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Update: Oct 17, 2021 @ 2:19am

Another QoL patch

- Remade RED 2nd last/last base area with new textures, props and so on
- Adjusted track and fixed stuck spot near cp 4
- Added bit cover to the last upward push area
- Fixed see-through wall from not being see-through
- Fixed some props not having snow on them
- Fixed floating rooftop above RED 1st base
- Fixed door orientation at RED 1st base to be more center
- Fixed plank from floating in air at the last area
- Fixed some props fading too early
- Fixed some misaligned textures
- Fixed some roof not having snow towards the end of the map
- Improved clipping
- Nodrawed some existing faces for better performance
- Removed unneeded displacements for better performance
- Optimization pass

Update: May 13, 2021 @ 11:12am

Quality of life patch

- Several things improved and fixed over time since last update
- Added more lighting
- Fixed visual bugs
- Fixed sightline problem in mid between A and B sites and beyond
- Fixed some overlays not showing
- Added new route between C and D to help more direct movement
- A lot of things i cannot remember to list

Update: Aug 2, 2020 @ 4:58am

Brought in more changes from halloween version of the map:
-- Sealed off route near CP3
-- Made large indoor area more readable and better movable
-- Some visual touches around that area
-- More visual changes in last RED base
-- Increased lighting in some dark areas
-- Adjusted lighting in some areas

- Repositioned rogue "control point" sign near BLU 1st base
- Removed buggy looking cable roll near blu 1st spawn
- Fixed bumping crate indoors near CP3
- Fixed several props fading too soon
- Fixed some misaligned textures
- Fixed some missing clipping in RED 1st base
- Fiixed displacement error that could result in frame drops
- Updated navigation file to reflect changes

Thanks to for running this map and providing feedback over time!

Update: May 10, 2020 @ 12:00pm

- Brought in most of visual and gameplay changes from halloween version of the map
-- Visual upgrade on RED 1st spawn, as well as another exit
-- Visual upgrade on BLU 3rd spawn, as well as made it bigger
-- Widened side path between B and C control points, indoor area next to point
-- Closed off another route next to RED 1st base to streamline gameplay
- Based on player feedback, increased RED respawn time by 2 seconds after BLU has capped 1st cap point.
- Added some rooftop ledges on last area
- Removed dupe explosion sound during RED winning the round
- Removed railings from front of BLU 1st forward spawn
- Increased lighting all over the map, especially in dark corners
- Improved clipping on last area, mid area
- Fixed hovering door frame
- Fixed rare bug where players who do not exit quicker short route out of 2nd forward space sometimes might get locked in and die slowly. Now they teleport off back to their base.
- Fixed last cap pit rocket animation blocking certain weapons like wrap assassin ornament blowing up in thin air, even when animation was not playing. Thanks for EricS at Valve for helping to track this issue down.
- Added some roar

Update: Mar 3, 2020 @ 12:40pm

- Fixed another exploit of being able to build above RED base near middle between CP2 and CP3.
- Fixed exploit of being able to build inside the room next to BLU starting base, from under the door.

Thanks to A Bucket for reporting these!

Update: Feb 24, 2020 @ 1:43pm

- Fixed 2 exploits:
-- Demoman being able to be high between CP1 & CP2
-- Engineer able to build above 1st RED spawn
- Added pathway for spies to reach front of last BLU forward spawn area
- Fixed RED sometimes getting stuck at their 1st spawn when CP2 is capped
- Fixed gate near CP3 not closing and becoming one way when point is capped
- Several miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Update: Aug 29, 2018 @ 10:49am

- Added missing bot navigation
- Improved bot navigation mesh so they move better and know where to go
- Added some extra cables to the air from building to another
- Added closed door area near blu last spawn area
- Closed one route for the same reason above
- Optimized model draw distances
- Fixed displacement texture errors in the mine area
- Fixed few displacement cracks outside of the map
- Fixed hovering arrow sign
- Fixed a spot high up at the rooftop near C where players could stand
- Fixed possible exploit spot
- Fixed all remaining console errors
- Lowered explosion sound when cart falls down the pit

Update: Aug 23, 2018 @ 11:23pm

- Made railings non solid outside last BLU base
- Made some props non-solid to prevent players standing on them up high
- Made some props outside of the playable area non solid
- Fixed texture error in RED 1st base
- Fixed people possibly getting stuck in one way door at RED last area
- Fixed a crack in the ground near final pit
- Fixed few texture errors
- Fixed few props still having too low directx level to display them ingame for everyone
- Fixed nearly all console errors occuring from models missing vphysics. Some still escaped me.
- Added more blue shade to two BLU forward bases

Update: Aug 21, 2018 @ 3:00pm

- Changed track near last BLU spawn to prevent people getting stuck on the low ceiling while riding the cart
- Modified bridge after D point to prevent people getting stuck on bridge, while riding the cart
- Modified BLU last spawn area falldown so players dont take damage from the drop
- Adjusted draw distance from D point towards C, improving framerate on that area
- Added some detailing indoors near the RED first base area
- Added markings with overlays on places indoors where ammo and health spawns/respawns
- Added menu photos for loading screen
- Removed big health kit from middle of the map
- Improved clipping on the map, no more bumping to odd spots that easily

Update: Aug 20, 2018 @ 2:08pm

- Renovated the storage area near C capture point, little simplified and more fluent
- Added pathway from B point area to upper area leading to RED first spawn area
- Fixed thunder and lightning strikes happening too late when cart is already near C point
- Fixed RED last spawn lower door having its doors open by default
- Fixed some props fade errors (fading too soon)
- Increased respawn time of RED team slightly when point B is captured
- Simplified tracks between B and C area, now they dont confuse players
- Started lighting adjustments for the map