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Update: Mar 4 @ 7:35am

Added optic EOTech Vudu with 3 color variants. Black, Tan, and white.
Added optic Elcan, HAMR and EOTech Vudu with AK mounts for AK type rifles.
Reworked VultAR rifle textures.
Changed the sounds abit for the VultAR rifles. (Different sounds for the different calibers)
Fixed issue with custom ammo not "stunning" players and Zombies.
Temp fix for the Aimpoint 2000. Works without a battery.

Update your Types.xml

Update: Feb 10 @ 8:38am

Changelog 1.15.5
Changed VHS-2 Animations. Should not be any issues with other mods overriding baseclasses now.
Fixed full auto sound for the VHS-2.
Fixed missing ghillie proxy for the VHS-2.
Fixed bipod rotation on various weapons that used the old rotation.
Updated base textures for the SCAR-H. (More inline with the newer weapons).
Updated SCAR-H Recoil and ROF. More inline with the FAL.
Removed some "artifacts" from the MAK-54 suppressed sound.
.300blk rounds are now actually subsonic.
Changed VultAR 5.56 Recoil to be more inline with other AR-15 rifles.
FAL suppressed sound lowered at distance.

Update: Feb 4 @ 5:59am

Changelog 1.15.4 (hotfix)

VHS-2 iron sights should work fine now.
VHS-2 should work with Expansion.
Fixed Bipod rotation on VultAR 5.56 and HK G28

Update: Feb 4 @ 4:26am

Changelog 1.15.2
Added weapons:
NXR-44 Magnum. Black and wood grip. (Has a fixed red dot for now)
Sig P320
CMMG Mk47 Mutant
M1A. Black, Green, Tan and Snow.

Added Optic:
ROMEO 1 PRO (Pistol optic)

Added Suppressor:
MCX Spear Suppressor Black

Added Ammo:
.44 Magnum Ammo (Does a good amount of damage. Should be pretty rare)
.44 Magnum Ammobox

New model and textures for M9 and M9 15 round magazine.
Added a few M9 texture samples.
Added camo selection for AWM
Fixed issue where SCAR H and SCAR L showed as pristine but was really ruined
Reworked Car-15 buttstock. (Old model was bugging me)

.300 blk dmg increased from 120-145.
Increased .300 blk bullet airdrag making it less usefull than .556 at longer ranges, but more usefull at shorter ranges.
Added suppressor slot to the UZI.
Fixed inventory view on all items (Hopefully, Let me know if some are still wrong).
Suppressors can now only be repaired with Weapon Cleaning kits.
Vortex optics now have updated 4k reticles.
Various other LOD fixes.
Some fixes for 1.16

Some items might be dropped on the ground when logging in as the rotation of some items have changed.
Make sure you update your Types and spawnabletypes

Update: Nov 30, 2021 @ 11:42am

Changelog 1.15.1

Added MK-18 black
Reworked Kar98 model and textures
Fixed Elcan reticle visible during nighttime

Fixed issue with particles on all weapons and suppressors

Update: Nov 23, 2021 @ 10:06am

1.15 update

New Weapons:
SIG MCX SPEAR (New rifle with new ammotype. The bullet is very fast, but does about the same dmg as a 5.56. It keeps its energy at longer ranges and is better at dealing with armor)
MK-18 (AR-15 type rifle)
HK-416 CQC

SIG MCX SPEAR 20 round Magazine

SIG MCX SPEAR Buttstock - Also fits other SIG rifles and SMG's

Ammo .277 FURY

Increased ROF for various rifles:

VultAR DMR Mod-15 5.56
AAC Honey Badger
AAC Honey Badger .300BLK
M4 Tactical
MCX .556
MCOR-17 5.56
PP-91 Kedr

Proper model and textures for the the G28
New Textures and model for the HK 417 magazine

Update: Oct 4, 2021 @ 2:09pm

Added empty classes to prevent servercrashes when players logging in with the removed attachements
Sorry for the double update

Update: Oct 4, 2021 @ 1:25pm

Small update.
New model for G28 (Legally needed to change as the model i bought, was not sold by the original creator of the model. It sucks, but it sadly happens sometimes)
I will add more textures for it in the future.
New model for HK buttstock

The new model uses the old classnames so that does not need to change. Only the textured versions.
Remove TTC_HKG28_Black, TTC_G28_Optic_Black and TTC_ButtstockHK_Black from types, spawnable types and trader.

Sorry for the late(or early?) update, but it had to be done.

Update: Sep 30, 2021 @ 7:37am

Fixed compatibility issue with sGunplay
Fixed BAR description. <3 Tyson
No longer require CF

Update: Sep 29, 2021 @ 7:31am

Changelog 1.14
Added weapon GEVAR 43 .338 (simular to the Kivaari)
Added weapon SA80 (Bullpup rifle)
Added weapon MCOR-17 5.56 Compact and MCOR-17 5.56 DMR (Bullpup rifles)
Lowered .338 suppressed sound
Updated visulas DMR Suppressor
Added Optic Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6
Added Ammobox .50 AE
KAC now has a new model and textures
Added Optic Elcan
Added Optic Vortex Razor AMG 6-24x50