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[WOTC] Trainable Sparks (and other Buffs)
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Sep 12 @ 11:35am
Sep 28 @ 12:50pm
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[WOTC] Trainable Sparks (and other Buffs)

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WotC was one step forward, two steps back for SPARKs, getting an aim buff and weapon upgrades but not gaining access to all the new toys the other soliders can. This mod aims to address this issue!

Spark Buff List
  • As in the mod title, access to the training center. They get four random "XCOM" cross-class abilities as regular soliders do.
  • Weapon Breakthroughs. Instead of getting their individual breakthroughs, they share the love with grenadiers and get the +1 damage and additional upgrade slot with the "Cannon" breakthrough research projects. After all, their weapons are all referred to as cannons as well.
  • PCS Slot, self explanatory.
  • Ammunition Pocket. This is an ammunition only utility slot, and the reason why the Ammo Pocket Fix mod is required, without that fix the pocket will do nothing!
  • Hack Progression. They get an additional 5 to hack (to 15) as Squires, advancing to a total of 55 Hack as Champions, the same as Corporal level Specialists. Obviously this is before accounting for Enemy Protocols, gremlin/bit level, etc. This makes their remote hack more usable, but they won't be taking control of Sectopods on a regular basis, for example.

UI FIx: Bit hack bonus now shows in the Armoury in the same way as the Gremlin bonus for Specialists. Based on similar fix in Sparks Rebalanced by permission, which itself was based on this mod. Isn't cross pollination grand?

If this mod is activated part way through a campaign, already built Sparks won't fully benefit. They won't gain the hack progression for levels they have already been promoted through (including the +5 at Squire). Also, the Squire base abilities won't be displayed as neatly for existing SPARKs in the training screen, but that's just a cosmetic issue.The XCOM abilities, Ammo pocket, PCS and weapon breakthroughs will apply in full though.

There is a true/false option in XcomSparkBuff.ini for whether to add Spark cannons to the existing Cannon breakthroughs. This may be useful if you are using another mod which adds breakthroughs specifically for Spark weapons or similar.

This mod is fully localised for all the languages supported by XCom 2. This involved copy/paste from the "Shen's Last Gift" localisation, so if any non-English language users spot any errors, give us a shout.

I have excluded certain cross-class abilities for practical reasons from Sparks (for example, "Volatile Mix" since they can't equip grenades). If anyone notices other cross-class abilities which are not appropriate for Sparks, post below.

Other Mods by me:
  • WOTC Compatible (non-WOTC versions also exist if appropriate)
    • Cinematic Rapid Fire, which gives Rapid Fire and Chain Shot their cinematic camera back which was removed in the patch ages ago. Also gives the Reaper Banish ability the same improved look.
    • Shaken Scars are Back! The name says it all, but to those who weren't around for the first couple of months of XCom2, a feature was bugged out in a patch and never fixed, which randomly scarred shaken soldiers. This now means some, but not all, gravely wounded soldiers, not the "new" WotC shaken fatigue status.
    • Train from Armoury allows normal soldiers to jump straight to training from the armoury, just as faction soldiers can. The Training Center is still required to be built first of course!
    • Ability Interaction Fixes, which fixes up "Death from Above" and "Serial" not proccing from second shot kills of "Chain Fire"/"Rapid Fire" and some other ability interaction issues.
    • Original High Hit Dodge Behaviour, which restores the pre-patch behaviour where Hit chance over 100 gradually eliminated dodge chance, not immediately made dodges impossible once Hit chance is 100 or more.
  • Non-WOTC Only
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GIB HUMHAN FAL FAT Oct 12 @ 12:51am 
So.. does this work with Metal Over Flesh?
Gilgamesh Oct 9 @ 3:51pm 
Anyway you can add in the ability to revive dazed soldiers? it's the main reason I wanted to bring sparks on missions that have the warlock
Gnilneelps Oct 7 @ 8:08pm 
I think that running this and Metal over Flesh mod might be the reason I can't bulid Magnetic SPARK weapons (And maybe Beam but I have got that far yet) but I will not know for certain until I end this current run and try removing one of them.
The Cerulean Rodent Oct 4 @ 9:35pm 
Would this be compatible with the Metal over Flesh mod?
Vroom Sep 29 @ 3:48pm 
Hi, so, I love your mod and I love SPARKs. I have a bit of a request.

The cost of a SPARK is 150 supplies, 2 cores, 30-40 alloys and 30 elerium... it's very hard to actually get one early without running through Shen's mission (which seems to be a LOT harder on WotC) or using a mod that has you start with one.

Now, there is a mod that allows for cheaper SPARKs, but it's probably too generous, and it also has a tooltip bug. It costs and displays: 150 supplies, 0 cores, 0 alloys and 0 elerium.

I've read that you can configure it in the DLC4 inis, but I dunno. I always feel weird trying to tune balance on my own, and truth me told I don't really have a strong grasp on the SPARK balance in WotC.

Do you feel the cost is completely worth it with your mod? It's just so steep. If not, would you be willing to include an option to reduce the cost, or even somehow configure it so the first SPARK you build is much cheaper?
Malidictus Sep 29 @ 4:15am 
Yes, SPARKs now properly get all of their Squaddie abilities.
Feezec Sep 28 @ 7:44pm 
10 days ago this mod had a bug where SPARKs could catch on fire. Has that been fixed?
Malidictus Sep 28 @ 12:30pm 
Cheers :)
Mr. Nice  [author] Sep 28 @ 12:01pm 
Ok, bit bonus showing in Armoury now, I hate typing essentially the same code twice (or more), so I macroed up Malidictus's fix from Sparks Reblanced
Malidictus Sep 28 @ 11:32am 
Yeah, I was not expecting that, either. Took me quite a while to figure out this was a display issue and not an issue with the way I altered the settings. Well, it took me a while because I'm kind of working on only partial familiarity with the internal systems :) I'll need to investigate what controls the Psi Attack display for Psi Ops, for use with my Psi Rookies Rebalanced mod. People have complained about it.