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Equestria at War
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Equestria at War

Equestria at War
is a mod that tries to recreate the fantasy world of Equestria from My Little Pony franchise in a slightly darker setting with industrialization, corruption and political disagreements. The scenario focuses on global confrontation between Changelings and Equestria.

✢ Pleasant My Little Pony fantasy setting
✢ New custom map based on the My Little Pony Universe
✢ Over 40 immersive focus trees, allowing for many possibilities
✢ Expanded technology trees. Extended tech branches, magical equipment
✢ New technology trees with racial and magical abilities of the fantasy races
✢ Hundreds of events and event chains
✢ All new artwork created for the mod and art from across the My Little Pony fandom
✢ Ponyfied UI

The mod now works on the workshop!

Now featuring its own optional music mod!

1.0 ⚔ "Knights and Flowers" 🌸

At last, Equestria at War team is proud to present the biggest update of the mod so far.

Featuring an all new continent, Griffonia, players can now choose from 57 brand new nations to play and now over 40 unique focus trees for both new and old nations.

The lands of Griffonia lies to the east of Equestria and was once unified under the Griffon Empire, however, over the last 40 years the empire has fallen into decline with many nations declaring themselves independent. Can you lead one of these nations to greatness? Or will the Empire restore itself to its rightful power.

Griffons have also received their own race specific technology tree and have their own unique problems to tackle, such as the Development system, built to represent the large rural and pre-industrial populations of Griffonia. Nations of note are the Griffonian Empire, the Kingdom of Aquileia, the Kingdom of Wingbardy, the Skyfall Trade Federation, the Griffonian Republic, the County of Greifwald the Blackrock Bandits and the Griffon Liberation Army, all featuring their own focus trees and events.

The Equestrian continent has also received some significant updates:

A brand new Solar Empire storyline is now open for you to explore. Including various paths for Celestia's downfall and the rise of Daybreaker, complicated event chains and a whole new world conquest experience.

The Changelings are now able to adopt Thorax's Practical Theory of Friendship and become harmonic at last!
The Penguins with their new focus tree are going to show to the world what they're made of.

The Buffalo are very limited in their development and expansion options, however, with the new focus tree you can now lead them to greatness, if things go according to plan.

Yakyakistan and the Jaki-Clan now also feature their own focus trees, letting you lead the Yaks to their rightful glory.



Supported Languages:

Plans for the next update:
ㅇRework of the communist civil war in Equestria
ㅇRiver Federation focus tree
ㅇNew Mareland focus tree
ㅇMuch more

Thanks to every volunteer, scripters and writer who are supporting the development of the mod.

This isn't a finished mod. Many nations do not feature unique generals or advisors. And while we have religiously tested the mod, balance issues, bugs and oversights are to be expected. Please, help the mod by reporting any issues you encounter.

The mod is open for suggestions on advisors, generals, country leaders, country flags, victory points and state names and much more.

The mod includes pictures from several artists, taken without their permission of usage. But if you are unhappy with it, please send a note to one of the contributors on steam or on the discord server.

If anyone wants to participate in the development, directly suggest something or just chat and play MP games, join this discord server. [discord.gg]

The guide blow will help you install the mod manually, if you want to do so.
ModDB page
Google Drive
1. Download the equestria.zip archive, following the 'Manual Download' link above
2. Go to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod
2.5. If the 'mod' folder doesn't exist, create it
3. Place the contents of the downloaded equestria.zip archive into the mod folder.
4. Equestria at War mod will appear in Hearts of Iron IV launcher.

If you still have problems, check out this installation guide
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ayled142 45 minutes ago 
im here just to meme this mod
KingOfThings 1 hour ago 
This is great, please do keep it up?
Czak 6 hours ago 
WoW I dont think this mod is so good
Bronaped 15 hours ago 
Sentinel 23 hours ago 
I love this mod, and have probably played it more than the base game to be honest. I'm just starting a Youtube channel, and decided my first campaign would be in Equestria.

Wish me luck! :D
Lt.Blackcoat Apr 21 @ 7:38am 
@Lil Penpusher Very well I'll have to give that continent a go as it certainly does look intresting even if "divide and conqure" is easy (With no factions to speak of, like in Vanila HoI4).

While I am sure you are aware, there are certain nations (like the Dragon Lands) that might need reworking as they dont really feel right (Still too weak even with that buff).

It certainly is good work and I look forward to more updates/play throughs.
Lil Penpusher  [author] Apr 21 @ 6:18am 
@Lt.Blackcoat We purposefully decided to splinter the Griffon Continent into many small duchies and countries. It's both a design and lore choice
Alan06 Apr 21 @ 4:00am 
Starlight as communist,i knew it :D
Birb Boi Apr 20 @ 6:03pm 
The Soviet Palace requires doing the event 30-ish times overall. You keep spending that 20 or so pp, the 900+ days isn't a countdown till completion but a time limit.
Lt.Blackcoat Apr 20 @ 4:48pm 
Best fun I've had with HoI4 honestly, mostly fuctions well, and is well fleshed out. However the "Dread leage" seems to never do anything intresting in my play through with the "Changling Lands" so I had to declare war on them via consol comands. I also hope you do more with that "Peaceful" Changling kingdom, and as feedback I argue you dont need that many independent countrys on the "Giffin Continent" as this might cause issues latter, Thats my review for now.