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Mod Id: 970855993

Map Name: Olympus

Olympus News and Updates 2020

On the morning of January 7th our second son was born! It's been about a week since we brought him home and I'm happy to say that both he and his mom are doing well :) His big brother is very proud and has been a huge help looking out for his little bro :)

I'll be taking some time through January and February to spend with family and will be focusing on my work with Team Dragonpunk on Tir Na Nog after the break. Major updates for Olympus will be quarterly, but packed with plenty of new content. I'll be working to complete the goals listed in "A little farther out", fixing bugs as they appear, and adding Genesis and any other new content as soon as available.

You've all been amazing and a huge part of making Olympus what it is today! Thank you all for your support and looking forward to an awesome new year in 2020! :)

For full list of past patches, please see the Change Notes tab.

Update 4.42 is now Live!
  • Reverted global change that was done to resolve instances of insta death in some caves due to a larger secondary issue that was caused as a side effect. Have instead taken a more targeted approach to the caves where it was reported and will do the same to any others found in the future.
  • Lighting overhaul of the recently added ice cave.
    Update 4.41
    • Fix for sky barrier issue. I replaced the blocking volume that kept having different problems with a one sided static mesh that will safely block players and mounts while letting custom supply drops that may spawn above it through.
    • Applied a global fix to counter insta deaths happening in certain sections of caves due to a base game change to the handling of undermesh checks.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing deino spawners to produce regular raptor variants, Deinos are now officially on the map! :)
    • Fix for missing collision on obelisks used as landscape features and improved collision on meshes used in the western ice pack for better navigation.
    • Adjustments made to Centurion including fix for the bug that could spawn multiple at one time and reduced experience gain to 1/6 of what it was. Will continue to tweak as needed for better balance.
    • Fixed some instances of cave shadows appearing through the landscape.
    Update 4.4
    • New artifact cave beneath the western snow biome housing the Artifact of the Cunning!
    • Several modifications to the western ice pack including a new path by sea around that side of the map!
    • Fixes for several reported bugs including terrain issues, missing collision, sky barrier blocking, floating foliage , etc.
    • Added new foliage types for more regional diversity, including a new sunflower field and flowering knapweed variant for the central plains with more to come.
    • Vanilla Manticore boss added with remaining artifacts.

A Little Farther Out
  • Ocean Aesthetic Pass with a focus on making undersea areas more unique and varied, as well as the addition of larger underwater tunnels with some connecting to inland bodies of water.
  • New trees, foliage, and environment assets.
  • More Ruins and Temples
  • Unique Sub Bosses
  • More Caves, Big and Small
  • Custom Boss Arenas
  • Remaining Dossiers
  • Custom Explorer notes
  • Ascension
    more to come :)

Welcome to Olympus, once home to the mighty gods of old. It has been many years since they ruled over this world, and time has not been kind. Explore the wilds of this once great civilization, discover its secrets, and see if you have what it takes to ascend and stand as equals with those who came before!

Olympus is designed to be a more scifi feeling ARK. Due to years of neglect, several areas of once hidden advanced technology are visible and some has even taken on a life of its own. I wanted to try and create a blend of nature and machine to make a unique and different experience.

The map is roughly 1.4 times the size of the island and the landscape itself was completely hand sculpted. Olympus uses a combination of vanilla and custom spawns, so most dino mods will be compatible. I look forward to working together with the community to make this the best map it can be :) All feedback on possible issues and suggestions are appreciated.

  • Surface - 94%
  • Underwater - 75%
  • Underground - 65%
  • Endgame custom boss arenas will be added after their necessary artifact caves. Island boss arenas are a temporary place holder.
  • Overall - ~85% (Of what I'd like to add, currently 100% playable)

If you're enjoying Olympus, please Rate and Favorite :) For those wishing to contribute a little extra to help support it's growth and development, donations can be made at the link below. All donations will go toward the purchase of new assets, hardware, and software to improve the quality of Olympus and future projects :)

To stay up to date on what's going on with Olympus, be sure to swing by to visit the official discord where players can discuss, share ideas, screenshots, stories, and come together as a community. Check it out and get involved here! :)

For sneak peeks of future content and other projects follow me on twitter!

I am also very excited to announce that Olympus is now a part of the Nitrado Mod Program!
If you're interested in getting your own Ark server, click the link below :)


  • My amazing wife for being so patient and understanding during all the hours I've spent working on Olympus <3
  • Max for help playtesting, finding bugs, and helping answer community questions.
  • Exilog and the ark modding community for help solving technical issues that have come up during development.
  • Manoz for letting me use his beautiful trailer.
  • Dextro23 + for letting me use his video on the Olympus Steam page :)
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Kaean Feb 26 @ 12:33pm 
Heya. Our cluster has Olympus as one of it's maps. I have two Ark accounts. Today after running around on Genesis last night for a couple hours I was heading to my base on Olympus (great map) and was fine until I transported to the Obelisk 1 to go to one of my other maps on our cluster and got the Fatal Error. No problem usually just load back in, but now it's always Fatal Error. I validated my files and all that, but still Fatal Error when trying to get on to get my character on Olympus. I tried with my second account who is also in my tribe. Loaded Olympus fine, killed some compy that were eating my ankles then teleported to the base. No problem. Teleported to Obelisk 1 and Fatal Error. So now both of my characters are stuck on Olympus with no way to log in. Any ideas if this is a Genesis problem or something they broke? Thanks for listening. Love your map!
ColinKaro Feb 26 @ 6:58am 
heh, excluding genesis of course... xD
ColinKaro Feb 25 @ 2:37pm 
Heyo, does Olympus give access to all Engrams?
Rastox Feb 23 @ 7:45pm 
@Penn We're having the same issue on our modded server. Going anywhere near the blue obelisk island crashes the server. You can go around the island, but once you try to set foot on land, or fly over it, something causes a massive hang.
Penn Feb 16 @ 9:58pm 
@roguewolf91 - Can you have a look at the snow area around 43-18? Whenever anyone on my server gets anywhere near this cliff, or any part of this mountain range, the entire server will start to lag, or crash.We are wondering if this is something to do with the terrain, or textures or possibility that this area is incompatible with one of the mods we are running? - Please and thank you.
SnowFeather Feb 14 @ 11:50am 
wow this is such an amazing map. I gotta say its definitely become one of my favorites now, keep up the amazing work.
PsytechGaming Feb 13 @ 1:13pm 
Does anyone know the location of the Artifact of the Gatekeeper? (according to the patch notes the Manticore has been added as a boss and the artifacts to fight him have been added to the map)
Chief Feb 12 @ 5:14pm 
@Ned @Demon,

Centurion still spawns for us Ned. Destroyed one last night.

All our dinos, vanilla and Primal Fear, all look fine Demon

@123, if I'm not too late. LOL Yes, higher rates and unofficial is all I run. Olympus is great for that.

@NoiseandKisses If you haven't already found them, look at the Wyvern Mountain s/w on the map
Demon Feb 12 @ 4:55pm 
anyone else dino look like crap on this map, when i'm on the isle they look fine just like they should, but i spawned near some wolfs on this map and they look horrible. their faces look flat and their eyes are just small spheres, not even any fur on them. anyone else having this happen to them on this map?
Ultron Feb 12 @ 11:20am 
@roguewolf Where is the cunning artifact? Its not at 16,4