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Centralized Climate Control
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Centralized Climate Control

Centralized Air Cooling/Heating System for RimWorld. Build Large Piped Air Climate Systems away from your buildings.


This mod is no longer maintained. Due to recent life changes, It is hard to find time for this mod. The license has been modified to MIT License so people have been given freedom to modify the mod itself. Overall, the mod still works fine, there may be incompatibilities with other mods that I would not have discovered. I highly recommend looking at the Getting Started guide on steam if you are trying it out.


Rimworld Version: 1.0.0 (Check Github releases for older versions)
Version: 1.5.0

Forum Link[ludeon.com]
Recommended: Steam Guide for Creating a Basic Setup

Watch this video if you are having issues with the guides. It's a little old, but covers the basic usage of the mod!
Youtube Video Link (BaRKy)

While there are many alternate mods for Central Heating. This mod adds a new network-like resource (like electricity) Air. The heating/cooling system you will build depends on the number of rooms and the heating/cooling capacity of your air networks.

There are 3 colored pipes available. All can carry any type of air.

Following buildings are added:
- Air Intake Fan: Fans to supply air to the system
- Air Climate Control System: Heat or Cool air to a target temperature
- Air Vents: Vent out the heated/cooled air
- Wall Mounted Air Vents
- Large Intakes & Air Climate Units

Features & Differences (from other mods):

Unified Heating/Cooling System
Heating and Cooling is done by 1 unit, so reduces the need to build coolers and heaters.

Outside (and Far away) Heat Exhaust:
The Heat Exhaust of the Climate Control units isn't located adjacent to rooms. They are located far away from your rooms, thus allowing you to make adjacent rooms to fridge rooms.

Air Network
There is a network-like resource (like electricity) which is generated and consumed which is further dictated by Efficiency of the Network.
1) Flow Efficiency
The rate at which your rooms will cool/heat or maintain heat due to changes in the room temps.
Value: 1 Intake Fan for 3 Rooms

2) Thermal Efficiency
The rate at which your Climate Control units can heat the air. Sudden changes like Cold Snaps or Heat wave will inject very cold or very hot air into your system. Climate Control Units will take care that, but their rate is determined by this Efficiency unit.
Value: 1 Climate Control Unit for 3 Intake Fan

You can always check efficiency of each network at the Vents.

Air Temperature inside Pipes
This mod also deals with the temperature of the air in the Pipe Network.

Can share air without Climate Control units
Intakes take note of the Air Temperature the take in. We can practically make Climate Control-less networks that share the same temperature.
For example:
Multiple Frigdes can be connected together, but only 1 is getting the cooling. The rest just share the air.

Bigger buildings for late game
Build larger Intakes and Climate Units which have about 5x more power than a regular machine.

Pipe Switches
If you have multiple pipes near your vent, You can force it to connect to a specific pipe.


1) Make sure you enable HugsLib first and before this Mod
2) Enable the Mod in the Mod List

Known Issues:
- Compatibility Issues with Redist.Heat Mod
- Reinstall doesn't work properly (Install and Uninstall works fine.)

This is my first mod for any game ever. There might be some issues. I wanted to see how the community responds to my mod, and want to work more on it! :)

Thanks if you are trying my mod out!

- vasumahesh
- [B19 changes] Jdalt40 [github.com]

- carlgraves for "Central Heating" [ludeon.com]
- Redist Heat [ludeon.com]
- Dubs Hygiene Mod [ludeon.com]

MIT License

Alternate Links:
- Google Drive Link [drive.google.com]
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Kham 20 hours ago 
No worries man, hope you have some luck! :D
ryeookin 21 hours ago 
@Kham, Thanks for testing this on your end! You gave me some solid suggestions. I'll check them out some time by or before Monday and report back. Thanks again for your assistance. :)
Kham Jan 16 @ 5:04pm 
I just did a test and for me it doesn't seem to care which side I connect. The white bit is what I was talking about though, the fact it was just there in the middle of the block and not connecting to the pipes means it's not actually connected.

Here's a screenshot of one I just quickly placed in dev mode to test
You can see how the white part on the climate control unit connects to the pipes on all sides. Do you have HugsLib installed and higher in the load order than this mod? Have you tried with just this mod running in a game to see if it's a conflict?
ryeookin Jan 16 @ 4:40pm 
I did before I made my original post. If you like I'll connect it with pipes all around it but it all seems like its not quite fully connected (that is the white pipe on the climate control unit doesn't look fully flush with the connection like the exhaust unit does). I'm not sure why, or how to fix that. :steamfacepalm:
Kham Jan 15 @ 7:01pm 
@ryeookin It kind of looks like your climate control unit might not be connected. I've never tried connecting it to the pipes from the front (inside the red exhaust square). Have you tried running the pipes along the wall at the back of it?
ryeookin Jan 15 @ 4:27pm 
@Kham, okie doke and thanks. I uploaded some screen shots here:
Kham Jan 13 @ 6:12pm 
@ryeookin Could you take some screenshots of your setup or something? Without seeing it no one can really tell you what might be wrong.
ryeookin Jan 13 @ 5:18pm 
I'm not sure why, but I also am having this same problem "My vents all say they are disconnected but they are all connected to the network.". Note I read the 'how to' diagram and see no flaws with how I'm supposed to set it up vs how I did implimentit.
^5Cirno-09 Jan 13 @ 1:58am 
You can connect all of the different pipes perfectly fine as long as they are all of the same temperature. If you have two air climate controls with different target temperature and connect them to each other the output temperature would be something in between the two.
Px05119 Jan 9 @ 2:19pm 
Just want to drop a quick note to anyone looking at this in 2020: As of Jan 9, the mod is functioning as intended from what I've used. I haven't tried multiple networks with different pipes, but a single network of the Cyan pipes works 100%.