Earl (Toejam & Earl)
Created by MellyInChains

A member of my own team in the first Melvbash, sections of his moveset are ported over from Returns, but he for the most part has been massively changed in terms of appearance, front grapple moves, parameter balance, voices, etc. He's been give...
Elder Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho) / 戸愚呂兄 (幽☆遊☆白書)
Created by MellyInChains
Younger Toguro's little gremlin brother's come to assist him, months after I initally started working on this character (oops).

Movelist is based off of his appearance in the fighting game Battle Of Yu Yu Hakusho: Shitou! Ankoku Bujutsukai! 120%. He's a s...
Flower Shop Owner (The Room)
Created by MellyInChains
A fairly monitored match? That'll be 18 dollars.

Very speedy, as is her arrival and departure in the movie. Sadly Dogeee couldn't come along for the ride.

Actual wrestler coming soon!...
Fudge (Key and Peele)
Created by MellyInChains
One of Key and Peele's East/West Bowl players decided to try wrestling for a change.

Uses quite a bit of move references taken from sketches on the show (specifically any attacks done by Peele).

He comes with four outfits:
- Fudge (primary)
- Fudge as se...
Funky Pete (Peter Serafinowicz)
Created by MellyInChains
Peter Serafinowicz's rage-filled role from Shaun of the Dead. AI included. Also he screams Japanese because none of the English voices say anything interesting. Outfits are other Serafinowicz characters and include:

- Shaun of the Dead (primary)
- Michael...
Fur Face/The Mariner (Ed Leslie)
Created by MellyInChains
Remember that time Leslie came in as this weird-looking dude a couple of times, punched the living hell out of people and then ran away and he wasn't even given an official name? Yeah, wrestling's weird.

This is ported from my Returns pack (and also showe...
Created by MellyInChains
So thanks to MelvBash 3, I made Garfield. Mondays and lasagna and stuff.

Gave him a few references to those PS2 games, but a lot of his moveset is just original, and resulted in an aggressively tactless heel who has a noticable knack for ground moves.

Ghost Referee (GHOST PROBLEMS)
Created by MellyInChains
it's a g g g ghost!!!

Taken from a WWE13 quick look, two stories named GHOST PROBLEMS and GHOST PROBLEMS MORE made by dshban chronicled the story of a ghostly referee terrorizing a security guard, and occasionally a time-traveling Rock, teaching us that...
Goemon (Blood Warrior) / 五右衛門 (大江戸ファイト)
Created by MellyInChains
The final boss of a game that turned into a normal playable character in a kabuki-like get-up, it's Goemon. Maybe not THE Goemon, but it's definitely a guy named that.

Moves were taken from both Blood Warrior and his unplayable form in Shogun Warriors (al...
Gonzales (Kaiser Knuckle)/ゴンザレス (カイザーナックル)
Created by MellyInChains
Gonzales (ゴンザレス) from Kaiser Knuckle (カイザーナックル), the judoka sub-boss still hasn't found his wife Tanya so he's looking here too.

Moveset based around his moves from the game, I had to flesh it out a bit considering his movelist isn't very large, but I t...
Heart Heat Harn (Battle Monsters)/ハートヒート・ハーン (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
Or Headless Harn. I stick with the Japanese names when they're funnier. Anyway he's from the Saturn fighting game Battle Monsters, and I had to make him after I discovered you could make headless people.

Harn comes with a moveset based on the more practi...
Heavy D!/ヘビィ・D!
Created by MellyInChains
One of SNK's many boxing characters. This is one of the best ones, so Heavy D! is the one I picked. Not to be confused with the real Heavy D.

Primarly based off of his King of Fighters '98 incarnation, but it's a 'fighting' type character in Fire Pro, s...
Helga (Revolution X)
Created by MellyInChains

The main leader against Aerosmith's destruction from Revolution X. Another character I may make playable one day, but for now she's here to make sure you aren't doing anything rebellious in the ring....
Hermes Costello / エルメェス・コステロ
Created by MellyInChains
From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 6. Moveset very loosely based on some of her moves from All-Star Battle; it's a little hard to translate those kind of moves into this game, to say the least.

Her four outfits are:
- Default (1P) (but strangely not her d...
Hinako Shijou/四条 雛子
Created by MellyInChains
Dosukoi, etc etc. The 'what do you mean SHE'S a sumo wrestler?' character from King of Fighters's NESTS saga. Just about all of her key moves fit the 'power' class perfectly, and her moveset is very close to the moves she has in KoF2002UM. Her AI tends to ...
Holosseum Announcer
Created by MellyInChains

Just a very easy referee idea I suddenly got hit with while walking over to the restaurant across the street. And hey, we do have a character from Holosseum from the workshop!

