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WotC Katana Pack Reloaded
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Aug 30, 2017 @ 7:41am
Apr 13, 2020 @ 9:34am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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WotC Katana Pack Reloaded

In 1 collection by Musashi
Musashis WotC Mods
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Update: vortex weapons are back!

Needs War of the Chosen Expansion
For silent takedown on ninjatos you need the mod Wotc Stealth Overhaul

Higher tiers are unlocked when you buy the coresponding vanilla sword tier.
There are no additional costs.

There is a config value if you only want cosmetic variants which have no stat difference to the vanilla swords
just set
(Default is false)

The stats

Click here for the stats

This mod should work on existing save games.

First and most i want to credit Escrimator.
The energy and plasma katana models, all wakizashi and all ninjato models and all sheaths are his work.

All credits of the conventional katana model and the original implementation to vblanco20-1[ESP].
Domo arigato vblanco20-1[ESP] and Escrimator. You are the best guys!

Thanks and Credits to Long War Studios for the fleche ability code and LW2.

Thanks to resonansER for the russian translation!
Thanks to Erazil for the french translation!
Thanks to [PTT]Kei for the traditional chinese translation!
Thanks to luga.sg for the simple chinese translation!
Thanks to a8a for helping me getting rid of typos in the english version!
Thanks to PZ for the lightning slash icon!

ModID: 1123865738


Q: I don't see the mobility bonus in the UI/Ninjato don't give mobility bonus?

A: Remove the relevant lines in XComUI.ini and you will see the mobility bonus.
The downside is it will show the swords aim bonus on your soldier then.
Nothing i can do about that.
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XpanD Aug 26 @ 11:38am 
Just finished a campaign with about 280 mods, this one included, and had no major issues! Did not get to use them much, but stats looked fine between upgrades from what I remember. Thanks for making this.
Jviole Aug 3 @ 3:21pm 
I have a weird issue where the damage never updates when I get a new tech level the energy katana are the same damage as the regular ones does anyone else have this issue?
killjoint666 Jul 31 @ 6:04pm 
Weird bug. I upgraded to Energy Katanas and Wakisashis, and when I go to equip to my Shinobi Class, I only see a Wakisashi. I go to my Psi Op and the Katana is there, it's just not reading as a katana on my Shinobi class. Anyone have a fix for this.
Digineaux Jul 24 @ 11:52am 
@GodBrand read the long war install instructions properly. if you installed the highlander manualy as instructed you can ignore those warnings.
Charlemagne Jul 20 @ 6:34pm 
Characters keep unequipping the katanas and equipping common swords between missions. Some way to avoid this?
Jack.Kings Jun 10 @ 1:45pm 
In the pictures i can see these swords with and without the scabbards. How to change between those?
GodBrand Jun 9 @ 3:17pm 
Playing with LWOTC via AML. Just an FYI I loaded this mod in AML and states that I'm missing a dependency because of the community highlander mod which I already have. Played anyway with the warning and still works. Not sure if I'll face an issue down the road. Anyone experience the same?
Ðef!led May 16 @ 2:15pm 
@taylem I downloaded a loadout UI mod that seemed to ahve fixed my issue, only thing is I can't find the jedi training saber from the jedi revised mod but I'm able to equip the katanas now.
Taylem May 16 @ 11:47am 
@Defiled I think many mods that use the Highlander are having problems because as the Highlander evolves, those mods are not being updated and thus becoming potentially defunct. Not sure if that is the issue with this one, but it is possible.