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Update: Jan 6 @ 5:14am

- added new functions Enh_fnc_all3DENSelected
- a control to the statusbar which shows number of selected entities
- a tool to export and import mission attributes
- an airdrop mission attribute
- many missing translations
- new function Enh_fnc_exportWithLB

- some shortcuts were changed for pattern tools
- improved translation of some context menu entries
- order of some context menu entries was changed
- log 3DEN Entity IDs now logs ids of all selected objects
- tool in menu strip are now sorted alphabetically
- new tool folder "GUI Tools"
- updated credits
- updates translation
- Spanish translation was updated by "TaktischerSpeck"
- updated all log functions
- 3den Enhanced function viewer now correctly restores last viewed function

- removed obsolete functions
- show mission stats tool. It's now in the statusbar

Update: Dec 26, 2018 @ 3:54am

- added link to 3den Enhanced Youtube videos (Menu Strip -> About 3den Enhanced)
- added Action Creator GUI
- added Path Debugging attribute
- added "A3_Data_F_Sams_Loadorder" to CfgPatches to prevent overwriting of config entries

Update: Aug 29, 2018 @ 8:04am

- added missing semicolon
- chinese translation was added by Jason Bert
- updated credits
- on preview debug attribute state was not shared between different missions

- loadout tool to remove NVGs from several units at once
- loadout tool to remove vests from several units at once

Update: Jul 26, 2018 @ 2:14am

- some shortcuts were interfering with vanilla shortcuts

Update: Jul 25, 2018 @ 2:09pm

- fixed some issues with new shortcuts

Update: Jul 25, 2018 @ 2:42am

- added missing attribute to disable map indicators
- respawn tickets for civilian side
- 3den Radio has got an incremental seach now
- 3den Enhanced is now using the CBA versioning system (Only if CBA is used)
- new functions viewer with incremental search, new design, tree view etc.

- Log object info tool has been overhauled and uses display3denCopy now
- pattern tools can now be used multiple times without reloading the GUI
- serveral logic errors in pattern tools GUI and its functions
- the export loadout to config tool has got a GUI now.
- some minor function improvements
- 3den Radio functionalities were mostly rewritten to solve serveral issues and make code more efficient
- readded server key
- All GUIs are now using the BackgroundDisable and BackgroundDisableTiles controls
- Select Image GUI when publishing a mission to steam has been widened to allow the ctrlTree to expand further
- Some general GUI overhauls
- Many shortcuts have been updated. Check the Menu Strip for the new shortcuts
- briefing editor shortcut was changed from CTRL + B to ALT + B
- Texture Finder can now be opened by pretting ALT + T
- Grid, Line, Grid & Circular Pattern tools can now be opened by a shortcut.
- Clear chat can now be performed by pressing ALT + CTRL + C
- all debug tools have got a shortcut now
- Loadout tools can now be accessed by CTRL + SHIFT shortcuts
- Many shortcuts have been updated. Check the Menu Strip for the new shortcuts
- Added search icon next to search edit control in 3den Radio
- 3den Radio will now loop through playlist again one enabled

- disable team switch attribute, it's already available in the multiplayer attribute section
- obsolete functions

- removed obsolete translations
- changed German translation of respawn tickets
- improved german translation of task patrol tooltip
- many stringtable entries have been renamed to make them more consistent
- fixed some translations
- a few missing translations in the menu strip
- missing 3den Radio translation

Update: Jun 23, 2018 @ 1:56am

- added new logo (Steam)

Update: Jun 23, 2018 @ 1:50am

- credits (Menu Strip -> About 3den Enhanced -> Credits...) Shows all contributors. If I forgot about someone please let me know.
- added tool to log map grid position to clipboard

- some base defines clean up
- Right-clicking on a group icon will now also show "Garrison Buildings..."
- Log 3den Entity ID is now available for all Eden entities
- Conditions for context menu entries were improved e.g, "Log Positions (3D) won't show for markers"
- improved save loadout attribute (code) //Needs testing!
- improved code (save loadout)
- improved code (introText)
- improved code (visual settings)
- improved code (establishing shot)
- updated localisation
- new mod logo/icon
- OnPreviewDebug - Player was not able to edit objects in Zeus interface

- obsolete function

Update: May 19, 2018 @ 8:01am

- link to FAQ

Update: May 19, 2018 @ 7:36am

- fixed error message caused by the visibility attribute
- improved disableAI attribute expression, thanks to shukari
- fixed issue with Eden removing Zeus in multiplayer
- some improvements to translation
- functions overview shows now functions sorted by functionality
- replaced icons in menu strip to indicate folders better
- session timer was not working after preview ended

- menu strip tool to quickly toggle simple object state
- context menu tool to log 2D positions of selected entites to clipboard
- added help entry for description.ext
- "About 3den++" menu strip category

- removed "Export Arsenal Templates" was not ment to be released
- tool to grab compositions (Was not working reliably)
- removed changelog UI
- Youtube links. Most content was outdated. If you have suggestions for good up-to-date video tutorials let me know!
- removed assets overview from help menu. It's quicker to just search for object directly within the Eden interface
- obsolete function call via Eden EH