Also fun fact, my ability...
Hornbuckle (Mortal Kombat II)
Created by MellyInChains
The second character made for the Kombat Underdogs 'project', that guy who fought that other guy that was on fire in the background in Mortal Kombat 2 finally steps into the action.

The goal here was not to just use Liu Kang's moves as a reference base,...
Hsu Hao (Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance)
Created by MellyInChains
"Is Hsu Hao jealous of Kano's new heart?" "Yes and we don't care."

Arguably the character with the most hatred from his creators, Hsu Hao's moveset is a mishmash of all three fighting styles he's had in his appearances. It's mostly the sumo and wrestlin...
Huo Chai Ren (Dong Dong Never Die) / 火柴人 (东东不死传说)
Created by MellyInChains
The legend of Dong Dong will never die. Unless you have a computer that's somehow bad enough to where that game actually lags. Egh...anyway.

The game's 3D stickman (or matchstick man, as his name means) comes with a moveset that's as close as I can get to...
Created by MellyInChains
WHOA! [robotic laughing]

One of my more experimental projects, and one as a bit of an 'intermission' to my poll results because he was basically finished anyway, this is a FPW translation of the best video game reviewer ever. By the way, they ripped the...
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman / 銀河パトロール ジャコ
Created by MellyInChains
This would be the second Toriyama character I'd make if somebody didn't already beat me to the wrestler lady from Tobal the first week this game was even released. So, here's the first and probably final one.

Another MelvBash request, this was aimed to be...
Jesse Ventura (Jesse "The Body" Ventura Wrestling Superstars)
Created by MellyInChains

So yeah, there was that Genesis/Megadrive Fire Pro game Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden that got localized to be a Jesse Ventura title but got canned, with a prototype ROM surfacing years later. I came to realize it...
Joden (Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII)
Created by MellyInChains
Clearly, not Lucky Glauber, nor is it Michael Jordan.

Originating from a bootleg Genesis/Megadrive fighting game with possibly the best roster anyone could ask for (is it humanly possible to say the possibility of Muhammad Ali punching out Cyclops isn't...
John Cannon
Created by MellyInChains
It's...uh, a comic protagonist from the 70's or something. An author named 'Wally Wood' created it. I don't know anything about it. It's a MelvBash 3 request.

Uses a mix of Jax and Johnny Cage's moves, resulting in a pretty cut-and-dry American style, w...
Jon Arbuckle
Created by MellyInChains
Black as Garfield's soul, he'd rather die than give him control.

The last member of the Paws Inc team in MelvBash 3 was the most interesting experiment: at first for movelists it was going to be a big fusion of random characters named John, so some of J...
Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior) / ガロン (ヴァンパイア)
Created by MellyInChains
Sadly he couldn't find his nunchaku in time.

From DrKelexo's team in the first Melvbash comes the kung-fu werewolf from England that gave me a hell of a time appearance-wise. Not satisfied with the hair but y'know, hey. Could always come back to it if I...
Judgement (Battle Arena Toshinden 3) / ジャッジメント (闘神伝3)
Created by MellyInChains

Battle Arena Toshinden's resident Jason homage comes to Fire Pro World, somehow the first Toshinden 3 character I've made on here. Why did it take me so long? Anyway...

This was inspired by an attempt to make his hockey mask, which mostly ...
Juri (Yu Yu Hakusho) / 樹里 (幽☆遊☆白書)
Created by MellyInChains
Inspired from playing the SNES game Yu Yu Hakusho 2: Kakutou no Sho, this is a referee I felt compelled to make because her design is really cool (I haven't even properly started the series yet but hey).

Going by how I judge this would work in a typical a...
K.O. Joe (Ring Rage) / KOジョー (リングレイジ)
Created by MellyInChains
[NOTE: This character uses DLC parts. The alternate DLC-free version can be found here: ]

Next up from the Ring Rage cast, it's the kickboxer that looks like a plain boxer that throws tan...
Kaf Ka / Kap Ka (Battle Monsters) / カ・フカ (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
[NOTE: This version of the character uses DLC parts. A version that uses exclusively free parts can be found here: ]

The little weird old wizard couldn't bring his wand, magic balls, magi...
Kai (Force Five/フォースファイブ) / Asuka (Jingi Storm The Arcade/仁義ストーム The Arcade)
Created by MellyInChains
The description of characters from this (these?) game(s?) is going to be a mess each time, I swear...

Another character from the cancelled fighting game Force Five (which again you can see footage of here ), and...
Kairi (Street Fighter EX) / カイリ (ストリートファイターEX)
Created by MellyInChains
To celebrate the revival of Arika fighting games, decided to translate the 'Akuma but done right' design from the Street Fighter EX series into FPW World. This game doesn't have many good screaming soundclips, sadly, but I did try.

