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Left 4 Dead 2

Nico Nico Niinfected! - Love Live [CI Mod]
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Nekky  [developer] Mar 2, 2021 @ 7:40am
Hello there! Hope everyone's doing fine on these strange and hard times, to make things a little better i've decided to announce some things.
I'll keep it short!

  • The mod is back into active development!
  • We now have a PUBLIC TESTING BRANCH that you can subscribe to HERE (Please read the desc of the testing branch!!)
  • There's now a button to the Testing Branch in the Mod workshop desc too!
  • The source files for version 1.0.0 have been finally released, you can find them here in my website[nekky.gemidyne.net] (link also in workshop desc)
  • Workshop descs in other languages will be updated as soon as we can

Now FAQ Stuff!

Q: I cant find the source files in the website!
A: Dont worry the website can take a bit to update due to cloudflare cache

Q: Has the mod download from the site been updated finally?
A: Yes, the website download is the same as the current Steam download minus the soundmod

Q: Does this finally mean we're getting the gore update?
A: YES as soon as its ready

Q: Halp! I subscribed to the Testing Branch and everthing's broken!!
A: DONT have both the testing branch and release active, disable one of them ingame (You dont need to unsub from this one dont worry)

Q: When will the Testing Branch stuff be pushed to Release?
A: As soon as im happy with the state of the Testing build i suppose

Q: I cant see the Testing Branch button in [Insert Language Here]
A: We will update the other language descriptions as soon as possible to add it
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