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Aquilonian Passion Body
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Oct 16, 2019 @ 8:36am
Dec 14, 2023 @ 11:51am
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Aquilonian Passion Body

Highly Detailed Fully Custom Made Female Body for Conan Exiles

Custom UI, Press " F7 " to access it. Select nipple and labia styles
High poly meshes designed with shapely hips , butt , thighs , calves and breasts.
The increased number of polygons allows for a much smoother shape.
Detailed 3D private region with physics
Custom smoother UVmap to allow for better texturing
Custom high detailed textures
3 levels of custom made LOD..For anyone that doesn't know what this is.. It is *Level of Detail*
which reduces the amount of polygons rendered at further distances. This puts less strain on your GPU. All converted armors will also use LOD

Thanks to:
Jadelight for the script work that went into making the new UI.
Whiskey for the use of the Accessory Wardrobe System.
WaffleButter who motivated me to convert my Skyrim body over to Conan.

Due to how different the shape of this body is versus Conan's original body, all armor will have to be converted over to fit it.

The way the Conan armors work is they each have the body mesh attached to them so in other words each armor has its own body. If an unconverted top and a converted bottom are worn there will be a noticeable gap between them at the waistline and lower leg. This will happen until I have a chance to finish converting all the armor tops, bottoms and boots.
To avoid having this happen just be sure to wear both upper and lower unconverted armors and don't mix and match with converted ones. Until I have a chance to finish converting them all.

This mod is in it's middle stages of development and will likely be changing over time.
Consider this a Beta.

Difference between this body and my Aquilonain Females body mod
This body has a very different shape that was not limited by the vanilla waistline. Limiting myself is what I did for the Aquilonian Females mod. This time around I did not restrict myself to maintaining the vanilla waistline , the lower leg or the vanilla uvmap during the design phase. Because of this I was able to shape this body with the curves that I wanted.

You can view how different the 2 bodies are in the last screenshot I posted above.

Future plans:
Convert more armors to fit the new body

Armors and clothes converted so far:
Chest Wrap
Coarse Armor:
Zamorian Dancer:
Zamorian Thief:
Exile Light Armor:
Medium Studded Leather:
Heavy Plated Leather:
Hyperborean Slaver:
Darfari Bone:
Vanir Settler:
Sexy Pride of the Silent Legion:
Sexy Arena Champion's Armor:
Black Hand:
Zingaran Freebooter:
Hyena Armor:
Stygian Raider:
Vanir Fur:
Zath Priest Dancer:
Stygian Soilder:
Lemurian Warrior:
Lemurian Royal:
Stygian Mercenary:
Khari Overseer:
Khari Soilder Mail:

New UI added
Passion Body Options
*Only works for female players and thralls*
Pressing "F7" or the "Passion Body Options" button inside the inventory screen will open the new UI for your character. To open the UI for a thrall, aim at her, hold down E and select "Passion Body Options"
Use this new UI to select nipple, labia and pubic hair styles. Also includes a "Skin Oil" slider

New Feat Added
"Passion Body Accessories"
Adds all the accessories listed here:
Passion Snake Belly Piercing Accessory: "Belly Piercing Slot"
Passion Stockings (L) Accessory: "Thigh Left Slot" (Dyeable)
Passion Stockings (R) Accessory: "Right Left Slot" (Dyeable)
Passion 3D Bush Accessory: "Pubic Hair Slot" (Dyeable)
Passion 3D Trimmed Accessory: "Pubic Hair Slot" (Dyeable)
Passion 3D Privacy Bush Accessory: "Pubic Hair Slot" (Dyeable)
Passion Lemurian Belt: "Waist Equipment Slot" (Dyeable)
Derketo Nipple Cover (R) Accessory: "Right Nipple Slot" (Dyeable)
Derketo Nipple Cover (L) Accessory: "Left Nipple Slot" (Dyeable)

New Feats With Armor Variations And Custom Armors added:
"Basic Survival"
Attainable at start of game
Allows you to craft:
Chest Wrap, Loincloth, Loincloth Only (no undies), Bra and Panties

"Kinky Armorer"
Allows you to craft:
Heavy Tasset Pantyless, Heavy Pauldron Skimpy, Medium Harness Skimpy, Light Wrap Pantyless, Light Wrap Skimpy, Light Chestpiece Skimpy

"Pleasure Dome of Derketo Accessories"
Allows you to craft:
The Derketo Acolyte Panties , Derketo Acolyte Skimpy Robe (no pasties) and the Derketo Acolyte Pantyless Skirt, Derketo Acolyte Pasties

"Kinky Savage Armors"
Allows you to craft:
The Hyperborean Slaver Pantyless Loincloth and Darfari Skin Necklace Only

"Kinky Great Civilizations Armors"
Allows you to craft:
The Zamorian Thief Skirtless Breeches, Zamorian Thief Pantyless Breeches and Aquilonian Panties

"Nordheimer Seductive Armors"
Allows you to craft:
Vanir Panties, Vanir Settler's Top , Vanir Belt and Vanir Fur Panties

"Raider Seductive Armors"
Allows you to craft:
Stygian Raider Panties and Stygian Raider Leggings

"Sexy Pride of the Silent Legion"
Allows you to craft:
Sexy Silent Legion Pauldron, Tasset, Sexy Boots, Helmet and Tasset Skirt

"Sexy Arena Champion's Armor"
Allows you to craft:
Sexy Champion's Helmet, Chestguard, Leggings Skirt, Leggings, Boots and Gauntlets

"Web of Zath Kinky Clothing"
Allows you to craft:
Zathite Dancer Beads Skimpy, Zathite Dancer Skirt Pantyless, Zathite Dancer Panties

"Lemurian Royal Armor"
New Items Added:
Lemurian Royal Panty, Lemurian Royal Pantyless Thin Sarong, Lemurian Royal Pantyless Thick Sarong

"Stygian Mercenary Epic"
Allows you to craft:
Stygian Mercenary Armor

"Passion Dress" *Custom recreation of 2B's YoRHa dress*
Admin spawn only
Top, Panty, Bottom, Gloves, Thigh-Highs, Heels..etc...
Skirt *with full physics*
Equip Top and Bottom for Leotard look
*All dyeable*

The custom feats and items were added via a mod controller. No original data tables were edited. This mod should be compatible with all other mods that don't directly edit the legs, upper and lower female body meshes.

Screenshots of the private area will not be posted since it would be of an explicit nature.

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Everything I do is for free but keep in mind it does take a great deal of effort and personal time. If you like what I do ,wish to encourage me to continue or just show your appreciation please consider sending a donation.

Thank you for your support

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