Moveset based on his mo...
Kanae (Akatsuki Blitzkampf) / 鼎二尉 (アカツキ電光戦記)
Created by MellyInChains
With the recent addition of Akatsuki on the workshop, the resident grappler lady from the game seemed like a pretty appropriate creation to put into this game, so I figured I might as well.

Movesets from ABK are a bit tricky to work with in this game, b...
Kane (Survival Arts) / ケイン (サバイバルアーツ)
Created by MellyInChains
No, not the guy in the mask. This is the alien dad from Survival Arts.

Same deal as Santana, AI and movelist are based on the game with the rest fleshed out accordingly. He comes with four palettes:

- Default (primary)
- Alt palette from source (2P)
- Al...
Kano (Mortal Kombat 1)
Created by MellyInChains
Part of yet another one of those projects I may or may not do involving the MK trilogy, it's that character who used to be Japanese and then turned Australian, 'Keino!' Sorry, 'Kano'.

This is explicitly based on his MK1 form (and parts of his new additi...
Karate Kenji (Fight Fever)
Created by MellyInChains

Final boss from the justifiably obscure cult-following fighting game Fight Fever. Moveset loosely based on the moves he had in that game; they're a bit on the fantastical side in source, hence 'loosely'. He also has a bit more e...
Kelly Deckerd (Ring Rage) / デッカード (リングレイジ)
Created by MellyInChains
The self-taught martial artist from Hong Kong who isn't a Bruce Lee pastiche, but rather a guy who mixed and matched a bunch of styles. He's still an actor, though.

Movelist kept faithful to his original moveset, and is in general a solid all-around chara...
Ki-Ba / Fangore (Battle Monsters) / キ・バ (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
[NOTE: This character uses some DLC parts, and due to the admittedly less than ideal way this game deals with DLC compatiblity, any of my characters that use those parts will have an alternate version of it that uses entirely free parts also available. It'...
Killer the Shaddam (Ring Rage) / キラー・ザ・シャダム (リングレイジ)
Created by MellyInChains
The Iron Sheik/Sgt Slaughter/Abdullah the Butcher hybrid from Ring Rage; now 30% less of a Middle Eastern stereotype! Even if he does kinda just look like Al Jourgensen now, but hey, it's an improvement.

All of his heel moves are completely intact, and ha...
Kimora Lee Simmons
Created by MellyInChains
Figured I'd try my hand at the Def Jam conversions with making the second 6'0'' lady I've put together, and also apparently the second worst character in Fight for New York.

A lot of her moveset is emulated faithfully, of course liberties taken with gro...
Kinoko (Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2) / ファイトだ!キャン太2
Created by MellyInChains

The mushroom creature from UFD!K2 comes with a moveset very loosely based on their source moveset, naturally a lot of liberties were taken. Likes digging at the opponent's head, biting their face, headbu...
Korean RoboCop
Created by MellyInChains

Rather than act and fight like the RoboCop everyone knows, this version of the character is an endlessly hungry monster that will claw at the opponent in a ravenous frenzy and try...
Krunch Dunkins (Melvstream)
Created by MellyInChains
Basically an in-joke character. She was made during a stream of ECW Anarchy Rulz where I had the audience pick the parts for her appearance, voice and her name, resulting in what you see here (sadly the footage where she was being created was lost, but y'k...
Kuja / Skythe (Battle Monsters) / クウジャ (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
From this day on, those who gaze skyward will know the true meaning of fear....a bird-man flying at them from the turnbuckle.

His flying and drop-down divekick (is it just me or does this game have a lot of kick-based specials?) influenced his tendency to...
Kukri (The King of Fighters XIV) / ククリ (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ XIV)
Created by MellyInChains
"Hehe, I'll put your email address on the net...."

The extremely rude, foul-mouthed member of the new mystery team comes to Fire Pro and into the upcoming Melvbash 3, courtesy of LordMo for the base appearance template. Moveset takes as much from his KOF ...
Kunihiro Matsumura (Matsumura Kunihiro Den) / 松村 邦洋 (松村邦洋伝)
Created by MellyInChains
[NOTE: This character uses DLC parts, and the parts are most of the reason why I made this character, so I'm leaving it as is. If anyone wants a DLC-free version of this character feel free to let me know, but right now I'm leaving it DLC-only.]

And now...
Created by MellyInChains
The air-conditioner finagling, treasure snatching rival to Yoshimitsu, mostly based on her Tekken 2 incarnation (although I couldn't possibly resist a nod to Tag 2 and NOT give her Big Fire). Moves based very close to her moves from the second game, and wi...
La Fa (Battle Monsters) / ラ・ファ (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
The overseas version calls her 'La. Pa' which may or may not just been a typo, but anyway.

