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Map Name: Olympus

For full list of past patches, please see the Change Notes tab.

Update 4.53 is now Live!
  • Initial launch of massive cave inside Mt. Olympus! More to come later this month, this cave will eventual allow access to the Overseer boss. For now it is a difficult dungeon with beautiful scenery, rare resources in the deepest chambers, and the fearsome voidwyrm.
  • Added dinos though Genesis 2! Lost Isle critters coming next update :)
  • Patch 4.535
    - Fixes for collision in new cave and adds new plant life. Also added crystal deposits around southeastern spawn region.
  • Patch 4.5375
    - Assorted minor bugfixes and fixed Mt. Olympus cave overspawns.

A Little Farther Out
  • Ocean Aesthetic Pass with a focus on making undersea areas more unique and varied, as well as the addition of larger underwater tunnels with some connecting to inland bodies of water.
  • New trees, foliage, and environment assets.
  • More Ruins and Temples
  • Unique Sub Bosses
  • More Caves, Big and Small
  • Custom Boss Arenas
  • Remaining Dossiers
  • Custom Explorer notes
  • Ascension
    more to come :)

Welcome to Olympus, once home to the mighty gods of old. It has been many years since they ruled over this world, and time has not been kind. Explore the wilds of this once great civilization, discover its secrets, and see if you have what it takes to ascend and stand as equals with those who came before!

Olympus is designed to be a more scifi feeling ARK. Due to years of neglect, several areas of once hidden advanced technology are visible and some has even taken on a life of its own. I wanted to try and create a blend of nature and machine to make a unique and different experience.

The map is roughly 1.4 times the size of the island and the landscape itself was completely hand sculpted. Olympus uses a combination of vanilla and custom spawns, so most dino mods will be compatible. I look forward to working together with the community to make this the best map it can be :) All feedback on possible issues and suggestions are appreciated.

  • Surface - 94%
  • Underwater - 75%
  • Underground - 65%
  • Endgame custom boss arenas will be added after their necessary artifact caves. Island boss arenas are a temporary place holder.
  • Overall - ~85% (Of what I'd like to add, currently 100% playable)

If you're enjoying Olympus, please Rate and Favorite :) For those wishing to contribute a little extra to help support it's growth and development, donations can be made at the link below. All donations will go toward the purchase of new assets, hardware, and software to improve the quality of Olympus and future projects :)

To stay up to date on what's going on with Olympus, be sure to swing by to visit the official discord where players can discuss, share ideas, screenshots, stories, and come together as a community. Check it out and get involved here! :)

For sneak peeks of future content and other projects follow me on twitter!

I am also very excited to announce that Olympus is now a part of the Nitrado Mod Program!
If you're interested in getting your own Ark server, click the link below :)


  • My amazing wife for being so patient and understanding during all the hours I've spent working on Olympus <3
  • Max for help playtesting, finding bugs, and helping answer community questions.
  • Exilog and the ark modding community for help solving technical issues that have come up during development.
  • Manoz for letting me use his beautiful trailer.
  • Dextro23 + for letting me use his video on the Olympus Steam page :)
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ArrowsSpecter Jun 24 @ 8:45pm 
is it possible to get mutagel on this map? I found some stryders and id love to tame some but i have no clue where i could get mutagel from.
Chief Jun 23 @ 2:39pm 
It is very appreciated that some have taken some time to diagnose their systems or have friends that have found steps to correct textures not loading on personal pcs.

Your time and info are valuable for others

AdyuRen Jun 23 @ 11:41am 
Textures arent loading
When you click play on Ark in your Library, try selecting "reset active total conversion."

A guy had this exact same issue the other day and that fixed it. Good luck! :)
Feralkyn Jun 23 @ 7:26am 
I just wanted to quickly update with another thank you! I went and played through Fjordur and came back, and coming home felt so good. All my dinos from throughout every DLC come back to Olympus with me, and I have a huge set of aviaries/stables built up for them to live in on that peninsula just under the Centurion's mountain. My base is on platforms built along the metal spike at the end of the peninsula, and I have all my modded furniture etc on those. It's still a WIP but if images show: and ...I have one heck of a view! <3 Thank you again.
RenHar Jun 20 @ 6:37am 
Does the Blood Hunter appear on this map? If so, where?
Diamondaxe2010 Jun 18 @ 11:30am 
Holy bobby! I'm voting tatarolls for cartoojn pressdient today at 5:00
Chief Jun 14 @ 2:54pm 
Can even take the vanilla BP path and put it in the spawner. SS will spawn from vanilla path, and it would be entered just like a custom or modded dino. No need for ini if you don't want
derslayr10 Jun 14 @ 2:03pm 

Desmodus is a brand new creature currently (to the best of my knowledge) exclusive to Fjordur. When the DevKit updates it could be added, but do not bet on that.

You can try using the Simple Spawners mod to add any creature to this map, though be warned that it also may not be updated and therefore may not let you spawn those creatures. That being said, if you can find the blueprint path of the Desmodus, then you can manually add it to any map given you know the name of a spawn zone and are able to edit the Game.ini config file.
RenHar Jun 14 @ 12:02pm 
desmodus appear on this map ?
derslayr10 Jun 14 @ 9:36am 

As has been said multiple times on this first page of comments, this is not a map exclusive issue. It's something that happens when textures don't load. This is a big map, it takes time for all the textures to load and depending on your machine they may not fully load every time. This is a vanilla issue.