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Update: May 21 @ 1:16am

- Italian translation was updated by zagor64bz
- Fixed a bug which caused Hold Action attribute to be always created in mission.sqm

Update: May 4 @ 7:24am

- Many translation tweaks, thanks to Poslovitch
- Fixed an issue with randomize directon tool

Update: Apr 9 @ 8:08am


- ENH_fnc_setOrientation can now reverse and randomise directions
- "Show Radio Message" would be cut off in the extraction GUI
- Updated Spanish translation (Thanks to arv187)
- Tweaked some functions
- Several fixes for Single Player respawn.

- remove obsolete functions

Update: Mar 28 @ 9:24am

- Tool to export loadouts in config format (Prior this change it would export in format of CfgRespawnInventory)
- Added tool to quickly export mission parameters (

- It's no longer possible to switch to a unit which is about to respawn (Single Player Revive)
- Optimized Make Hostage attribute condition
- Handling of location list was changed
- Measure distance function now used ENH_fnc_floatToTime function
- Removed black in / black out effect when Eden Camera is set to custom position
- Renamed former "Export Loadout (Config)" to "Export Loadout (CfgRespawnInventory)
- Left and right arrows of custom slider controls now properly change the slider value
- Tweaked several attribute controls
- Improved localisations
- Added a delay before resetting captive mode on respawn (Single Player Respawn), to prevent the unit to be shot instantly again on respawn before they exit the animation
- Fixed some RPT spam
- Increase GUI height of Placement Tools

Update: Mar 12 @ 8:00am

- Added Single Player Respawn
- Added debug option to skip time
- Added debug option to change time multiplier
- Added Variable Browser to debug options

- Debug options are now using BIS_fnc_holdAction
- Updated icon for debug options and tweaked several values
- Lenght of "laser beams" indicating view and aiming direction was shortened
- Mission ending attribute control was using EDIT_W_WIDE instead of EDIT_W resulting in slightly incorrect positioning
- Disabled ENH_DoStop in multiplayer
- Changed attribute conditions from condition && condition to condition && code for best performance
- Fixed an issue where Hold Action attribute settings would not be saved
- Fixed an issue which caused Ambient Flyby and Airdrop attribute to be added to the mission.sqm unintentionally
- Debug option Teleport now teleports the player to the position at the center of the action icon
- Mission Ending attribute was only counting units killed by a player

Update: Feb 24 @ 8:05am

- Context menu tool to move camera into first person view of selected entity
- Added shortcuts to GUIs to preview controls styles and types (menu strip)
- Added Debug Option to draw icons of nearby units and vehicles together with some basic information
- Added Debug Option to show waypoints of all group on the map
- Added Debug Option to enable unlimited ammo
- Added Debug Option to disable reload time
- Added Debug Option to draw view and aiming pos of AI
- Added Debug Option to teleport in 3D space
- Added Debug Option to disable weapon recoil
- Added Debug Option to disable weapon sway
- Added option to collapse asset browser (right panel) on startup
- Added option to collapse entity list (left panel) on startup
- Added option to hide left and rigt panel on startup

- 3DEN Camera Positions UI now properly checks for incorrect description
- Icons updated
- Texture Finder
- Will now search ~200.000 classes instead of ~30.000 for textures and images
- Added search to Texture Finder tool
- Optimized Texture Finder functions to be more performant (Thanks to shukari)
- Search is now automatically started when UI is opened
- Improved filter, now all none textures/images should be removed
- Added progress bar to show listbox status
- Update list button is now disable while list is updating
- Small improvements of the 3den Radio GUI
- Some general cleanup
- Fixed some typos in translation
- Batch Replace GUI will now properly display German localisation
- Added missing German Translations
- Hold Action and Ambient Animation attribute will no longer be written to mission.sqm for every entity which results in greatly reduced file sizes. Keep in mind that if the attribute was set once, it will remain in the mission.sqm even when reset to default values
- The menu for 3rd party tools was overhauled
- The airdrop attribute had a missplaced control
- The On Mission Debug attribute was overhauled
- German translation is now again 100% completed
- German translation was greatly polished and made consistent
- Description of Mission Ending attribute is now fully displayed when German localisation is shown
- Input description of Classname_1 Classname_2 Classname_3 Classname_n is now consistent throughout all controls
- Fixed Patrol tooltip. (Was showing -1 to disable instead of 0)
- Debug option Disable Stamina and Invincibility are now activated for all units in player's group
- Kill cursorObject is now only showing if cursorObject is not null
- Briefing Editor showed the wrong message when pressing the export button
- Module Information GUI got tweaked so that the description doesn't extent over the bottom of the control
- Fill Area tools max area was increased from 500x500 to 10.000 by 10.000

Update: Jan 17 @ 2:53am

- menu strip entry for additional 3rd party tools
- a UI so save 3den Camera positions in. You can use it to save interesting places

Update: Jan 3 @ 3:18am

- updated Spanish translation by arv187

Update: Dec 29, 2019 @ 10:41am

- added missing .bikey and mod.cpp files

Update: Dec 29, 2019 @ 6:07am

- an attribute to disable AIs radio protocol

- fixed mission semicolons in some configs
- units using ambient animation will now reliably exit their animation if enemies are nearby