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Nico Nico Niinfected! - Love Live [CI Mod]
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Infected: Common Infected
Game Content: Sounds, Scripts, Models, Textures
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127.329 MB
2017년 9월 10일 오후 1시 47분
2021년 3월 8일 오전 4시 44분
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Nico Nico Niinfected! - Love Live [CI Mod]

Replaces all common and uncommon infected with the School Idol, Nico Yazawa

Nico Nico Nii!
What better way to show the world that you are the number one idol in the universe than by killing everyone that stands in your way?
Get ready to fight for your life in the Nicopocalypse!

Click here to check out the beta testing version! (And subscribe if you want!)

Please note that the .vpk downloaded by subscribing to this mod includes BOTH the skin and the sound mods!
If you want to download the skin or the soundmod separately, get the source files or additional downloads you can find those here:

*Place the .vpk files you downloaded there in the steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons folder!*

*Have in mind these models are fairly high poly (compared with the default models), so it might lag a little on slower computers.*

  • Custom Physboxes
  • Custom Ragdolls
  • Custom Proportions
  • Custom Sounds
  • Hair & Skirt physics
  • Facial Expressions
  • Glowing Eyes
  • Custom models for ALL Uncommon infecteds
  • At least 2 or more Nico Nico Niis

If you found any bugs or are having problems with this mod you can contact me by leaving a comment down below and i will try to help if i can!

Want to help me keep the lights on and other things like, i dont know, eating for example? That one's kinda important really! So if you can maybe click this neat little button here
Anything you can donate will really REALLY help me and i'll be thankful forever

Original MMD model: ろんどらいん[bowlroll.net]
Port to Source, Modeling: Nekky
Soundmod: Mario6493
Trailer/Website: Stevu
Testing: Commander of Pie

*You liked the mod? Share the Love (Live) and tell a friend about it! Spread the Nicopocalypse!*

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2021년 5월 1일 오전 9시 49분
What's Scarier Then Zombies?
+ Mann
2021년 3월 2일 오전 7시 40분
2018년 2월 7일 오전 11시 26분
고정됨: PSA! Mod Support and Help
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댓글 728
Zero Two 2021년 4월 22일 오전 4시 39분 
Mario6493  [작성자] 2021년 4월 17일 오전 6시 34분 
@Le-Lo-Du-87 PRO TIP: to defeat the anime girls, shoot at them until they die.
Le-Lo-Du-87 2021년 4월 14일 오후 11시 24분 
@Nekky Hello Nekky. The mod is great, but since I am using it, there are anime girls and I hate them. How can I fix it? Thanks!
Mapache AnalSex 2021년 4월 9일 오후 3시 35분 
Nyah Ichi Ni san Nyah Arigato!
【O̸taku Bo̸i】ッ 2021년 4월 9일 오후 2시 27분 
@Nekky okie dokie!
Nekky  [작성자] 2021년 4월 9일 오후 2시 25분 
@【O̸taku Bo̸i】ッ All i can suggest is trying to unsubscribe and resub to the mod to reinstall it, running it alone without any other mods or trying it in singleplayer / in a different server.
With so little info it could be anything from incompatibility with other mods to sv_pure problems or a corrupted workshop update
【O̸taku Bo̸i】ッ 2021년 4월 9일 오전 8시 39분 
I’m seeing giant “ERRORS” and the anime zombie girls are black and pink square boxes
Nekky  [작성자] 2021년 4월 9일 오전 8시 10분 
@【O̸taku Bo̸i】ッ Can you be a little more specific please? I cant do much with just "errors"
【O̸taku Bo̸i】ッ 2021년 4월 8일 오후 3시 11분 
Err... Im getting errors, help?
milk 2021년 4월 5일 오전 8시 53분 
"insert doom music here"