The 'dancer in a toy box' style living doll ballerina comes with a move and style as close as I could get to her original arsenal. To emulate the move where she twi...
Laura Harris (D) / ローラ・ハリス (Dの食卓)
Created by MellyInChains
One of THREE protagonists from Kenji Eno's D series to come to the workshop. The other two are coming very soon.

The Dracula descendant that occasionally eats people is a 'mysterious' type of stand-up fighter for the most parts, with a few dropkicks, la...
Laura Lewis (Enemy Zero) / ローラ・ルイス (エネミー・ゼロ)
Created by MellyInChains
The second Laura in D's series. This one comes from space!

Comes with a mixture of fast hand-to-hand strikes, who then surprises her opponent with a fierce lariat or a powerbomb.

Her 4 outfits are:
- Default (primary)
- Playstation Expo concept art outfi...
Laura Parton (D2) / ローラ・パートン (Dの食卓2)
Created by MellyInChains
And the last D protagonist, within the same day as the previous one! Today was a good day to be productive.

This one is quite fast, damaging and is heavy on the offense, but has noticably lower defense, so she's a bit of a glass cannon in a mild way.

Lee Chaolan / リー・チャオラン
Created by MellyInChains
The 'silver-haired' devil's angsty phase from Tekken 2. Moves largely based off of his moveset from that game. His outfits are:

-Tekken 1/2 default outfit (primary)
-Tekken 2 2P outfit (2P)
-Tekken 1 2P outfit (3P)
-Appearance in anime (4P)

His theme is ...
Lick Joe (Violence Fight/バイオレンスファイト)
Created by MellyInChains

The man with the name that I endlessly find hilarious, Lick Joe comes from a little known pair of Taito fighting games, Violence Fight and Solitary Fighter.

Since everyone in those games have about 4 moves total, I had to basically invent ...
Lin (King of Fighters 2000) / リン (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ 2000)
Created by MellyInChains
This is another KoF edit: dis it and die, fool!

That ninja SNK seems to have completely forgotten about wouldn't have been possible to make for me without another appearance contribution by LordMo. Tweaked the head portion a little, still open to sugges...
Lisa (The Room)
Created by MellyInChains
I'd describe this edit here, but I don't want to talk about it!

....okay okay, the main antagonist of The Room (who is played by a huge wrestling fan, I might add)'s moves are based on a few things the character does and a few moves from, well, Lisa Lisa....
Liu Yungmie (Karnov's Revenge) / 柳 英美 (ファイターズヒストリーダイナマイト)
Created by MellyInChains
Traveling the entire world brought her here, because she's a tour guide now, I guess?

One of the two playable newcomers from the second Fighter's History game comes equipped with a moveset that contains very recognizable stand-ins for her specials from ...
Mademoiselle (Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou)/まどもあぜる (美食戦隊薔薇野郎)
Created by MellyInChains
Another fairy, but this time she's a cyborg, I think?

Originating from a bizarre-and-also-not-very-good SNES beat-em-up that is developed by people that may or may not have been involved with Cho Aniki at some point, 'Explosive Lady Mademoiselle' has a mo...
Makaryudo (Battle Monsters) / マカリュード (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
Next up on the Battle Monsters list, it's the gladiator/barbarian that screams at the top of his lungs all the time for some reason.

Movelist based off of the non-projectile moves he had in the game, plus a few 'corner to center' and 'jumping off of turnb...
Mat Dickie (MDickie)
Created by MellyInChains
"WWE is the lion, Fire Pro is the tiger, I am the lone wolf" - actual quote

The apparent messiah of wrestling games drops into Fire Pro, intact with his moveset from his self-insert appearance in Wrestling Revolution 2D. His AI has a high showsmanship r...
Meat (Mortal Kombat 4)
Created by MellyInChains
Appropriate for Halloween, I suppose!

This version of Meat was based specifically on MK4/Gold, so his movelist is a mishmash of everyone's special moves in that roster. This made him into an agile character who performs dizzying throws and takes to submis...
Created by MellyInChains
His suit jacket still looks a bit weird because of the tearing, but hey, two out of three ain't bad. That's about all I have for the music references, I never listened to this guy much, oops.

Entering LordMo's team this year, The Loaf comes using his move...
Mike Danton (Deadly Prey)
Created by MellyInChains
The refs forbade him to eat worms and chop his opponent's arms off to use them as weapons, so he has to make due with everything else he's learned.

