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diman21 19 hours ago 
I can't log in to servers with the Exile mod except for servers with PVE mode what should I do?
jacopino 20 hours ago 
is a multiplayer mod or it works also in single?
Sarge Sep 27 @ 3:13pm 
PainKiller I am having the same issue
PainKiller Sep 21 @ 2:54am 
i cant start my server its saying @exile\addons\exile_client.pbo verifying PBO Failed. any one can help me out tnx
Morkiz Sep 18 @ 12:52am 
When i try to join it says: "Session lost - File'@1230784360\addons\7y_decals.pbo' not found.
Patrick v.d.Berg Sep 17 @ 8:47am 
when you loose 300k respect fpr falling off a building and dying. is that the servers choice or exiles?
chrispools Jul 29 @ 8:38am 
@topshotz357 dude I have a working exile key, just got mine working on my server
topshotz357 Jul 15 @ 4:21pm 
dude where is the bikey file? please help
ItsLeigham Jul 13 @ 3:33pm 
Downloaded the server files from whats left of the forums today, and fresh downloaded the mods, and their seems to be a signature mistmatch,everything im starting it with is default right now.
Scott18490 Jul 9 @ 11:09am 
This mod won't work for me at all, i have joined servers with it on not too long ago but when i try myself with or without any mods whatsoever it just freezes.. I can't even start scenario after editing a map using Eden editor
0nion_man_LV Jul 6 @ 1:17pm 
fyi the link "" is dead lol
Bambi Jun 29 @ 7:41pm 
Not sure I've ever had as much trouble with any mod on any game than I have with Exile. Can't join a server without it saying I'm missing files, and then it doesn't download the files it's missing. If anyone can shed some light on the issue I'd greatly appreciate it, as it seems many others share my irritation and confusion.
OperatorSartor Jun 26 @ 12:11pm 
what kind of mod is this?
Mick Jun 2 @ 1:19am 
@MG MindFuL had to clear the .pbo`s out of MPMissionCache folder
MuriloAlex Jun 1 @ 6:45am 
If someone has the message with something related to .pbo, as it happened to me using the CUP, go to the mod folder and look for version 1.12.0 items and remove them all from the folder
J Custer May 26 @ 11:24am 
there is no key to put into the server key folder
MG_MiNdFuL May 25 @ 3:36pm 
@Mick yeah I had that problem at first, then it completely stopped working. I still have yet to figure out what is causing the confliction.
Mick May 25 @ 8:43am 
Anyone have problems connecting to a exile server not uisng a custom MAP, I can connect if i have gulfcoast installed, Change server to Malden / Altis / Tanoa, and it wont let me connect, All mods loaded correctly ??
MG_MiNdFuL May 16 @ 5:03am 
Tried that, it keeps saying missing files required to join server.
Belligerent Rhino May 15 @ 9:21am 
All you have to do to download this is launch Arma 3 and look for a server using exile and join. It will download all the needed mods prior to launching.
MG_MiNdFuL May 12 @ 10:25am 
You have 293,983 subscribers and no one on this forum? That's kind of a bad oversight......
Robin02 May 12 @ 9:23am 
I cant download this i tried all day and night man im loosing it right now
FramboiseNerds May 12 @ 12:25am 
does this mod playable in singleplayer?
MG_MiNdFuL May 11 @ 9:40am 
@eraser. As a dev for this mod, any ideas, as to why we can't complete the download? I've tried to download, the mod twice?
TimTheRealOne[GER] May 11 @ 7:27am 
how i can download it help
DerNiemandwieder May 8 @ 11:52am 
Have the Same Problem with dbo_old_bike i dont know what i can do i try all things
MG_MiNdFuL May 8 @ 10:39am 
Cowboy124aa May 7 @ 8:08pm // While I haven't tried this yet, due to to the nature of your comment, thank you!! As soon as I get to editing actual game files I will try this. Thank you for contributing!!
Cowboy124aa May 7 @ 10:08am 
Thanks to go_hard_tacoMAN in a Reddit post I have a fix that worked for me.

1.) Pinpoint which mod download is corrupted, let's use DZN Tripods for example. If you don't know what mod, hover your mouse over "Missing Downloaded Files" and it'll tell you.

2.) Get the steam id code for the mod ex:

ID is 1713801249.

3.) Go to your steam\steamapps\workshop\content and delete 171381249

4.) Go to steam\steamapps\workshop\downloads and delete state_107410_107410_1713801249.patch

5.) Refresh your downloads, I did this and then DZN Tripods downloaded successfully.

So far this seems to be working for others as well. For the time being you’ll have to do this every time it hangs up on a mod, which seems to be about every third mod I download for me.
Jurek Ogurek May 6 @ 10:04am 
its broken right now ??
PaulXQ May 6 @ 6:49am 
still doesen't working ( missing download files )
Fred May 5 @ 10:48pm 
It does not work
Cowboy124aa May 5 @ 6:15pm 
Anyone having issues with MISSING DOWNLOADED FILES make sure you are running steam in Admin mod. you need to Right Click the Steam Icon, select properties, select Compatibility tab and check box administration mode. Hope that helps you!
Dorbz May 5 @ 9:59am 
Big oof. Found no fix on discord or anywhere else.
Kappatalist May 5 @ 2:26am 
can't download, oof.
Lolanli May 3 @ 1:10pm 
missing Downloads pls help
MG_MiNdFuL May 3 @ 5:40am 
Did/Has anyone actually figured out how to completely download the mod? My mod download has gone to %100 aka 1.1 gb's of 1.1, but says that it is missing exile client file and can't complete the download?
X May 3 @ 5:04am 
#METOO MISSING DOWNLOADED FILES help plz tried reinstall, admin everything
Dorbz May 3 @ 4:47am 
#metoo, cant download wihle it says missing downloaded files
Alex May 2 @ 11:14pm 
has anyone found a fix for this mod to stop it saying missing downloaded files
LCO VoDoo May 2 @ 3:25pm 
fichier téléchargés manquants
Buzz2112 May 2 @ 12:29pm 
The link goes nowhere also, not even going to try to dload it. Shame it sounds interesting.
same as duck
DUCK May 2 @ 10:03am 
I can't download the mod. When I subscribe, it just says "Missing Downloaded Files" this is frustrating because i thought it was a game issue so i uninstalled and reinstalled but it still says the same.
kalilove707 May 2 @ 9:54am 
just set up exile, joined and spawned in the ground , no keyboard input or anything just have to ctrl alt del anyone know why?
Unicorn May 2 @ 9:15am 
[KTSN]KingOfTheBritons May 1 @ 10:18pm 
Same as Obeace, I can't download the mod. When I subscribe, it just says "Missing Downloaded Files"
Obeace May 1 @ 7:01pm 
not working. just says missing files and stuck at 1.1 gb
JuceBx Apr 27 @ 6:08pm 
My issues have been hunger/thirst banner, scroll wheel banner/text and chat typing are tiny along with a few other things. xm8 and chat from others is still the same...checked all res settings and other UI settings...all are where they should be as far as I can tell. Also, some of my control presets are different....started three days ago.
Silent Apr 26 @ 8:17am 
for anyone having issues try using the A3 standalone launcher. I just installed this week and have had no problems with this mod at all.