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Conan Exiles

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Majestic Server Mods
Mods used on Majestic servers.

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Created by Crystal
Mod for players on Majestic servers.

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Here is a quick overview of what this mod does. Keep in mind I update this whenever I feel like it and may not necessarily keep this list fully up t...
Aquilonian Passion Body
Created by Alice
A highly detailed fully customized female body for Conan Exiles

High poly meshes designed with shapely hips , butt , thighs , calves and breasts.
The increased number of polygons allows for a much smoother shap...
PassionBody Shaved Patch
Created by Alice
A small patch that removes the pubic hair from the Aquilonian Passion Body mod

I've had some requests for a shaved version of this mod so I made a lightweight patch mod. It adds a new material with smoother norma...
Beyond Theatrics - A scene composition mod
Created by Bloodworth
Welcome to Beyond Theatrics
Mod ID: 2419910241

This mod is a framework for paired and solo animation as well as other related features. We have our own API for anyone wanting to build upon this fo...