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Equestria at War

We have moved Steam Workshop pages in order to maintain continuous access to the Workshop for all lead developers. Previous Workshop page can be found here (unsupported, for reference purposes only).

Equestria at War
is a mod that tries to recreate the fantasy world of Equestria from My Little Pony franchise in a slightly darker setting with industrialization, corruption and political disagreements. The scenario focuses on global confrontation between Changelings and Equestria.

+ Pleasant My Little Pony fantasy setting
+ New custom map based on the My Little Pony Universe
+ Over 100 immersive focus trees, allowing for many possibilities
+ Expanded technology trees. Extended tech branches, magical equipment
+ New technology trees with racial and magical abilities of the fantasy races
+ Hundreds of events and event chains
+ All new artwork created for the mod and art from across the My Little Pony fandom
+ Ponyfied UI
+ Custom 3D models
+ Equestria at War Music Mod!
+ Supported Languages:
- English
- Russian
- Chinese

Special thanks to Plainoasis[www.deviantart.com] for allowing us to use his great art as steam logo background and in other parts in the mod and to Shamanguli[www.deviantart.com] for his wonderful arts that are often used as thematic main menu backgrounds.

“Shores of Zebrica” 2.0

Beyond the southern seas — on the other side of the world — lies the continent of Zebrica. A diverse, vast realm of stories and myths, Northern Zebrica is where ancient legends dwell and modern heroes breathe and die amidst the sands of history.

Hippogriffia, the semiaquatic abode of the hippogriffs and seaponies, was fortunate to remain unscathed from the Storm King's continental onslaught under the careful self-imposed isolation of the absolute, yet benevolent Queen Novo. However, foreign ideas threaten to upend isolation for progress.

Zarantia, a tribal confederation of nomads that once held prominence in the region as stewards of the port city of Tobuck. However, after succumbing to the Storm King's wrath, they were forced back into the desert, and are now eager for a chance to reclaim their glory.

Tobuck was once the crown jewel of Zarantia, a magnificent port city of immense wealth... until the Storm King made it the greatest of his arsenals. Following the wake of his passing, the bustling streets of Tobuck are now home to kleptocrats and cut-throat gunrunners, eager to use whatever means necessary to turn profits.

Chiropterra, the rugged home of Lunarist exiles. Rumours hinting at the return of Nightmare Moon reinvigorate the realm's mighty legions to once more take up the sacred call of their ancestors and avenge generations of shame.

The Colthaginian Republic, a once mighty continental player, finds itself paralyzed by accusations of fraud and corruption. Only great political manoeuvring can exchange Colthage's disgrace for honour.

The Yarildom of Chital, led by the easily persuaded Yaril Benjen, stands at the precipice of revolt: either from his closest confidants in the Olenian elite or by the increasingly agitated native Hindians he rules over.

Northern Zebrica, diverse and storied, is once again on the verge of bloodshed. A legendary strategist must rise to guide these nations through the coming storm, but the question remains:

Which nation will you lead?

Read full changelog
Read full changelog (before 1.5.1)

✢ SoonTM
• Rework of Equestrian nations

                                                             Equestria at War Wiki[equestriaatwar.miraheze.org]
                                                           Equestria at War Discord[discord.gg]
                                                        Equestria at War VK[vk.com]
                                                          Equestria at War ModDB
                                                Equestria at War FimFiction Group[www.fimfiction.net]
                                                            Equestria at War Reddit

Thanks to every volunteer, scripters and writer who are supporting the development of the mod.

The mod includes pictures from several artists, used without explicit permission. If you are the owner of the artwork and wish to have it removed, please send a note to one of the contributors on Steam or on the Discord server.

The guide below will help you install the mod manually, if you wish to do so.

1. Download the equestria.zip archive, following one of these links
ModDB page
2. Go to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod
2.5. If the 'mod' folder doesn't exist, create it
3. Place the contents of the downloaded equestria.zip archive into the mod folder.
4. Equestria at War mod will appear in Hearts of Iron IV launcher.

If you still have problems, check out this installation guide.
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