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Radious Total War Mod - Sengoku Jidai version
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Sep 27, 2012 @ 2:56pm
Apr 1, 2013 @ 9:42am
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Radious Total War
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Complete game overhaul mod, which offers to players big changes in campaign AI, diplomacy, land and naval battles, adding new units, new abilities, changing buildings, re balancing all unit stats and costs, reworking experience system and much more.

To fix broken sounds (arrows sounds like cannons, rifles) visit: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=562459

More info can be found here: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=460458
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Bishamonten Dec 10 @ 9:08pm 
Radious, can you upload the modular versions of the Shogun 2 mod?? There are things that I wish to remove, like the unit upkeep.
Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen) Dec 2 @ 11:24am 
Radious, what is the chance of you uploading a version to the Workshop of your 3 shogun compliations without the new units?

I love the work, and everything else, and even on occassion enjoy the new units, but sometimes I just want to play a CoOp without the units you add ;)

Mel Gibson Nov 25 @ 6:48pm 
Darthmod supported?
Radious  [author] Nov 24 @ 5:18am 
TheMetalfreak360 : Mod is hardly a dead, its just finished. I did all i wanted and all my SHogun 2 mods working without issues, supports latest patch and all DLCs. I moved to Rome 2 and soon to Attila.
TheMetalfreak360 Nov 24 @ 5:06am 
Also, the mod makes my game CTD everytime, I cannot play with it anymore, I only use the expanded Japan mod and the general skill overhaul mod with it.
TheMetalfreak360 Nov 24 @ 4:37am 
@Radious Mod dead? 2013 it was last updated, it could have been nice with some certain changes to the mod.
TheMetalfreak360 Nov 24 @ 4:35am 
@IceCreamTruck14 Sengoku Jidai is the main game, not a DLC. And yes if you only got FOTS then you need to get the main game first.
Glory to Arstotzka Nov 23 @ 7:51pm 
@Radious do you know where in your file are the unites cost because i want chance them one to go to their default cost or to make them free.
IceCreamTruck14 Oct 27 @ 6:16am 
Do i need the sengoku jidai DLC to play this mod??? please answer fast
tbobsleding Oct 20 @ 9:19pm 
Anyone know how I can edit the mod so instead of 12 turns per year it is only 4?