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Aquilonia Server Mod
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May 26, 2018 @ 2:57pm
Nov 24 @ 9:14pm
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Aquilonia Server Mod

Increases max level to 100
Anatomically correct females, with physics. As well as a new lower body shape.
Resource stack sizes , building pieces , arrows and some others increased to 10000
Stat changes :
Health Percentage Per Attribute Default 0.04 changed to 0.08
Stamina Per Attribute Default 3 changed to 5
Encumberance Per Attribute Default was 7 changed to 15
Bonus Damage Percentage Melee Per Attribute Default was 0.02 changed to 0.05
Bonus Damage Percentage Ranged Per Attribute Default was 0.02 changed to 0.05
Starting stamina increased from 100 to 200
Stamina jump cost decreased from 8 to 5

More character customization options:
Added new hair , eye , eyebrow, lip , skin , and makeup color options.
Eye colors range from . Red , green , purple , golden, blue
Hair , brow , makeup and lip colors a range of Reds , blue and purple
Skins colors: pale white like a vampire , dark black, tan , greenish and blueish.

Warpaint is now only applied to the body of females and leaves the face clear.
Placeables are now able to return to inventory (blacksmith , tannery etc..)
Removed the annoying drum sounds that occur while mousing over items in the inventory.
Removed the blood border from UI while injured
Third person camera max and min range increased
Players corpse lasts 3 hours before despawning instead of 30 mins.
All building pieces now show outer face text.

Adds and adjusts feat point distribution.

At Level 100 you will have a total of 1620 feat points and 1440 attribute points, enough to buy all feats

Containers and crafting stations container size doubled

Legendary chests can be opened at any level.

All Tools durability increased x10

MonsterStats changes : HP of boss creatures rebalanced
Experience gained from defeating creatures has been adjusted based off of creatures total HP and difficulty.Some creatures give less some give a great deal more.

Experienced gained for killing npcs has been increased for all tiers. Most noticable for tier 3 and tier 4 npcs
Health increase to all tier npcs. Slight increase to tier 1 and 2 . Greater increase to tier 3 and 4.
*You will notice a difference between a rank 2 and 3 npc an a large difference for a rank 4 npc*

Knockout resistance has been increased for tier 3 and 4 npcs.
*Capturing a rank 3 or rank 4 npc is much more challenging but also much more rewarding converting them to a thrall.*

Changed spawn table so now there is a 50% chance for both male and female npc to spawn instead of mostly male. Also changed it so there are mostly female dancers.

Sustainable plants: Plants now yield one seed and continue to produce depending on how much compost is used.

Large signs can have up to 200 characters now . Wall signs can have 120. Leave messages on signs for offline clan mates !

New lower body shape:
Loincloth, Hyperborean Slaver loincloth, Zamorian Thief armor and Derketo Robe / Skirt has been reshaped for new lower body.

Adds Basic Survival Feat which allows you to make a loin cloth and chest wrap , basic tent , dyable bra and panties

New Feat added that is attainable at level 20:
*Kinky Savage Armors* adds: Hyperborean Slaver Pantyless Loincloth and Hyperborean Slaver Exposed Waistguard

New Feat added that is attainable at level 50:
*Kinky Great Civilization Armors* adds: Zamorian Thief Pantyless Breeches

New Feat added attainable after you learn how to make silent legion armor
"Sexy Pride of the Silent Legion" * adds: Sexy Silent Legion Armor Set

New Feat attainable at level 10:
*Kinky Armorer* it adds: Light Chestpiece Skimpy, Light Wrap Skimpy, Light Wrap Panties, Light Wrap Pantyless, Medium Tasset Skimpy, Medium Harness Skimpy, Leather Panties, Medium Tasset Pantyless and Heavy Pauldron Skimpy

New Feat attainable at level 20 with the Derketo Religion:
*Pleasure Dome of Derketo Accessories* adds: Derketo Acolyte Skimpy Robe , Derketo Panties and Derketo Acolyte Pantyless Skirt

New weapons: Bastard Swords.*large one handed swords that swing like axes. They have a damage rating between 1 and 2 handed swords of thier same metal type.*
Bastard Sword Feats added to the weapon catagory under the bruiser section.
With the correct thralls you can make the exceptional and flawless versions.

