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Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks
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Jul 16, 2017 @ 7:43am
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Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks

Featured in Odin Gamings top 10 Stellaris Mods of 2017!

This mod adds 45 new Ascension Perks to the game. Designate your planets as Forge Worlds our garden worlds, find new mineral deposits and unlock special rare technologies to be discovered.

I have tried to keep away from "Boring" stuff (like +25% Border Range). There is still a few perks like that, but I have tried to make things as fun as possible. A lot of the perks have more to them than what is written in the description (It would have become far to long!). I will upload a list with detailed descriptions among the discussions were you can check closer what each perk do (in addition to a list with a shorter description of each perk).

Example Perks
  • Deep Core Mining: Lets you discover new mineral deposits on a planet, but reduces its happiness and habitability.
  • Planetary Consumption [Hive Minds Only]: Lets you consume a planet, turning it barren but yields large quantities of resources.
  • Ultimate Ascension & Perfect Ascension: Unlocks the ability to combine the perks from the various ascension paths (including one new tier 2 perk added to each path).

Expanded Stellaris Traditions
Check out my other mod, Expanded Stellaris Traditions which adds 48 new Tradition Trees to the game!

Example traditions:
  • Unity when destroying enemy ships/stations.
  • Adds new trait to all leaders.
  • Bonus while no active trade deals.
  • Select virtues for new rulers.
    and a lot more!

Ascension Perks are by nature supposed to be a bit OP, which makes balancing them harder. I've gotten some good input since the release of the mod, but if you have any thoughts on balance, please contact me!

This is compatible with everything that does not modify the vanilla ascension perk file. The reason for me modifying this file is to allow people to combine the various ascension paths (through the Ultimate and Perfect Ascension Ascension Perks). If there is much demand for a compatibility patch with certain mods I can make that.

The mod features English localisation for several non-English languages (so you will see English text). Russian Localisation has kindly been provided by @resident-tt. If you are interested in helping with proper localisation, please contact me!

The guys in the Stellaris Mod Discord Channel
For helping me with various things.
Odin Gaming
For featuring this mod.
The creators of CWTools for Paradox Modding
This seriously makes the modding process three times easier.
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15 hours ago
Bug Report
Aug 15 @ 8:43pm
Balance Input
15 hours ago
Compatibility Requests
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Girion  [author] Nov 25 @ 3:14am 
@Dekeche will think of an update.
@UnLapinDeGaren can you specify which restrictions you are interested in (you can always go change the mid file as well).
@GriffinIsHere and @paladin.knight you need a tradition mod for that. I recommend my mod expanded Stellaris traditions.
@Akkadian I try to ensure that none of my mods will give the player an advantage over the AI. In this case I've either made sure the AI can use a perk properly, or for the complicated ones, not pick it (so that it doesn't get stuck with, for it, useless perks).
@TheNorsePantheon Can you provide a screenshot? Several people have erroneously reported this bug before (and I wasted lots of time to reproduce, just to realise it didn't work). Sure you are not mixing up modifiers and features?
dekeche Nov 24 @ 10:30am 
Rivers of Gold isn't useful for machine/hive empires, but is required for The Most Serene of Realms..
UnLapinDeGaren Nov 24 @ 12:46am 
hi, do you know if it's possible to make an unrestricted version? with my buddy we noticed that some perk are useless to us according to our civilization, but that we are obliged to take them to unlock others more useful, but it blocks us others who are useful. Thank you for reading me and good luck.
GriffinIsHere Nov 23 @ 9:07pm 
I was hoping for a few more ascension slots considering the slots outnumber the amount of traditions. :(
Akkadian Nov 22 @ 11:08pm 
Does the AI make proper use of this mod or will it make the game too easy?
paladin.knight Nov 21 @ 3:55am 
Does this add slots as well? Or just the perks themselves.
TheNorsePantheon Nov 21 @ 2:06am 
The Biophillia perk doesn't seem to work. It's been fifty years since I selected it and none of my planets have gained any features, beneficial or otherwise.
Irl_VriskaSerket Nov 16 @ 12:53am 
Thank you very much,tho adding it mid game seemed to fuck up some ascension perks ,tho restarting the save before adding it without it seems to work
Girion  [author] Nov 15 @ 7:31am 
@Refuel Thanks for the report. Will get to it.
@Irl_VriskaSerket Yes, it would work with that.

(Also, if people could put bug reports in the bug report discussion page that would be a great help. Especially when I can't fix them as they get reported, what I like to do is to go to the bug page, and then scan all reports until my last message saying they were fixed, however, it is easier for some to get lost if they get reported here. You are welcome to write them here as well though)
Irl_VriskaSerket Nov 12 @ 11:30pm 
Without using Expanded Stellaris Traditions