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Update: Jun 10 @ 9:35pm

- S+ Feeding Troughs now have a fixed range (again)
- New Configs: FeedingTroughRangeInFoundations & TekFeedingTroughRangeInFoundations (sets the size that all troughs will be)
(note: removed other range related feeding trough configs)
- S+ Spawn Blocker now has a fixed range of 25 foundations
- New Config: SpawnBlockerRangeInFoundations (sets the size that all spawn blockers will be)
(note: removed max range config)
- You are no longer prompted to name dino's claimed with the S+ Multi Tool
- Fixed issue with S+ Multi Tool not being able to claim reapers
- Changed collision of S+ Electrical Outlets to match that of wires (so they are damaged in similar situations... this is a buff)
- Fixed issue with OverrideTekEngrams incorrectly changing the groups of some engrams
- Mutagen can now be crafted in the S+ Laboratory
- Tek Canteen can now be refilled at the S+ Tek Fridge

Update: Jun 6 @ 7:03pm

Feeding Trough TLC
- Range can be adjusted in game via the radial menu now
- No longer blocks respawn of resources & dinos
- Range display now accurately represents the area that a dino will be fed in (note: this is now cubic instead of spherical)
- New Configs: FeedingTroughMaxRangeInFoundations & TekFeedingTroughMaxRangeInFoundations (the limit that the trough can be set to ingame)
(note: the previous feeding trough configs now function as a default range if none is set by the player)

- New Structure: S+ Spawn Blocker (an improved version of how the feeding trough used to block spawns, can adjust size ingame)
- New Configs: SpawnBlockerTribeLimit & SpawnBlockMaxRangeInFoundations
- New Structure(sort of): S+ Starter Block (this was previously a spawn only item but now can be crafted by anybody, some servers may wish to disable this)

- Updated map engram unlocks so that Genesis 2 engrams can be learned on other maps
- Added Gen2 resources to pull list & Gen2 items to the S+ Tek Replicator
- S+ Cryofridge can now be painted
- S+ Farmer & Item Aggregator will now distribute fertilizer to crop plots that are seeded (previously required growing)
- S+ Cooking Pot & Industrial Cooking Pot have a new auto craft option: Autocraft All Except Dyes
- Fixed issue with TekEngramOverride not overriding certain engrams
- S+ Gacha Gavager is now affected by the RemoveFloorRequirementFromStructurePlacement config
- The S+ Nanny will now try to feed dinos the food they have the highest affinity for first (previously did lowest)
- Updated S+ Tek Double Door crafting & xp to match vanilla
- Homestead ramps(stairs) can now be converted to S+ Ramps in the S+ Converter
- Teleport beacons can no longer be dropped from the S+ Omni Tool when on a mission that has teleported you
- Fixed issue that allowed for multiple teleport beacons to be spawned
- The S+ Transmitter's inventory can no longer be accessed when on a mission that has teleported you
- Fixed issue with stat names not displaying correctly in the Dino Scanner Stat Display
- Changed the default model of the S+ Dermis Display
- Fixed issue with babies claimed by the S+ Multi Tool not updating the Tribe Tame Limit
- Tek Rex can no longer be corrupted via the S+ Mutator

Update: May 18 @ 2:56pm

- Fixed issue that caused lag if certain DLC assets failed to load or were not installed

Update: May 17 @ 5:20pm

- Fixed issue with some weather effects not being visible
(note: other mods also disable those effects so this might not do anything)
- Plant Species Z Fruit can now be added to ignore & destroy lists (for the gardener, aggregator, etc)
- Fixed issue with inventory transfers not calculating weight correctly for items that used additional weight (ie Plant Species Z fruit)
- Fixed issue with S+ Vivariums not producing Raw Mutton (note: mutton chance has been slightly decreased)
- Consolidating a S+ Dedicated Storage that contains a spoilable item will now refresh the spoil timers of any inventory it attempts to pull from (ie spoiled items will be lost just like how they would be if you opened the inventory)
- Preserving salt can no longer be placed in the S+ Tek Fridge
- Fixed issue with S+ Chibi Display frame re-appearing on single player restart