Luminescent Jewelry: *Available at level 20*:Create glowing wearable tiaras to light your path. Currrently 4 different colors

Radium Jewelry : *Available at level 52*: Create powered wearable tiaras to greatly light your path. Currrently 4 different colors

Location Beacon : *Available at level 10*: Create a beacon to place in your inventory that will allow other players to see your location on the world map.

Iron/Steel weapons , shields and tools are now able to be smelted into steel bars by placing them in a furnace for 30% return
Fences can be placed inside of door frames to give the appearance of a large window
Added More attachment points for pillars to all foundations and ceiling pieces

Unique npc: Valeria ..Teir 5 , can be used with pippi spawners or admin spawn.
New Item: Dragon Egg from which you can grow a dragon pet (admin spawn only)
New Pet : Dragon the dragon egg and some shadespiced raw tough meat in the animal pen and grow your own pet dragon

Some high tier Fabled weapons added that the admin can give out as rewards.
Random new keys and quest items added that can be use with pippi for quests
Should rain less often in the North

New Feats:
Master Silver Glass Blower: Allows you to make silver glass building pieces
Master Slate Glass Blower: Allows you to make slate glass building pieces
Master Gold Glass Blower: Allows you to make gold glass building pieces
New Building Pieces added: White and Black Marble set.
Master Marble Mason (Level 60 required) and Rare Ore Extracting (Level 60 required)
Adds : White and Black Marble building set.

Collect the new rare ores.**They can only be collected while using the Rare Ore Extractor Pick**
Viridium: rare collection from iron nodes
Orichasium: rare collection from brimstone nodes
Place Orichasium and Obsidian in a furnace to produce the Malleable White Marble
Place Viridium and Obsidian in a furnace to produce the Malleable Black Marble

Map-rooms appear on the world map

My server: IP Address :
Name : Ω Aquilonia Ω

Mods required to play on my server are as follows in this exact order:
1st AquiloniaServerMod
2nd NoxUIchanges
3rd Pippi
4th Fashionist
5th Aquilonian Passion Body
6th RA: Character Customisation
7th Hosav's Custom UI Mod - Revamped!
Mod Id=1395510096

Everything I do is for free but keep in mind it does take a great deal of effort and personal time. If you like what I do ,wish to encourage me to continue or just show your appreciation please consider sending a donation.

Thank you for your support

Donation Link Below

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Mechio Nov 21 @ 1:54am 
Hey Alice, how about adding Barbarian Barber mod? it adds tons of hairstyles
jcorb77 Nov 16 @ 7:40am 
I'm not sure if this changed on last round but it seems the stack sizes for resources have reverted to 1000 instead of the 10000 it was. Anyone else having this issue?
Mechio Nov 15 @ 4:59am 
@Fey Warrior thanks
jcorb77 Nov 13 @ 2:53pm 
Thank you for the grub increase.
jcorb77 Nov 13 @ 2:52pm 
@Radical Canadian Moose Police you have to update the server (that downloads it) then you can activate it. Or should be able to.
Fey Warrior Nov 12 @ 5:23pm 
@Radical Canadian Moose Police: You might need to seek help from GPortal. Neither the mod author @Alice or I have experience with GPortal...unless someone else here has?

Try GPortal Wiki - How do I install mods? (PC) []
I can't seem to activate it on my server. When I click the activate button via the g-portal menu, it toggles on and then immediately toggles off.
Fey Warrior Nov 12 @ 2:52pm 
@Mechio Yes. View the Change Notes at the top left (on a web browser - slide out for mobile app).
skuith Nov 12 @ 12:05pm 
where i can updated ?
Mechio Nov 11 @ 10:58pm 
What was updated yesterday?