The protagonist of the 1987 (and 2013!) movie series utilizes the moves he performs in various fight scenes...
Mike Patton
Created by MellyInChains
The man who's been in Mr. Bungle, Faith no More, Fantomas, and god knows what else really.

From H-Dawg's team in Melvbash 1, this is somewhat of a port. He retains a lot of his original moves from his Returns incarnation, but a considerable amount has bee...
Mongo (Survival Arts) / マンゴ (サバイバルアーツ)
Created by MellyInChains
No, not the WCW wrestler. The soldier from Survival Arts that says 'feh!' to roster balance as he throws out special moves that do 90% damage like it's nothing. He appeared on both of Ayasme's teams in the Melvbash tournaments.

Moveset was modified to i...
Mugenji (Samurai Shodown) / 無限示 (サムライスピリッツ)
Created by MellyInChains
A very ominous man who wanders around sacrificing people in the name of beauty and butterflies, who ends up being called 'booty man' by a 7-year-old thanks to SNK's English localization of 'fundoshi man'.

The appearance for this character was a challeng...
NBA Jam players
Created by MellyInChains
[NOTE: This character uses DLC parts. I'm changing my DLC 'policy' to be 'not uploading non-DLC versions unless somebody asks', so if necessary just let me know!]


This edit is essentially a base for all the NBA Jam characters, pity I can on...
Naga (Battle Monsters) / ナーガ (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains

The gorgon from Battle Monsters joins Fire Pro, and this was also a pretty difficult moveset to translate, but I did my best; she resulted in a character that leans towards chops, very powerful kicks and just as powerful stretching moves when the ...
Natsuo Ishidou (Teppu) / 石堂 夏央 (鉄風)
Created by MellyInChains
Part of a project I'm doing for a friend, it's the main character from Teppu. She's kind of a huge prick and loves Van Damme movies.

Her moveset is as close as I could get to what she does in the manga, including no post moves at all. Strikes, tackles a...
Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter)/ネフェルピトー (ハンターハンター)
Created by MellyInChains
Cat ant reads a bunch of books on wrestling in a couple days and thinks they know everything about the sport now.

Neferpitou comes with a moveset comprised of clawing, brain prodding, cat leaps, leg pulls and lots of attempts to break the opponent's arm. ...
Nimbus Terrafaux (Mortal Kombat 1)
Created by MellyInChains
Coming all the way from Mortal Kombat 1's fan fabrications thanks to an article submitted to EGM in 1994 from a reader who eerily comes from the same state as I do, Nimbus Terrafaux somersaults into the action.

The two attacks shown in the article are i...
Noob Saibot (Mortal Kombat 3)
Created by MellyInChains
Feel the power of TOASTY!

Mortal Kombat's testament to laziness comes in 4 outfits:
- Mortal Kombat 3 (Kano-Noob) (primary)
- Mortal Kombat 2 (costume 2)
- Mortal Kombat 4 (costume 3)
- Mortal Kombat 4 alt outfit (costume 4)

Moves are mostly based on tha...
Created by MellyInChains
MelvBash 3 made me make this horrible thing.

Move list is loosely based on Lockjaw from Clay Fighter. He has low discretion and flexibility because he doesn't know what's going on, but is still formidable in his own right.

His 4 outfits are:
- Defau...
Pedro (Mortal Kombat 3)
Created by MellyInChains
Straight from the PSX port of Mortal Kombat 3 where you unlocked him by crashing the game through a Smoke mirror match, this is the fellow that looks like Stryker, but doesn't have weapons and has 'disgusting clothes'? I never quite understood that part my...
Pesci (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) / ペッシ (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険)
Created by MellyInChains
The milk-drinking mammone from JoJo part 5, for a project that I may or may not do involving La Squadra.

Moveset inspired by what I could base it on in source, and his AI depending on opponent damage goes from hesitant to approach to full on aggressive, a...
Pete Burns (Dead or Alive)
Created by MellyInChains
The first in the 'One Hit Wonderland' stable I'm making, it's the guy who sang that song about spinning people around. But now he actually does in the ring.

Movelist entirely original, and his style is very agile and technical, with a lot of quick pins ...
Red Robin (Mortal Kombat 2)
Created by MellyInChains
Before Ermac dropped, there was another red ninja that supposedly existed in the SNES port of Mortal Kombat 2. He was a super-fast Scorpion and nothing else, so basically one of the few rumored characters that seems completely plausible by Midway's standar...
Reggie Skatore
Created by MellyInChains
The first request for Melvbash 2000, it's a character from a once cancelled project named Thunder Duelists, but then it got rebooted, and I adapted the old version into a MUGEN character which then got ported to Knuckle Fighter Alpha. It's been a journey f...
Rem/Majete (Killing Zone) / レム/マジェテ (キリングゾーン)
Created by MellyInChains
Happy halloween! Here's a mummy. Never make mummies in Fire Pro if you don't wanna spend hours fiddling with the appearance.

