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Dec 1, 2020 @ 9:06am
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Mod Id: 970855993

Map Name: Olympus

For full list of past patches, please see the Change Notes tab.

Hotfix 4.525 is now Live!
  • Fix for alpha raptor overspawn and rebalance of alpha spawns in general.

Update 4.52
  • Fixes for most bugs reported since last update, including several overspawns, duplicate artifacts, mesh issues, and several others (still working on astrocetus visibillity issues)
  • New cave under the volcanic island with magmasaur nests
  • Added Tropeo spawns
  • Added ambergris harvest locations to the ocean floor.

A Little Farther Out
  • Ocean Aesthetic Pass with a focus on making undersea areas more unique and varied, as well as the addition of larger underwater tunnels with some connecting to inland bodies of water.
  • New trees, foliage, and environment assets.
  • More Ruins and Temples
  • Unique Sub Bosses
  • More Caves, Big and Small
  • Custom Boss Arenas
  • Remaining Dossiers
  • Custom Explorer notes
  • Ascension
    more to come :)

Welcome to Olympus, once home to the mighty gods of old. It has been many years since they ruled over this world, and time has not been kind. Explore the wilds of this once great civilization, discover its secrets, and see if you have what it takes to ascend and stand as equals with those who came before!

Olympus is designed to be a more scifi feeling ARK. Due to years of neglect, several areas of once hidden advanced technology are visible and some has even taken on a life of its own. I wanted to try and create a blend of nature and machine to make a unique and different experience.

The map is roughly 1.4 times the size of the island and the landscape itself was completely hand sculpted. Olympus uses a combination of vanilla and custom spawns, so most dino mods will be compatible. I look forward to working together with the community to make this the best map it can be :) All feedback on possible issues and suggestions are appreciated.

  • Surface - 94%
  • Underwater - 75%
  • Underground - 65%
  • Endgame custom boss arenas will be added after their necessary artifact caves. Island boss arenas are a temporary place holder.
  • Overall - ~85% (Of what I'd like to add, currently 100% playable)

If you're enjoying Olympus, please Rate and Favorite :) For those wishing to contribute a little extra to help support it's growth and development, donations can be made at the link below. All donations will go toward the purchase of new assets, hardware, and software to improve the quality of Olympus and future projects :)

To stay up to date on what's going on with Olympus, be sure to swing by to visit the official discord where players can discuss, share ideas, screenshots, stories, and come together as a community. Check it out and get involved here! :)

For sneak peeks of future content and other projects follow me on twitter!

I am also very excited to announce that Olympus is now a part of the Nitrado Mod Program!
If you're interested in getting your own Ark server, click the link below :)


  • My amazing wife for being so patient and understanding during all the hours I've spent working on Olympus <3
  • Max for help playtesting, finding bugs, and helping answer community questions.
  • Exilog and the ark modding community for help solving technical issues that have come up during development.
  • Manoz for letting me use his beautiful trailer.
  • Dextro23 + for letting me use his video on the Olympus Steam page :)
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e_r_rock May 9 @ 9:13am : No, it's not abandoned. It's been getting updates a couple of times/year but it's mostly done. I've played it extensively and other than a couple of clipping problems I've found no issues or anything lacking. This map has a LOT to offer. It's one of my favorites.
Chief May 9 @ 8:29am 
Of course it's free as most mods are May 9 @ 6:02am 
So its an abandoned work?
gamergirl May 9 @ 2:32am 
Is it free?
PLsoldier May 7 @ 7:58am 
is this map end?
cd_tatro May 6 @ 4:48pm 
where can i find a creature list and or spawn local list? also are you planing to add more of the exotic critters?
Noktakk May 4 @ 2:44pm 
Appreciate the response @chief, I am dumb. I just need to restart my game >_>
Chief May 4 @ 2:34pm 
Several have reported that, but I do not have the issue myself.

So not sure what it could be

Maybe join discord and ask the folks there
Noktakk May 4 @ 2:02pm 
Hiya! Not sure if this is the place to post, but we are testing this map for possibly a new server on our cluster. Only issue I am noticing is that the textures either take forever to load or never load? I'm early in the testing stages so its hard to say, could just be a weird bug that will resolve itself but just thought I'd post in case someone else has had a similar experience.
NotAMax Apr 18 @ 1:27pm 
the broken down tek looking volcano thing at 80 lat 35 lon has floating gas nodes in it for me