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Mod for players on Majestic servers.

For more information on Majestic, see

Here is a quick overview of what this mod does. Keep in mind I update this whenever I feel like it and may not necessarily keep this list fully up to date.

- Females are shaved.
- Players can level past 60. The additional levels require massive amounts of XP and only award additional attribute and feat points. The intention here is to provide a sense of endless progression beyond end game.

- Chat system replaced with a custom one. Behaves similar to vanilla but with some usability tweaks.
- Additional tabs for clan and local chat to filter messages from other sources.
- Characters can shout. This works like local chat but with a larger range.

Player Characters
- Tweaked various level up stat bonuses to make them slightly better. Encumbrance is significantly increased.
- More attribute and feat points per level starting at level 10.
- Fall damage is significantly reduced.
- Increased the slider maximum for male genitals and female breasts.
- Expanded the minimum and maximum height for player characters.
- Added some fantasy skin and hair colors.
- Player corpses now last two hours (up from 30 minutes).

Nonplayer Characters
- NPC spawns are more often female than male.
- Increased maximum male genital and female breast sizes for NPCs and increased the chance they will spawn with them larger.
- Thralls can be placed much closer together.

- Chests, crafting stations and shrines are able to be unlocked by their owner for public use on servers with the setting ContainersIgnoreOwnership=false.
- Doors are able to be unlocked by their owner for public use.
- Beds can be set to public, allowing anyone to bind to them.
- Elevators move much faster.
- Bedrolls decay after 20 hours if placed on the ground. (Modified by server settings = 15 days on Majestic server.)
- Basic (small) campfires decay after 10 hours if placed on the ground. (Modified by server settings = 7.5 days on Majestic server.)
- Map room can be placed without regards to collision with other structures.

Items and Equipment
- Outfits can be saved from the inventory screen and quickly switched to later using a radial menu.
- Armor can be hidden from the inventory screen, making you always appear nude. Alternatively, you can hide only your helmet. This also works for thralls.
- New dye: Bright white. Available alongside white and black dyes from named purge alchemists.
- New item: glamor potion. This potion allows you to tweak your character's appearance attributes that you selected when creating your character. SPOILER: The recipe is hidden on a piece of paper on the ground on the upper level of The Sinkhole. The Siptah location is somewhere in grid D9.

- Drop rate of venom gland from cobras increased to 70%.
- Drop rate of black ice from icy rocknose kings increased to 25%.
- Drop amount for explosive glands doubled.
- Drop amount for stringy meat halved.

- Current time of day and ambient temperature are visible at the top of the screen.
- Chat window remains visible behind the inventory/crafting screen.
- Activating the vanity camera (default 'V') now only partially hides the HUD, leaving character status and chat visible.

- Lesser ???? now produces 5 swirling chaos in a surge altar (up from 1) and ???? now produces 10 (up from 2).
- Decayed Eldarium drop amounts are increased by 3x (amount only, chance unchanged).

These changes are also complimented by server settings. Settings information can be found on the website.

Do not ask me to make separate mods with limited feature sets. I only do this in support of my server and community and do not have the time to maintain several mods.
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Fey Warrior Nov 6 @ 10:46pm 
@Tooreen Go to the link for the Mod Collections link for Majestic Server Mods .

At the top of that collection you'll see the URL to the website. Read through the rules and you'll find the password. Crystal did this deliberately to ensure those who don't have the patience and comprehension, i.e. the maturity level, won't find the password, without do their reading and following the links first.
Tooreen Nov 6 @ 9:01am 
password ?
Ƶöé Oct 25 @ 3:44pm 
Could we possibly get an idea of what is being changed/added? The changelogs only list the date, nothing about what is being done. =#
Jake, From Allstate, at 3am Sep 18 @ 8:13am 
Increased breast slider max? 0.o
枫烨 Sep 16 @ 4:14am 
Alex/Winterverge Aug 30 @ 5:43pm 
Opps, nevermind I just read it's working...
Alex/Winterverge Aug 30 @ 5:42pm 

I'd lean more towards load order. I use it in the mod in my single player world and on my online server and neither have this problem.
Sr f1er4 Aug 23 @ 2:50am 
id of mod?
Aeden Aug 20 @ 4:21pm 

Hopefully that's all it was. I like Majestic a lot, the QoL additions have made the game much more enjoyable. The day it becomes unusable again is a constant concern.

Also just noticed I said "and no craft," meant no crash. Oopsies.
Nova Aug 20 @ 4:15pm 

This is the only mod I have installed so far. But ever since I made a comment about the crash, it hasn't happened again. It may have been an issue with the game itself.