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Update: Jul 29 @ 6:23am

● fix bug

Update: Jul 29 @ 3:46am

-fix bug

Update: Jul 28 @ 11:21pm

Return of the Demon Witch Update
Chess Piece Updates
● Lion ($2 Demon Wizard) has now rejoined the game after a short break.
● Viper's Viper Strike now has a priority to target the highest-leveled enemy chess piece.
● Balanced Visage's Familiars Grave Chill attack speed steal from 20/40/80 to 30/40/60.
● Redecorated Rank 3 Sven, Jakiro, Slardar and Witch Doctor with the latest items from Immoratal Treasure II.
● [Least Wins Prize] Increased Shadow Fiend's Requiem of Souls damage from 100/150/200 to 100/175/250 per line.
Synergy Updates
● Balanced Shaman's Hex:
(2) Shamans: Transforms a random enemy chess piece to a random piece of the same level when battle starts. (From transforming an enemy into harmless animal for 6 seconds.)
(4) Shamans: Transforms all friendly Shaman pieces to random chess pieces that are 2 levels higher when battle starts. (From randomly transforming enemies that kill the Shaman pieces.)
● Balanced Humans' Spark of Mind:
(3) Humans: Grants a Tome of Knowledge when battle starts.
(6) Humans: Grants a Tome of Knowledge when battle starts. An extra Tome of Knowledge is rewarded for winning a home battle with at least 1 friendly Human survived.
Tome of Knowledge: Activate to add 1/16 of Courier XP for the current Courier level (Rounds up to nearest integer). Bonus Courier XP granted via Tome of Knowledge is unlimited to the maximum Courier Level. (From adds 2 Courier XP.)

Update: Jul 28 @ 11:12pm

● Balanced Assassins' Coup de Grace:
(3) Assassins: All friendly assassins have 15% chance to critical hit for 300% damage.
(6) Assassins: All allies have 15% chance to critical hit for 400% damage.
(9) Assassins: All allies have 5% chance to critical hit for 500% damage, and gains a Backstab Leap move after killing an enemy. (From gaining Backstab Leap only)
● Balanced Trolls' Voodoo Frenzy:
(2) Trolls: All friendly trolls have +35 attack speed.
(4) Trolls: All allies have +30 attack speed.
(6) Trolls: All allies gain +15 attack speed for each succcessful attack. Maximum 15 stacks. (From 10 bonus attack speed per stack and maximum 20 stacks.)
Bug Fixes
● Fixed the bug causing Linken's Sphere fail to block the following spells:
Mirana's Sacred Arrow, Treant Protector's Leech Seed, Scythe of Vise, Dagon, Shamans' Hex, Oracle's Fate's Edict.
● Player Info Panel now correctly instnatly updatesif a player levels up the Courier by using the Tome of Knowledge.
● Fixed a bug that Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning and Earth Spirit's Rolling Boulder pierce through spell immunity.
● Fixed chess piece model preloading bugs with Pandaren pieces and IO.
● Fixed Rank 3 Shallow Grave duration bug. Now correctly lasts 5 sec on each targetted ally, in stead of 4/4/5 sec.
● Fixed a bug that causing Mars immediately casts Shield Bash when battle starts.
● Fixed Monkey King's Jinggu Mastery missing tooltip.
● Fixed that bug cauing (6) Undeads' Horror Wraith pieces attacking your own Courier.
● Fixed various chessboard decoration bugs.
● Fixed a bug with dismissing that causes double gold spent.

Update: Jul 20 @ 5:24am

Rebalance Patch

Update: Jul 16 @ 4:36am


Update: Jul 16 @ 4:35am

fix 7.27b

Update: Jul 10 @ 4:32am

● fix bugs

Update: Jul 8 @ 2:05am

● fix bug

Update: Jul 8 @ 1:59am

● fix