Same deal as Sherry/Felir, he comes from the '''amazing''' PS1 fighter Killing Zone. This character's moves from the game fit sn...
Retsupurae's Bloody Rage custom characters
Created by MellyInChains
As an intermission to the Kombat Underdogs project, I decided to tackle something to add to the cast of Retsupurae-featured characters my friends were making. Enter the Flash fighting game series from 2002 probably a lot of people played back in their midd...
Richter Belmont (Jikkyou Power Pro Wrestling 96: Max Voltage)/リヒターベルモンド (実況パワープロレスリング)
Created by MellyInChains
I was recently aware that a bunch of Konami characters had wrestling versions of themselves in the company's attempt at a Fire Pro game back in 1996, and only Sparkster and Goemon were on the workshop, so here's another one of them. I don't know much about...
Ringi Cordeiro (Teppu) / リンギィ・コルデイロ (鉄風)
Created by MellyInChains
The happy-go-lucky jiu-jitsu master that basically shattered a guy's entire face in front of a camera crew.

Probably the most limited moveset I had to work with when it came to pulling moves from the manga, but I put everything that I could into it.

Her ...
Rose Sub (Trio the Punch) / ローズサブ (トリオ・ザ・パンチ)
Created by MellyInChains
Lucky, cha cha cha!

Meant to get to this game but was beat to the punch (sorry) by two other creators, so I ended up taking on the only one left of the trio. Whipped this up in a couple of hours, movelist strung together from mostly move names ('exploder'...
Rubber Soul (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) / ラバーソール
Created by MellyInChains
This is another JoJo edit: do you understand? See, get it, because....anyway.

The cherry-licking, beetle-chomping, goop-covered creep from Stardust Crusaders comes with what moves I could come up with considering the source; the result is a submission and...
Rui Mishima (Chaos Code) / 美島ルイ (カオスコード)
Created by MellyInChains
How many tonfa-toting women from the countryside that bust out DDTs are there in the world? The answer is 'not enough'.

Rui has a moveset mostly resembling her kit from the game, including some of the extra moves. Her four outfits are:

- Default (pr...
Sanae Sawamura (Teppu) / 沢村 早苗 (鉄風)
Created by MellyInChains
The third of the four Teppu characters to be added, it's the captain of the karate team that can't stand Natsuo. Gee, wonder why.

She appropriately has a karate-based moveset (again with moves taken from the manga), with an armlock that she did once and a...
Santana (Survival Arts) / サンタナ (サバイバルアーツ)
Created by MellyInChains
Surprisingly the first Survival Arts character on the workshop (never thought I'd say 'surprisingly' in that sentence), here's the wrestler, the more obvious choice from that line-up.

Moveset is comprised of the moves he performs in game, with the rest ...
Scatman John
Created by MellyInChains
Continuing with the Melvbash ports, with a star contestant from LordMo's 'Culture Beat' team from the second tournament, it's time to enter Scatman's World this Christmas.

Movelist is mostly unchanged from the Returns version, and as usual parameters ha...
Shadow MR. ASS
Created by MellyInChains
Shadaloo's experiments with Chun-Li and Charlie have transformed them into killer weapons, and now they've gotten their hands on Billy Gunn. God help us all.

This was something I just sorta came up with when I first picked up WWE2k17, and his moveset is...
Sherry/Felir (Killing Zone) / シェリー/フェリル (キリングゾーン)
Created by MellyInChains
Another Halloween appropriate character! And one from a game nobody's played until recently to where there's a brief possibility people will know what I'm talking about when I mention the game Killing Zone.

Hailing from the almost tragically bad sequel to...
Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho) / 仙水忍 (幽☆遊☆白書)
Created by MellyInChains
Titular leader of the Sensui Seven, who still wants demons to take over the Earth with the aid of his demon boyfriend who kind of just hangs out in an alternate dimension all day.

Like Toguro, Sensui's moveset is taken from The Battle of Yu Yu Hakusho: Sh...
Son of Berzerker (Gaiden the Ring)
Created by MellyInChains
He's going to become The Undertaker's first victim to rest in peace, and that's what he wants to do.

The protagonist of GiantBomb's 'Gaiden the Ring' series touts a moveset featuring most, if not all, the moves he performed on-screen, with the rest of h...
Spider-Man (Virtual Pro Wrestling 2: Freem Edition)
Created by MellyInChains

As thanks to Freem's 19 years of work on his reworking of VPW2, I decided to translate his interpretation of Spider-Man into this game since he's one of my favorite characters to play in it. His movelist is as close as possible to the source...
Strawbelly Jam / Drethdok (Battle Monsters) / ストロベリー・ジャム (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
Before Kubadoberi Jam, there was a different kind of jam on the fighting game scene: Strawbelly.

