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Update: Jun 6 @ 1:17am

# v6.1.1

- Removed Object Scaling attribute. There is an issue with Export Mission to SQF. See

Update: Jun 4 @ 2:27am

# v6.1

- Tool to quickly toggle the playable state of multiple units
- Vehicle Inventory Manager now has an option to export all items in format of ACE Arsenal. Just import the value into the ACE Arsenal attribute
- Added debugging mode for Dynamic Simulation during preview
- Added a tool which allows you to quickly show all markers in Eden Editor whose alpha value was set to 0. No more guessing where the markers are! (Shortcut: V)
- Updated Russian translation by Counserf
- Various translation tweaks
- Added tools to quickly select available addons for Zeus. See
- More ambient animations
- Object scaling for objects without simulation

- Found some stray semicolons and put them back in the correct place
- Fixed an issue with a missing texture. Blame Lou for reporting it ;)
- Fixed an issue with 3den Radio when mod name was too long
- Fixed an issue which would cause some special items not to be added to an inventory via the Vehicle Inventory Manager
- Debug options now have another category called "Map". Every option in there will draw information on the map
- Various improvements to the translations
- Fixed a bug with debug options
- 3DEN Radio will no longer list CBA or ACE3 as music addon
- Fixed issue with Menu Strip items not getting removed if set in the preferences (
- Moved object scaling and vehicle mass to transformation category
- Fixed some duplicates in the userconfig. Userconfig was also updated to support all new features
- Fixed an issue where respawn positions of SPR would not be recognized if they are not named all lower case
- Removed all debug logs
- Fixed an issue with SPR where the side of the unit which is respawning was incorrect

- Removed shortcut from recompile all functions tool

Update: May 2 @ 1:14am

- reverted back to v6.0

Update: May 2 @ 1:14am

- Reverted

Update: May 2 @ 12:51am


- Vehicle Inventory Manager (VIM)
- Is now able to create a full arsenal with selected addon items
- Is using HashMaps where possible now to improve performance when many items are available
- Fixed the issue where the amount would not properly be saved if inventory was set to be virtual
- Ok button was renamed to Save. Pressing this button is the only way to save the currently set up inventory
- Removed the dialog when resetting the inventory to default
- Various visual tweaks
- Timeline in 3DEN Radio is now working correctly
- Fixed an issue with Feature Type attribute sometimes not working on DS
- Fixed an issue with the briefing attribute
- Changed "Enable Captive Mode" tooltip to better describe the behaviour

Update: Apr 27 @ 6:16am

- Added an attribute to change sound volume of environment sounds
- Added GUI to quickly view all Eden Editor shortcuts (ALT + F1)

- ChineseImp translation was updated
- Unit icons are now drawn above the unit
- Debug waypoints improvements
- Marker text will only show the waypoint ID if nothing else changed compared to the previous marker
- Markers are now connected by poly lines
- Groups with only one waypoint e.g., units placed in the editor are now ignored (These changes should reduce the clutter on the map)
- Fixed rpt spam caused by 3den Radio if a song was in playlist but not available in-game anymore
- Batch Replace GUI has now a list with all vehicles to choose from. Pasting class names is still possible
- Batch Replace values are no longer saved persistently. They will be reset when the game is closed
- Fixed undefined variable in SRP code
- Fixed the height of some header controls
- Debug Options function will no longer run if not at least one action is activated
- Removed warning about custom userconfig
- Fixed left and right panel would be hidden by default
- Vanilla Config Viewer
- Updated the design
- Properties list can now be scrolled horizontally to view long values
- Texture Finder has an updated preview
- Slight performance improvement of the Inventory Manager
- Inventory Manager now also lists Oldman specific objects

Update: Mar 7 @ 5:28am

- Fixed and issue with "Generate Steam Mission Description" function. It now auto pastes the description into the "Publish Scenario Window". Additionally, it now supports all DLCs (Was fixed by a hotfix)

Update: Mar 7 @ 4:08am

- Added a tool to display vehicle hitpoints. Useful for the Advance Damage attribute
- Added missing translations for Advanced Damage attribute

- Markers for 3D Path debugging are not oriented correctly
- Debug Option "Show FPS" is now in the "Draw" category
- Remove a debug message which was still left in code
- Updated overview text in Expansion Menu
- Fixed .rpt spam caused by missing translations
- DLC icons are not limited to 100m
- Draw functions optimized
- Fixed and issue with "Generate Steam Mission Description" function. It now auto pastes the description into the "Publish Scenario Window". Additionally, it now supports all DLCs (Was fixed by a hotfix)

Update: Feb 24 @ 8:09am

- moved bikey into keys folder

Update: Feb 24 @ 7:25am

- fixed an issue with CfgPatches