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Expanded Stellaris Traditions
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Jun 13, 2017 @ 1:21pm
Nov 7, 2020 @ 8:11am
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Expanded Stellaris Traditions

  • 23 new slots for Traditions Trees
  • 48 new trees added including traditions swaps.
  • Extensive use of Tradition Swapping:
    • Not using Robots? Robot bonus traditions will be swapped for other things. Same things for slavery, megastructures etc.
    • Replacement trees for Hive Minds and Machine Empires.
    • Theme changing with your empire. The Order tree will be very different for a Slaving Autocracy and an Egalitarian Republic.
  • More details than ever. No tree consists of only modifiers, rather I have aimed to include as many interesting traditions as possible.
  • Special swaps for the AI ensures that the player does not gain any unfair advantages.
  • Full compatibility with other mods.

This is a new Tradition mod introducing a total of 48 new tradition trees over 23 different slots into the game. When making the Tradition Trees I have first tried to come up with a strong theme, what kind of empire would have these traditions? Next, I have tried to come up with bonuses and sub-themes that fitted and finally put those together to form the individual traditions within the tree.

I have tried to mix more standard modifier (like Government Ethics Attraction) with more interesting stuff like bonuses under certain conditions (being at war, planets with high species diversity, not having diplomatic relations etc.) or other stuff (bonus unity from destroying enemy ships and stations, adding new traits to leaders, unlocking new buildings and edicts). I've also added a few extra spectacular traditions like unlocking the option to raid enemies for resources or bribe factions. Another aim I have had is that whatever empire you make all slots should be somewhat viable, that means that if you are playing an egalitarian utopia those nastier traditions should be switched out. Playing with Inward Perfection or as Fanatic Purifiers? Expect to see all Diplomacy related traditions removed.

Primarily I wanted to make this mod because I think the game benefits greatly from having a larger amount of traditions than just 7. It is much easier for me to role play as an empire if I more properly can select traditions that match that empire. Having many available traditions also gives me new ideas for what kind of empire I would want to play.

Important Information
  • The full list of traditions and their effect can be found in the description page.
  • Many traditions have swaps that will might come into effect later in the game (Like Foundation Traditions becoming Confederacy if you have at least one sector).
  • Having Problems Seeing the Last Row of Traditions? Check out A Resolution Patch for Expanded Stellaris Traditions.
  • There is a game bug which prevents traditions to switch icons mid-game (also true for vanilla traditions). Because of this you will e.g. see foundation icons for confederacy traditions.
  • Certain tradition have passive negative effects to other empires (like penalties to rivals). The AI does not use them, but you can make it do in the scripted_triggers.txt file (common folder).

Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks
My other mod which adds 45 new Ascension Perks to the game. Lots of interesting perks included (rather than flat bonus modifiers). Please check it out.

Tradition mods cannot, by design, be compatible with each other. This mod modifies no vanilla files, so it should be compatible with all other mods.
  • Tons of Traditions is a combined compatibility patch for most traditions mods.
  • This mod also have in-built compatibility with Core Game Mechanics, check it out. Thanks for CGMs authors for giving me the compatibility files.
  • I have made a small extension for Plentiful Traditions. It adds 6 trees from PT to this mods. Also, increase the maximum number of Ascension Perks to 44.
  • Russian localisation Kindly provided by resident-tt.

The vast majority of all playthroughs with this mod is not done by me, to make it as good as possible I need all the input I can get. Please come with any input that you have, a large amount of the input I receive actually have real input on this mod.
  • Balance: While top priority has been to come up with interesting themes and traditions for all trees I do believe this is not incompatible with having a balanced mod. All input on which trees/traditions you find too strong to weak is appreciated (some traditions might be left weaker to offset stronger traditions in the same tree, but all trees should be roughly balanced.
  • Bugs: I test everything that I upload. However, this mod gets quite complex and in certain cases there might be a bug. There is also a lot of stuff in it so I've probably missed a few things as well. Right now it should be quite solid, with the next update there might be a few new ones though. Please report!
  • Spelling: English is not my first language (however I try to check everything with a spell checker). If you find some error, tell me an I will fix.
  • Suggestions: Have any cool ideas for new traditions? Have any ideas for new trees. I am open to suggestions. No promises but if you have something I will think about it at least.
  • Themes: Do you like the themes of the traditions? Are there any one of them that you don't think is clear enough? I think the RP part is important, so please come with any input you have on this. Maybe you have an idea for a more fitting name for a tree or tradition?

Birdy (Maker of the Plentiful Traditions Mod)
Quite a few things in this mod is inspired by their work.
  • The theme of the Malice tree is their idea (but the content my own).
  • I renamed my biogenesis and faith trees to use Birdy's, better, names.
  • They came up with the idea to "collapse" the discovery tree to gain space.
  • They figured out how to make the scrollbar so you could fit more traditions in, I used that idea as well.
(There are a few more cases where we have traditions with the same name, these are coincidence)
The tradition version of the old ethics Individualism/Collectivism traditions was first introduced in their tradition mod.
Have written a lot of very nice traditions descriptions for the mod.

For being cool with me using some of their ideas.
The guys in the Stellaris Mod Discord Channel
Got lots of help here.
Miscellaneous support and suggestion.
Miscellaneous suggestion.
The guys in the Stellaris Mod Forum
Also gave a few tips.
The creators of CWTools for Paradox Modding
This seriously makes the modding process three times easier.
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Phantomcreator42 Apr 6 @ 8:27pm 
Would it be better to put this as 1st, 72nd, or somewhere in the middle of my load order?
drkphnix Apr 5 @ 3:29pm 
anyone have any tricks to get this to load properly. The new launcher sucks so i cannot load this after UI overhaul unless I am missing something please help.
Girion  [author] Apr 3 @ 3:07am 
@ReđÐeαтħ That's a good point
@Badmanbacon There should be any issues, but maybe you won't get as perfect a selection as you would have if you use some unusual empire types.
James Fire Mar 30 @ 3:28pm 
...this is a Stellaris mod.
Badmanbacon Mar 24 @ 9:31am 
Hi there, considering that the traditions that show up are dependant on your empire, is there compatibility issues with mods that change the empire creation? (I'm using ethics and civics alternative). Would the same apply to your other mod that adds ascension perks?
ReđÐeαтħ Mar 23 @ 10:26pm 
Hey, love the mod!
I've got one question/suggestion - would it be possible to apply Librarian only to new leaders?
It's really annoying when it gets applied to your existing scientists.
Socrates Mar 22 @ 11:01pm 
Is this mod compatible with gigastructures and/or NSC2?
NFain Mar 15 @ 2:19pm 
Running into a similar issue with this mod, .

Looking in the error log: [14:09:54][guigraphics.cpp:374]: Failed to create gui object. Could not find sprite type [GFX_tradition_hex_bg_est_coll_indv]

All the traditions that have issues are showing a similar error
Girion  [author] Mar 14 @ 8:57am 
see earlier post about not seeing the mod. Bugs noted.
Javaed Mar 12 @ 10:22am 
I'm seeing the same issue as @tudodmit420. Additionally, when running just this mod and the expanded perks mod I'm not seeing the new perks at all. Rather sad, these are some of my favorite mods.