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Radious Unit Pack 3 - Fall of the Samurai campaign
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Sep 28, 2012 @ 12:05am
May 10, 2013 @ 12:40pm
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Radious Unit Pack 3 - Fall of the Samurai campaign

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Radious Total War
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Largest Unit Pack for Shogun 2: Total War - Fall of the Samurai

Overview - This Unit Pack will give you 47 brand new units which can be used in Fots campaign and in custom battles with FotS clans. Most Western and Elite units using bayonets now as well as are able to create square formation.

Already included in radious Total War Mod - Fall of the Samurai version. Recommended to use this with my other mods like Stats, Upkeep and Units mods for proper game balance. Using this on vanilla game can make several imbalances.

Fix broken sounds - Sound Fix – Sinfonia Semplice[]

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To CA for the game Total War: Shogun 2, to Valve for the Steam Workshop, and to the community for its help in our efforts to make this mod a reality.

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emperorbobtheeternal Jul 13 @ 7:01pm 
Bob shall become rule all of Japan with the great units in this mod! Bob shall rule the world soon...
jhfridhem Jun 3 @ 12:00pm 
Does not seem to work
Dwarfthorin Danando May 31 @ 5:14pm 
all mods fail to download in mod manager after i subbed in steam and downloaded them
SCHWINGEFOR3V3R Mar 23 @ 9:04am 
@radious how can i activate the gun trails again ?
Revosh Mar 16 @ 8:56am 
Hey Radious, would you allow me to use your unitpack in one of my mods?
Radious  [author] Mar 5 @ 9:22am 
Description and mod info layout updated. All with new usefull links and informations.
laksa-songjun Feb 13 @ 3:29am 
why every time i play it , the units will not avallible ? example:i like the nodachi kachi but some times it just gone from the mod
Waffles Dec 31, 2016 @ 9:01pm 
when i go on battle in end up CTD everytime can you help what should i fix i have only fall of Samurai
Clockwork Dec 11, 2016 @ 8:04am 
@THIS' ETHAN Yeah, Radious doesn't believe in upkeep. It's annoying, every one of his mods is like that. Low upkeep means endless stacks and meaningless battles.
sam.pidgeon Dec 7, 2016 @ 5:24am 
crashing alot for me using some other mods