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Total War: SHOGUN 2

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Radious Total War Mod - Sengoku Jidai version
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Sep 27, 2012 @ 2:56pm
Apr 1, 2013 @ 9:42am
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Radious Total War Mod - Sengoku Jidai version

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Radious Total War
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Radious Total War Mod - Sengoku Jidai Version


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Overview - Complete game overhaul mod, which offers to players big changes in campaign AI, diplomacy, land and naval battles, adding new units, new abilities, changing buildings, rebalancing all unit stats and costs, reworking experience system and much more.


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To CA for the game Total War: Shogun 2, to Valve for the Steam Workshop, and to the community for its help in our efforts to make this mod a reality.

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Radious Unit Pack 1 - Rise of the Samurai Campaign
Radious Unit Pack 2 - Sengoku Jidai Campaign
Radious Unit Pack 3 - Fall of the Samurai Campaign
Radious Total War Mod - Rise of the Samurai Version
Radious Total War Mod - Sengoku Jidai Version
Radious Total War Mod - Fall of the Samurai Version
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This mod vs your Diplomacy mod on TWC?(maybe the same)
Aug 8, 2018 @ 7:57am
Simple Q
Silver Eagle 99
Aug 16, 2017 @ 4:47pm
Remove sashimonos(clan flags) for ninja units?
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Radious  [author] Apr 22 @ 6:25am 
Good day Everyone!

Today we have for you something special! We are making Team Radious Three Kingdoms Giveaway -

We have 2 copies of the game available for you and winners will be randomly selected from our Patrons who will sign to this giveaway!

Anyone is welcome to join us, support our work and participate. We are here for you with our mods more then 12 years and Three Kingdoms wont be without Radious mod!

Good Luck!

Team Radious
zxzSCARFACEzxz Apr 3 @ 9:57am 
What all does this change?
Ghost-Dragon Mar 29 @ 6:24am 
I used to play this mod in a network company with the addition of units Radius mod. Now my friend and I are writing that we have different versions. Although the version of the game itself is the same. And we also downloaded the mod radius together
Black Baron Mar 15 @ 10:14am 

Now if i decide to install it again can i do something to prevent this form happening.
Like some upkeep modifications or putting AI limits on their number of armies? Thanks in advance.:lunar2019piginablanket:
Black Baron Mar 15 @ 10:14am 
Thanks for the reply. I replied later because i was still testing it.

There were few sound fixes on steam workshop,but the one that worked for me is Arrowcannon_sound_fix by English Bob.

However after 170 turns of my Mori campaign i ran into another problem.Its not bug but it is Mod gameplay related. Thanks to my turtle style of playing,on the campaign map there were 5 clans left but because of the low upkeep that this mod brings they had sizable number of armies. The 2 most powerful rival clans had bellow 50 armies each, and it cluttered in one province when they move them. It made my save or game progression i should say,crashing after 10 or so turns.Tried to cheese it with agents,bribing and destroying their armies with the hopes of removing the clutter but i ended up with same result even with multiple saves.Ended up raging and deleting saves and the mod.
Radious  [author] Mar 12 @ 7:15am 
Black Baron: There is another sound fix on workshop for SHogun 2, search for it, should work perfectly fine and remove silly musket sounds.
Black Baron Mar 11 @ 4:07pm 
Hey i have no idea if i should post it here or if u guys will answer but i'm getting that sound bug even though i ran SS program both in movie mode and pack mode.With and without unit pack i get the same sound bug.

- bow ashigaru have musket sound;
- bow monks (foot) cannon sound;
- heavy gunners cannon sound (not sure if intended from the overhall itself) ;

Haven't checked on all the factions or naval, but that fix needs updating if u guys are responsible for it.
Radious  [author] Mar 1 @ 11:41am 
Good day Everyone!

February Summary, March 2019 plans and request to our fans! -

More news for you, what to expect in march 2019 and much more!

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Team Radious
Radious  [author] Feb 10 @ 7:18am 
Good day Everyone!

Less then 4 weeks till new Total War game is here! Three Kingdoms are very close and our team is once again ready to jump in it and create your favourite overhaul for 7th TW game in a row!

It will be tons of work, but we are very dedicated! Feel free to help us and support us at

More news and info very soon!

Team Radious
pitawat_top Feb 9 @ 1:03am 
I'm sorry to bother you You can make your mod fix Armored Onna Bugeisha can it?
I like his mod skin, but I like your mod unit, but when I activate both of them Interrupted together, causing my computer to shut down many times.