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[WotC] Resistance Firearms - Assets
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Sep 10, 2017 @ 8:00pm
Nov 10, 2017 @ 1:17pm
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[WotC] Resistance Firearms - Assets

In 1 collection by ∑3245
E3245's Master Mod Collection for War of the Chosen
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IMPORTANT: This is the entire assets to the Resistance Firearms mod. The main module for the weapons to appear in the game is here. Subscribing to this is very important, since it contains the assets to the entire mod.

War of the Chosen version!

This mod is pretty much a weapon module (meaning that it's simply adds the weapons and nothing more), so you can run this with other mods like A Better Advent, and so forth.

If you have issues with this mod or spotted a bug, please report it in the Bug Report Thread. If you want to provide feedback, whether its good or bad, then post in the General Feedback Thread.
If you are thinking of downvoting this mod, please provide feedback first, so I know what I should improve on/did wrong.

  • 60 weapons! 29 returing weapons, 5 previously released weapons that now have new models, and 27 new weapons (Some of them are a surprise!).
  • Redone from scratch! (Corrected textures, better vertex normals and smoothing)
  • Weapon animations! (Check the pistols, MWR LMGs and M14 rifle!)
  • More modular weapons!
  • Remastered weapon firing sounds!
  • Modular templates system, which you can edit all aspects of any weapon.


  • None so far.


  • DTZxPorter for creating Wraith Archon - A Call of Duty Model Exporter.

  • Activision/Infinity Ward/Raven Software/Sledgehammer Games for publishing/developing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered and 3, and Advanced Warfare respectively.
  • Millenia for letting me use his weapons from Weapons of the New Millenia mod for Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The other authors who made the 3d models for WotNM:
    • cR45h [R870]
    • EdgeStylez [WA2000]
    • Freefall [1911]
    • ImBrokeRU [EOTech, RU556, L96A1]
    • Kimono [92FS]
    • Maxivz [G36K]
    • SAM61 [Bakes]
    • Sarvs [AUG, PKM]
    • Soldier11 [Jackhammer]
    • Tenoyl[DBAL]
    • Toasty Fresh [Desert Eagle]
  • Stoy79 for his AKs and AR15s weapon pack, also for Fallout: New Vegas.
  • pizzadesu for the Elcan M145 scope. LICENSE[creativecommons.org].
  • r_populik for the Beta C-Mag model. LICENSE[creativecommons.org].

  • Activision/Infinity Ward/Raven Software.
  • Navarro. LICENSE[creativecommons.org].
  • Magmacow. LICENSE[creativecommons.org].

  • E3245 for porting, rigging, animating, texturing, and assembling all weapons.


You are free to utilize the assets from this mod for your own gameplay/balance mods. If you do decide to use the assets, please credit the above authors/companies.
However, You are NOT allowed to do the following:
  • Upload this elsewhere without my permission.
  • Steal and/or take credit (Code/Assets/Misc).
  • Make any sort of profit off of this.
  • Port to another game (Only applies to Millenia's weapons, the others are fine).


Release Version 1.100
    • Normal maps for the scope lens.
    • New UnitWeapon_M Material.
    • MWR weapons use specular color maps now.
    • Fixed an issue where the M14 Battleworn rifle had bad smoothing.
    • Proper PBR:Microsurface/Roughness implementation for the IW weapons and attachments: NV4, R3K, EBR-800, ERAD, Glocks, Oni, Rack-9, VPR, Widowmaker!
    • Fixed some glossy IW weapons!
    • Under the hood material fixes and consolidation.
    • Fixed the left_hand bone on the M1014.
    • Various other fixes.
  • MISC
    • Renamed IW_NV4.upk to IW_NV4_00_Main.upk, in anticipation of the new NV4 variants.
    • Renamed IW_EBR800.upk to IW_EBR800_00_Main.upk, in anticipation of the new EBR-800 variants.
    • Renamed IW_Rack9.upk to IW_Rack9_00_Main.upk, in anticipation of the Rack-9 Smoothbore variant.
    • Renamed MWR_M40A3.upk to MWR_M40A3_00_Main.upk, in anticipation of the M40A3 attachment variants.
    • Renamed MWR_R700.upk to MWR_R700_00_Main.upk, in anticipation of R700 attachment variants.
    • Renamed MWR_M82A1.upk to MWR_M82A1_00_Main.upk, in anticipation of the M82A1 attachment variants.

Release Version 1.021
  • Reduced the volume of the R3K, ERAD, and EBR800 firing sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the R3K's sound wasn't affected by the SFX slider.
  • Adjusted the R3K's fire rate to properly fire 3 round bursts.

Release Version 1.020
  • AUG and R3K now use the Skirmisher's Bullpup animations (Firing, Reloading).
  • Jackhammer now uses the bullpups reload animation.
  • M1014 now uses different firing animations.
  • Better machine pistol firing animations.
  • Various other fixes.

Release Version 1.010
  • The EBR-800 and ERAD weapons have been redone. Now the model is complete on both sides.

Release Version 1.001
  • Increased the volume of the firing sound for the M82.

Release Version 1.000
  • Initial Release.
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Emperor Dao Feb 5 @ 6:02pm 
i unsubbed to both the assets and the main module and resubbed to both. i modified all weapon stats back to what i had them to. the game is working fine and most of the guns are good.
however, i am still missing parts of the M82A1. The R700 and the M40A3 are still invisible for some reason.

i am at a loss as to why... and how... i dunno what else i can do besides unsub and resub again. but after doing that and modifying all the gun stats again... i dunno if that will be a productive solution.

please... someone help
arrakis69ct Jan 27 @ 11:10am 
may be comp with more slots weapons???
pedrocavazana Jan 25 @ 7:16pm 
FN-FAL plse
∑3245  [author] Dec 4, 2017 @ 9:16pm 
@Emperor Dao
You have an old version of RF. You need to redownload the mod again.
Emperor Dao Dec 1, 2017 @ 4:58pm 
quick question... i noticed that three of the snipers dont appear to have completed textures. yes, theyre stats were personalized, but i dont see how that would have messed up the textures. the m82a1 only has a barrel and stock for some reason... the R700 and the M40A3 are completely invisible.

possible solution? i have no other mods active with this currently. i wanted to ensure the guns were working before adding other mods... so... it cant be a compat issue with other workshop stuff.
TURBULENT Nov 6, 2017 @ 9:23pm 
Hello, first of all, thanks for great mod. I'm playing WotC with this mod with Titanfall weapon mod and Halo weapon mod.

I'm playing Alien Hunter DLC mission, but strangely, Bradford brings the EMR-14K, which is the top at the list of rifle at 3rd tier weapon. I can't find his Multipurpose rifle, and I can't swap it. Could help me to solve solve this issue?
She told me she was lvl.18 Nov 4, 2017 @ 6:13pm 
Don't think it's been added to the mod yet. I think E3245 will add it in the future if he's still working on this mod.
Kashim27 Oct 29, 2017 @ 5:55pm 
I can't find the FN Fal. Where is it?
Jeff Hardy Oct 23, 2017 @ 7:13am 
Can I keep the shape from changing when I mount the scope?
redsky14 Oct 21, 2017 @ 6:56am 
Do we still need 2 REQUIRED mods, after last patch ? Ty