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Left 4 Dead 2

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NNNiinfected - [Public Testing Branch]
Infected: Common Infected
Game Content: Sounds, Scripts, Models, Textures
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Mar 2 @ 7:39am
Mar 3 @ 7:35am
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NNNiinfected - [Public Testing Branch]

This is the TESTING branch for the NicoNicoNiinfected Mod
Currently Testing: [Gore Update] Internal 1.1.0 | PATCH 3
This branch is currently [3] Updates ahead of Release

This is obviously NOT compatible with the latest release, only one of the versions should be active ingame

Changelog from: PATCH 3
  • Modified reference animations
  • Enabled full damage range
  • Added multiplayer compatibility
  • Added support for about 90% of L4D1 infected
  • Added missing animation index
  • Fixed pigtails positioning

Bugs as of Version: PATCH 3
  • Some wound models dont match (these need to be remade)
  • Sometimes cutout data fails to correctly apply to some models
  • Missing several wound models
  • Uncommons are not replaced
  • Burnt material not working
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#TeamHunter Apr 3 @ 11:44pm 
Nekky  [author] Mar 23 @ 4:19am 
Sorry for the slow updates on this branch, i've been working on a ton of new models for the wounds and optimizations and its taking more time than i expected :slimehungry:
Emergency Food Mar 13 @ 5:07pm 
If you don't stop I'll break your nico-nico kneecaps.
wx Mar 9 @ 9:57pm 
The part where Nico's head is able to be sliced off, feels weirdly satisfying... what is this feeling...
Nekky  [author] Mar 7 @ 3:54am 
That would be really useful but i dont think its possible without completely changing how the compile process works, as of right now (while doing the gore stuff) im also doing an optimization pass on the mod, so all the infected use the same textures and even qc's :/
Helrika Mar 7 @ 12:43am 
I'm not sure if this is any helpful but how much extra work would it be to place a number on the infected currently here? like a simple number on their bodies so if there is an issue i can just say "Nico 6" has this issue so its easier to tell you exactly who is the culprit.
vivious Mar 6 @ 5:16am 
what is this