Battle Monsters's fire-breathing cyclopean puffer-fish demon that can sprout extra arms out of his armpit (??????) would not be possible to be here without ...
Tanya (Mortal Kombat)
Created by MellyInChains
Mileena's girlfriend, and also the biggest backstabber ever. Even a bunch of her combos in MKX are named stuff like 'Betrayal' if you didn't get it.

Her moves are a mixture of MK4 and MKX, and her 4 outfits are:

- MKX (primary)
- MK4 (2P)
- MK Deception ...
Tekken Force Soldier (Tekken 3) / 鉄拳衆 (鉄拳3)
Created by MellyInChains
The soldiers hired by Heihachi from Tekken 3 burst into the ring. All four of them (there might be more? It's been a long while) come in this one character; because they all have the same moveset, y'see.

Due to the fact that you can actually hack the ga...
The Big 4 (Battle Monsters) / ビッグ4 (バトルモンスターズ)
Created by MellyInChains
Kickstarting what will continue the conversion of the Battle Monsters cast to Fire Pro, it's the 4 man final boss team, all crammed into one character!

Instead of the usual 184 edit points, this tauts a 211 count overall, to make them more powerful than...
The Devil (Cuphead)
Created by MellyInChains
You dealt the devil, and now he's here to wrestle you.

The third member of the DEATH team in MelvBash 3 has a moveset loosely based off of Corrupted Shinnok, and his four outfits are:

- Default (primary)
- Henchman demon (2P)
- Skeleton form (3P)
- Final...
The Eradicator (Kids in the Hall)
Created by MellyInChains
The only Kids in the Hall custom wrestler that will ever be made.

Movelist partly based off of Momo from Project Justice. Some AI included, mainly tends to favor chop moves and gets cocky whenever the opponent is dazed.

His 4 outfits are:
- The Eradicato...
The Great Mellotron
Created by MellyInChains
This is just me as a gaudy looking wrestler. Was the very first character I made upon launch, although much has changed in the character itself since. Mainly just a wrestler that runs around a lot.

I come with 4 outfits:
- Standard look (primary)
- What I...
Todd (Beavis & Butt-Head)
Created by MellyInChains
Whoa! It's Todd!

Highland's resident scumbag comes with a movelist revolving around his fights shown on-screen in the show, and with a relentless AI that will stick to his opponents like glue and pin them whenever's necessary. He definitely fits the bil...
Todd in the Shadows
Created by MellyInChains
One of the four referees I made that I'm uploading now, it's that guy that talks about music that I had to make after finding out making Kukri was possible. Based off of the intro slide artworks....
Wal-Mart Smiley
Created by MellyInChains
We're slashing prices: everything must go!

For a MelvBash 3 team, this uses Bayman's moveset from Dead or Alive, due to an ancient DoA3 mod that replaced him with this for whatever reason. So, yeah, he has his moves here too (mostly based off of his 5 mov...
Wei (Akatsuki Blitzkampf) / 魏 (アカツキ電光戦記)
Created by MellyInChains
A character from the fighting game Akatsuki Blitzkampf who bears an eerie resemblance to Shinsuke Nakamura, so he's stepping in to wrestle him.

Moveset based on his moves from the game, AI tweaked a slight bit, messed with the priorities a tiny bit.

His ...
Wesley Willis
Created by MellyInChains
Next up in the Melvbash contestant conversion line, an unstoppable force present in Ayasme's team in the first and mystery referee in the second, it's the man who regularly rocks over London and Chicago.

Ported from Returns, although the class had to be...
Will Smith (Fresh Prince)
Created by MellyInChains
First up in the line of Melvbash ports, one of the two contestants that's appeared in both sim tournaments in two different teams, belonging to THRILLHO's team in the first and H-Dawg's 'Black Comedy' team in the second, it's the Fresh Prince himself.

Xanadu (King of Fighters XIV) / ザナドゥ (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ XIV)
Created by MellyInChains

With the massive help of LordMo for lending me the default appearance for this (his works are at ), arguably the greatest newcomer for King of Fighters XIV flail...
Xavier Pendragon (Eternal Champions)
Created by MellyInChains
He's on another wacky adventure into the future with his pet owl, like all alchemists tend to do. And this time, he time travelled all the way to 2018.

Xavier comes with a moveset loosely based on his moves in-game (some are rather supernatural so inter...
Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat Mythologies/4)
Created by MellyInChains
The guy who angrily glares at you from the side of the Mortal Kombat 4 cabinet is finally here. Get all your 'woolay' jokes outta your system now, god knows I had to while making this character.

