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Update: Sep 9, 2023 @ 3:53am

- Fix for fridges not using restrictions
- Added warning and extra casts for CalculateVisibilityForAI on Clothing | This was done inside the InventoryFix pbo. It will name and shame the clothing items having the wrong hirearchy.

Update: Aug 8, 2023 @ 2:52am

- Fix for recursive attachment exclusion being applied from paramedic bag. This should fix the issue of attachments falling off players when relogging while carrying a paramedic bag with attachments.
- Changed so you can't do heart emote anymore while carrying a kit

Update: Jul 29, 2023 @ 4:05am

Patch notes:
- Fix gunwall proxies order
- Fix gunwall proxies not hiding when setting the config to hide guns
- Fix placement of objects being allowed when too far or too close to the player which caused items to be placed at 0 0 0
- New bags: Sports bag(9x5) & Sling backpack(7x6 + Chemlight, Personal Radio, Canteen, Knife Sheath)

Update: Jul 22, 2023 @ 2:08pm

- Fixed not being able to dismantle greenhouses
- Fixed MSP containers not working with Expansion Virtual storage anymore

Update: Jul 22, 2023 @ 4:10am

New items types can be found in newtypes.xml and the new item list in newitems.txt. The full files have been updated to contain the new items.

- Added new Stove item
* Msp_Stove_Kit -> Msp_Stove | This stove is similar to the ones inside dayz houses. It has one slot for cooking
- Replaced gazebo model with a new one which looks like the vanilla base building (Thanks Creep for providing the model, I finally got it in after 2+ years)
- Added HouseNoDestruct(Map items) for gazebo, stone fireplace and stove
* Msp_HND_Gazebo | Msp_HND_StoneFireplace | Msp_HND_Stove
- Added new greenhouse
* Msp_Greenhouse_Vanilla_Kit -> Msp_Greenhouse_Vanilla | This might get a crafting option in future | It looks like vanilla fence
* Msp_Greenhouse_White_Kit -> Msp_Greenhouse_White | This is same greenhouse but it has white wood beams
* This greenhouse is a replacement for the Wood Greenhouse.
* The Wood Greenhouse will be decomissioned so remove it from spawns in your servers. You don't need to do right away but in future updates it will be completely removed
* Wood greenhouse will give a Msp_Greenhouse_Vanilla_Kit when dismantled after this update which is the new greenhouse
- Added new tents: Adventurer tent (100 slots), Camping Tent(300) - These can be packed with hands
* WG_AdventurerTent_Kit -> WG_AdventurerTent | cannot be codelocked
* WG_CampingTent_Blue_Kit -> WG_CampingTent_Blue | WG_CampingTent_Gray_Kit -> WG_CampingTent_Gray | can be codelocked
- Added a new medcase - stores only medical items
* Msp_MedCase
- Added a new paramedic bag (can't be worn) in which you can store medical items and a set of NBC clothing. This can be carried in your inventory.
* Msp_ParamedicBag_Red | Msp_ParamedicBag_Green | Msp_ParamedicBag_Blue | Msp_ParamedicBag_NBC
- Added new toy: Polar Bear - same sizes as the vanilla bear
* Msp_PolarBear
- Added config for server owners to choose what proxies to show (Weapons, Clothing, others). Example of config is in the mod folder. A default config will be created which will hide proxies when closing containers.

- Changed Cooler Boxes and Tackle boxes to be unlocked in inventory - Meaning you can store stuff inside them and carry them in your inventory
- Refactored the placing of fireplace in MSP items
- Changed script clothing to inherit from right parent
- Refactored msp item storage restrictions
- Refactored msp base item
- Changed the placement of the safe, toolsbench and 3 door locker so it faces the player
- Optimised the trash can code
- Removed waterbarrel valves requirement. You should remove these from spawning

- Fixed hologram placement issues where it would snap in the middle of other items
- Fixed being unable to place one fireplace item to create a fireplace/oven in the MSP fireplaces (you don't need to always place a fireplace from hands anymore)
- Fixed a conflict with another mod for the bookcase
- Fixed waterbarrels so you can fill your containers when they are in the waterbarrel stand

Known issue:
- Boxing helmet might not work to be equiped

Update: Feb 13, 2023 @ 1:19pm

Patch for 1.20 to fix the overrides error

Update: Nov 24, 2022 @ 12:16am

Fixed Greenhouses codelocks not being removable

Update: Nov 19, 2022 @ 5:00pm

Fixed not being able to remove codelocks after the last codelock update

Update: Apr 19, 2022 @ 5:35am

Patch notes:
- Fixed error on duplicated variable m_text
- Fixed having ghost icons defined in config which was causing some spams in client logs with specific startup parameters
- Added inventorySlot change for compatibility with other mods (Please note other mods will also have to change from inventorySlot[] = { "Shoulder", "Melee"... to inventorySlot[] += { "Shoulder", "Melee"... )

Update: Nov 23, 2021 @ 12:31am

- Fix for error with 1.15
- Fixed the new planter pots collision