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[11/10][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9012 Published
  • Finishing Move now displays on Wrestler Transfer screen.
  • Wrestler Edit > Skill > Theme Music confirmation message now displays location of music file.
  • [Priority Moves] Added following categories: [Run up Post], [Jump from Post], [Performance], [Running], [Running at Downed Opponent]
    *NOTE: CPUE Wrestler may not attempt priority moves if they will note connect (due to distance, etc).

  • Increased time wrestler stays on mat after being hit by slingshot move into the ring.
  • If a CPU wrestler attempts a running attack against a dazed opponent and the opponent recovers, the CPU wrestler will continue their movement instead of stopping (though will stop after bouncing off ropes twice).
  • If a CPU wrestler attempts a post attack against an opponent slumped on the corner post and the opponent recovers, the CPU wrestler will continue their movement instead of stopping.
  • Adjusted run direction for CPU running attacks (vs standing/downed opponents).
  • Adjusted movement when CPU moves behind opponent.

The following parts were added:
  • Subpart 142(1)
  • Subpart 142(2)
  • Subpart 143(1)
  • Subpart 143(2)

  • Body Hair

  • Body Hair
  • Pleated Skirt
  • Flared Skirt

  • Flames(1)
  • Flames(2)
  • Zigzag(1)
  • Zigzag(2)
  • Arm Guard D(1)
  • Arm Guard D(2)
  • Arm Guard D(3)

  • Pleated Skirt
  • Flared Skirt
  • Frilly

  • Bell Bottoms Pattern A(1)
  • Bell Bottoms Pattern A(2)
  • Bell Bottoms Pattern B(1)
  • Bell Bottoms Pattern B(2)
  • Bell Bottoms Pattern C(1)
  • Bell Bottoms Pattern C(2)

[10/27][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9011 Published
[10/13][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9010 Published
[9/29][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9009 Published
[9/15][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9008 Published
[9/05][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9007 Published
[8/28][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9006 Published
[8/18][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9005 Published
[8/04][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9004 Published
[7/28][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9003 Published
[7/21][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9002 Published
[7/14][PATCH NOTES]Version 0.9001 Published

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