This is strictly based on the Mythologies/MK4/Defenders of...
Yamashita (Samurai Cop)
Created by MellyInChains
He's still looking for heads to put on his boss's piano.

From Roman55's team in the first Melvbash comes Robert Z'Dar in his role as Yamashita from the cinema classic Samurai Cop. A fair bit of his moveset was changed for the intent of accuracy to the f...
Choi Bounge (チョイ・ボンゲ)
Created by MellyInChains
"It's about time I was uploaded to the workshop, buddy boy!"

The little clawed gremlin from King of Fighters was made as a striker in Melvbash 2000, and as life went on I forgot that I never uploaded him. So here he is! He's of the heel style, and his mov...
Yasha (Ring Rage) / 夜叉 (リングレイジ)
Created by MellyInChains
[NOTE: This character uses DLC parts. An alternate version that uses entirely free parts can be found here: ]

Starting off my conversion project of the 1992 Taito live-action wrestling ga...
Steve Oedekerk
Created by MellyInChains
Who dares play OEDEBATTLE

The strangely elusive mastermind behind Kung Pow!, the Thumb shorts and 'The O Show'/'' was actually spotted backstage in an episode of WWF Sunday Night Heat on January 13, 2002 alongside Spike Dudley, where t...
Yuugi Hoshiguma (Higurashi vs Touhou Universe 2) / 星熊 勇儀 (続そのひぐらしVS東方UNIVERSE2)
Created by MellyInChains
One of the billion sake-guzzling characters in the Touhou universe, now in cosplay form courtesy of the fighting game Zoku Sonohigurashi vs Touhou Universe 2.

As you probably assumed, this is based off of that game's iteration of the character, from (mo...
Yuzuko Mawatari (Teppu) / 馬渡 ゆず子 (鉄風)
Created by MellyInChains
Natsuo's eternal rival, and the subject of many, many eyebrow jokes. Her love for the sport of MMA is so massive that several people find it creepy. Once knocked a wrestler out in like 3 seconds by kneeing her in the face.

Similar to Natsuo, works an MM...
David Khakhaleishvili (Virtual Pro Wrestling 64)
Created by MellyInChains
One of the most obscure characters to show up in an AKI game, it's the Georgian judoka who appeared in video game form exclusively in Virtual Pro Wrestling 64. Technically he's really an alt costume of Naoya Ogawa in that game, but that's not nearly as coo...
ZackyWild (Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2)
Created by MellyInChains
The third in the growing collection of Kyanta 2 characters, it's the real-life fighting game player that looks disturbingly like Katsuhiro Harada, and is the newest addition to Kyanta 2.

He comes favoring a sledgehammer to emulate his whack-a-mole moves...
Uchuu Majin Silver X (Gekitou Burning Pro Wrestling)
Created by MellyInChains
"Hey, this doesn't look like Jason the Terrible!" I know, hear me out though. (THAT'S BECAUSE IT ISN'T, IT TURNS OUT) This is going to be a VERY long description.

In 1995, Ukiyotei entered the proverbial ring of wrestling games with their own SNES offer...
Tony the Spider (IPW)
Created by MellyInChains
"Tony the Spider means business in IPW, and I'm gonna take everyone I can OUT!"

Big words for somebody who seems to have lost every single match in said federation.

Back in 2009, Honeydew Wilkins uploaded a bunch of VHS ripped footage of Internationa...
Ben (Virtual Boy Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting)
Created by MellyInChains
"Your fighting skills are non-existent -- they're not even virtual, boy!"

'Originating from the Virtual Boy' is why he's all red, so there's your answer to that question. The answer to the other question is 'who's Ben?' is as follows:

Hyper Fighting ...
Ermac (Mortal Kombat 1 / Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended)
Created by MellyInChains
The first request I've completed for this year's Melvbash, it's ol' Error Macro himself.

This Ermac doesn't have any of the usual moveset fare, rather it's based off of his Scorpion/Sub-Zero/Reptile mixture from MKTX, since he was using the MK1 sprites. I...
Padmé Amidala (FPW2 Preset)
Created by MellyInChains
Only recently did I find that there are hidden presets exclusive to the American version of Fire Pro Wrestling 2. Holding down B for the last three heads in appearance mode reveal that there are presets for what look like Batgirl, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ...
Mr. Loudmin (The Loudmins)
Created by MellyInChains
My vague idea for an April Fool's joke and I didn't even get it done on time because I slept for most of the day. I'm good at this.

Jack Bensinger's tragic character Mr. Loudmin enters the ring using stuff that he's learned from his (presumably now deceas...