Update: Mar 11 @ 6:13pm

- Changed how egg icons are displayed on the S+ Dedicated Storage
- New Config: DisableBlueprintInstall (prevents blueprints from being installed in S+ crafting stations)
- New Config: PullingIgnoresPinCodes (allows transfers from/to pin coded structures without unlocking them)
- Fixed issue with the S+ Vivarium showing incorrect resource generation data for some dinos
- Picking up a stacked crop plot will no longer destroy the entire stack (but still those above it)
- Fixed issue with DedicatedStorageSlotCount being capped at 1000

Update: Mar 9 @ 8:09pm

- The S+ Smithy, Fabricator & Replicator can now have blueprints 'installed' in them (an installed blueprint acts like an engram)
(note: only quality blueprints can be installed & by default, it will hide the basic engram when you install a blueprint but you can toggle the visibility of the normal engram)
- S+ Taxidermy bases now play their animation when activated, additionally you can now choose whether it will loop the animation or play once, adjust the playback rate of the animation, change the height of model & set a time for it to deactivate
- You can now pull from a pin locked structure if that structure is also unlocked (ie if you want you grinder pin coded for remote activation, you can unlock it so that a TCU can access its inventory)
- Fixed potential crash issue when trying to pull in a remote inventory
- Fixed an issue with egg icons not displaying correctly in the S+ Dedicated Storage
- Fixed an issue with depositing into S+ Dedicated Storages when using item stack size configs

Update: Mar 7 @ 7:31pm

Dedicated Storage TLC
- Depositing into will now ignore items in folders (when manually depositing & via intake)
- Can now set withdraw/deposit priority similar to vanilla (dictates whether the withdraw or deposit is the primary action)
- Optimized how items are deposited & consolidated
- Fixed issue with certain item icons not displaying correctly
- Added the ability to fill & empty (creative mode only)
- New Config: DedicatedStorageSlotCount (note: if lowered below the max, items will not be lost but merely unable to add more until its below the new limit)

- Player initiated inventory transfers (eg pulling, adv transfer tool, etc) now respect pin codes
(note: this doesn't apply for inventory transfers initiated by structures, like the gardener)
- S+ Auto Crafter now handles crafting items that have overriden engram requirements & recipes that produce items other the crafted item
- S+ Tek Storage can now be locked & pin coded
- S+ Blueprint Maker will no longer make blueprints of any items that have a dino custom data
- Fixed issue that prevented interacting with the pull UI
- Fixed issue that prevented interacting with anything except the pull UI
- Fixed issue with S+ Smithy having S+ Fabricator items instead of the intended smithy items
- Fixed issue with S+ Shield Generator not taking damage when then shield is destroyed
- Fixed potential crash when first equipping the multi-tool
- Fixed issue with S+ Tek Fridge constantly refreshing its contents
- Fixed issue with not being able to un-hitch a dino from its radial menu
- New Configs: HitchingPostRange & TekHitchingPostRange (how far away from the post a dino can be hitched, in foundations)
- New Config: HitchingPostDinoLimit (max number of dinos that can be hitched to a single post)
- New Config: HitchingPostTribeLimit (max number of hitching posts that a tribe can place)
- New Config: VivariumBaseInterval (time for resource generation before any dinos)
- New Config: VivariumIntervalPerDino (time to add to the resource generation interval per dino)

Update: Jan 27 @ 3:00pm

- Reverted update 82 (was only a temporary workaround for the inventory access issues that arose from a vanilla patch)
- Fixed issue with S+ Transmitter config that prevented placement on saddles being backwards
- Fixed issue with S+ Cryo Fridge charging batteries
- Fixed issue with S+ Mutator applying an inconsistent amount of stat points when using the mutation pulse
- Fixed issue with the outline of the S+ Multi-Tool not clearing from structures
- Vivariums can now accept Soul Traps from Dino Storage (note: full compatibility requires an update to Dino Storage)
- Removed Smooth Build

Update: Jan 17 @ 1:10pm

- Restored access to the Bee Hive, Tek Generator, Tek Shield, Teleporter & Transmitter

Update: Jan 10 @ 4:59pm

- Fixed issue with TribeCropLimit not obeying the set value
- Fixed issue with Pressure Plates & Tek Alarms only activating a single Transfer Control Unit
- Added a slight cooldown on the Clone function of the Omni-Tool
- The placement UI of Dynamic Gates & Gateways will no longer get stuck on your screen
- Fixed issue with Tek Tree Sap Taps & Tek Oil Pumps not sending to dedicated storage after a server restart