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Advance Notice:
Olympus is still a work in progress. The mainland is mostly completed, it will continue to be tweaked and improved over time. There is still a small chance of wipes, though these will be avoided as much as possible, particularly in the deep ocean which is in the process of being filled in. Feedback from the community is greatly appreciated, all bugs will be addressed in a timely manner and resolved as quickly as possible.

For full list of past patches, please see the Change Notes tab.

[h1Update 3.4 is now Live![/h1]
  • Major Overhaul of the empty southwestern islands. These will become a surface aberration zone and will be altered heavily, structures in this area will be impacted and bases in this area should be relocated before the update.
  • Added new oil veins to the desert, southeastern island, southern snow biome and western snow biome.
  • Added more foliage and did some general beautification to the forest of the western snow biome.
  • Fixed several floating objects near the northeastern coast.
  • Fixed an issue causing underwater effects to happen on land in a small area near the western falls of Mt. Olympus.
  • Fixed a bugged spawner that was teleporting players above the map.

A Little Farther Out
  • Aberration Content will continue to be added across the map in the next several updates :)
  • Ocean 2nd pass with a focus on making undersea areas more unique and varied, as well as the addition of larger underwater tunnels with some connecting to inland bodies of water.
  • More Ruins and Temples
  • Unique Sub Bosses
  • More Caves, Big and Small
  • Custom Boss Arenas
  • Ascension
    more to come :)

Welcome to Olympus, once home to the mighty gods of old. It has been many years since they ruled over this world, and time has not been kind. Explore the wilds of this once great civilization, discover its secrets, and see if you have what it takes to ascend and stand as equals with those who came before!

Olympus is designed to be a more scifi feeling ARK. Due to years of neglect, several areas of once hidden advanced technology are visible and some has even taken on a life of its own. I wanted to try and create a blend of nature and machine to make a uniquely different experience.

The map is roughly 1.4 times the size of the island and the landscape itself was completely hand sculpted. Olympus uses a combination of vanilla and custom spawns, so most dino mods will be compatible. I look forward to working together with the community to make this the best map it can be :) Updates will be released to fix bugs and add content every 1-2 weeks, sooner to resolve major issues if they occur. All feedback on possible issues and suggestions are appreciated :)

  • Surface - 92%, only area not filled in is the far southwestern islets, there will be a second large texture pass and new aesthetic improvements added with future game additions.
  • Underwater - 75%, continuing to be filled in each update and will be adding underwater caves and tunnels.
  • Underground - 25%, the remaining artifacts will be added in their own caves, as well as several more small caves across the map.
  • Endgame custom boss arenas will be added after their necessary artifact caves. Island boss arenas will be added as a temporary place holder.
  • Overall - about 70%

If you're enjoying Olympus, please Rate and Favorite :) For those wishing to contribute a little extra to help support it's growth and development, donations can be made at the link below. All donations will go toward the purchase of new assets, hardware, and software to improve the quality of Olympus and future projects :)

  • My amazing wife for being so patient and understanding during all the hours I've spent working on Olympus <3
  • Max for help playtesting, finding bugs, and helping answer community questions.
  • Exilog and the ark modding community for help solving technical issues that have come up during development.
  • Manoz for letting me use his beautiful trailer.
  • Dextro23 + for letting me use his video on the Olympus Steam page :) He's currently doing a Let's Play on the map and if you'd like to see more of his series, you can check it out here
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Malice Apr 24 @ 7:23am 
I agree with Slayer about the Discord, though either way keeping up is fine. <3 Also, the lake in the middle of the redwood forest, would you be doing anything to it? I just need to know because my house is next to it with all my tames. I thought maybe so, because the water is currently completely empty. But I never saw anything about it.
SlayerX-9 Apr 23 @ 11:03pm 
By the way you should get a discord running for you mod or something so you have another platform that people can update you on ideas and bugs and stuff without always having check the steam page lol
SlayerX-9 Apr 23 @ 11:02pm 
@roguewolf91 shot i was just about to say gotta get some underwater caves and a underworld going that shit would be lit as hell on the map lol gives people more areas to build and explore and well if your on my server DIE lol

@Malice im running about 20 mods on my server with 2 dino mods and everything lol TO MUCH CONFIG lol but i like it :P
roguewolf91  [author] Apr 23 @ 7:58pm 
@SlayerX-9, Thanks and glad you and the players on your server are enjoying Olympus and the new island upgrade :)

@SlayerX-9 and @Malice, Whenever there's going to be a major change to an area of the map, I try to post it in the upcoming features section of this page a fair bit in advance to give players a chance to relocate. After this update the surface should be pretty safe just beautification improvements and some more ruins, cave entrances, and tek formations to be added. The next few large updates will be underwater and underground :)
Malice Apr 23 @ 1:00pm 
Our server has S+ (without anything disabled) and four Eco mods, as well as classic flyers. But that's about all that we have that you're looking for. We try to keep it at 10 mods for the people running Ark on toasters, which also keeps us from having to do updates almost every day to make sure mods are all up to date. Around holidays, we usually add a themed mod temporarily. I hope you find the server that's right for you, though :)
LadyCranky Apr 23 @ 4:39am 
Hi everyone.
Im looking for a server with this map, but also Awesome Teleporters, Automated Ark, a decent taming/appetizer mod, Super Spyglass and a mod that allows increasing flyer speed and MAYBE even a deco mod or 2, like Eco's RPG and/or Garden Mod but I can do without those if not. And if you DONT have the "pick up" option of the S+ disabled, i'll name my first dino baby after you.
Any more mods are welcome of course, is just that.. My old potatoe PC can handle about 20 mods more or less, after that is a matter of go and watch LOTR, call old school friends, catch up witht he latest politics shit and it will still be at 20/whatever mod number ur crazy ass decided to put on.

Thank you and have a good one. Talk to you soon, maybe.
Malice Apr 22 @ 4:15pm 
As for the part about people getting pooped on, on the islands that got updated, in his mod info he stated that certain sections of the map were still under construction and which ones they were. So :P Ah well.
Malice Apr 22 @ 4:14pm 
I'm actually an admin now. I don't remember why we don't have that one but the only death helpy mod we have is the personal gravestone one. It was fun either way XD
SlayerX-9 Apr 22 @ 3:32pm 
@Roguewolf Totally love the update and the fact one of the tribes got cucked by the new set of islands and i cant stop laughing lol its so freaking funny bro like no joke
SlayerX-9 Apr 22 @ 2:12pm 
NP Bro :) love the map and everyone on my extinction core and primal fear server like it as well :) cant wait to see what more you do with it

@Malice try talking to your server admins/owner see if they can add the mod Death Helper lets you craft a suicide potion with the implant so you can get down and spawn in another location till the update brings the fix lol