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Cities: Skylines

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Cleyra - Map Collection
Cleyra - Map by Dexter

Hi everyone,

here is Cleyra, its a high detailed temperate map of a peninsular.
Around the main land are many and smaller islands. Big mountains gives them all a cool shape and many interesting views over the complete land. In this are a starter road layout with a main highway and a freeway. Two interchanges and some junctions makes your start easier. Many gravel roads helps you to expand over the complete map with a clean network. All roads are build in high quality. A lot of vegetation let everything looks more realistic and extremely detailed. Trees are placed per hand without prop anarchy to avoid clipping double trees, this gives a little bit better performance. I hope you have a lot fun with it.

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Created by creativeDEX
Cleyra - Map by Dexter

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Cleyra - Map Theme
Created by creativeDEX
Cleyra - Map Theme by Dexter

Hi everyone,

here is the Map Theme for my Cleyra project.
This is a theme for temperate maps. All textures use a high resolution(4k) and gives cities/maps a better and sharper look. The style is created...
Cleyra - Color Correction
Created by creativeDEX
Cleyra - Color Correction by Dexter

Hi everyone,

here is the Color Corection for my project Cleyra.
The Color Correction is created for my Cleyra Map Theme and Map.
Its a temperate sunny lightning with high contrasts and less sat...
City Gate Cleyra Edition
Created by DeCzaah
City Gate Cleyra Edition by DeCzaah

This asset is part of the the Cleyra - Custom Assets collection!

This is the cleyra gate, a bent concrete sc...
Network Extensions 2 (Updated for Sunset Harbor)
Created by sniggledigit

Attention 8/24/2018
I have been monitoring your responses to the Future of New Roads for N[]...
Unlimited Trees Mod v1.12
Created by DRen72


Current code by BloodyPenguin and mod site hosted by DRen72
Latest Code Update: May 24, 2018 (Compatible and tested with v1.12.2 and Campus DLC)

This mod unlocks the games l...
Surface Rock Pack
Created by OWL
Surface Rock Pack by OWL

Inclueds 2 main model. I'll create new ones and keep it updated in time.

There are three size variations for each model such as;

Small (4U Wide) 1K Textures
Medium (6U Wide) 1K Textures
Large (8U Wide) 2K Textures...
Mossy boulders pack
Created by Avanya
Contains all 6 boulders

Slightly mossy versions of my boulders. The difference is subtle and you'll need to zoom in to see it. I sadly couldn't get it more pronounced without it looking silly and fake.

You can find 4 smaller boulders [u...
No graffiti overpass support - small road
Created by Avanya
Can be found under Common Props - Streets

This contains two pieces - one 6 units long and one 12 units long. These are graffiti-free versions of these.

You'll need [url...
No graffiti overpass wall - small road
Created by Avanya
Can be found under Common Props - Streets

A graffiti-free version of this asset. This one is much more flexible as it just sits at the end, which means you can have as ste...
Willems Bridge (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Created by Jerenable
Willems Bridge by Jerenable

The Willemsbrug is a bridge next to the Erasmusbrug in the centre of Rotterdam, spanning the Nieuwe Maas. It links the northern part of the city with the Noordereiland and (in combination with the Koninginnebrug) the district...
Rainbow bridge (Niagara Falls, NY)
Created by Jerenable
Niagara Falls Rainbow bridge by Jerenable

you can check out how I created this here CLICK ME

WARNING, placing the bridge is not easy (really I was out of options here) Move It is require...
Railway Tunnel 2-Track
Created by GCVos
Connect your entrenched railroads with underground lines or sunken stations. Also works well wherever you need extra space for diagonal roads and major avenues: you can just build on top.

This asset has been moved to the Public Transportation tab. I
Created by MrMaison
OakTree by MrMaison

Featuring an Oak Tree to add variety to our landscapes. This tree is great when plopped in groups giving you fluffy realistic foliage with realistic color. I plan to make a large more fuller one in the future. All the foliage was cra...
Live Oak Tree
Created by MrMaison
Live Oak Tree by MrMaison

Introducing a basic version of a Live Oak tree. There are many variations of "Live Oak" trees and I do plan on releasing more types including a "Southern Live Oak" with moss which is already in development. This tree is tall, t...
London Planetree
Created by MrMaison
London Planetree by MrMaison

Introducing the London Planetree by request of my friend snibble007. It's great for tree lined neighborhoods and parks in urban areas. They are very common here in NYC and in many places around the world.
There will be more...
Scots Pine Tree
Created by MrMaison
Scots Pine Tree by MrMaison


By request from a fellow city builder, jesper107, on Simtropolis, I present to you a Scots Pine tree.

This is the first variation. There will be more in the future with more gnarly branches an...
Siberian Pine Tree
Created by MrMaison
Siberian Pine Tree by MrMaison

By request of our friend BloodyPenguin, I present a Siberian Pine Tree to the nature series. This massive beauty stands up to around 56 meters tall.
There is height variation so not all planted trees will be at that 56 m...
Norfolk Island Pine
Created by MrMaison
Norfolk Island Pine by MrMaison

The Norfolk Island Pine is a forest giant originally from a small Island in the south Pacific (Norfolk Island) between New Zealand and New Caladonia. It is very symetrical more as a young tree than when it becomes an adul...
Coconut Trees
Created by MrMaison
Coconut Tree by MrMaison

Wanna fluff out your Tropical maps? Introducing a 4 piece set of Coconut Trees complete with coconuts! What's any tropical place without Coconut Trees?
These are great for tropical natural settings as well as decorative asset...
Stone Pine Set
Created by MrMaison
Stone Pine Set by MrMaison

Introducing the Stone AKA Umbrella Pine Tree for Cities Skylines. This tree is native to the Mediterranian region and also found in many places around the world.
This is a 3 piece set with tall, medium and a more "bendy" vers...
Bare Tree D
Created by MrMaison
Bare Tree D by MrMaison

Here is my 4th fuller Bare Tree. Not all trees have leaves :) It's good for adding texture in any foliage, and also for winter and fall maps.

732 tris 512 textures including normal map.

For those who don't know, I s...
Pampas Grass
Created by MrMaison
Pampas Grass by MrMaison

Introducing my first flowering grass asset! This Pampas Grass comes as a 5 piece set with flowers in 5 colors.
These giant grasses are great for shorelines, parks and any other landscaping decorative usage.

More info in ...
Created by pdelmo
LeafyBush by pdelmo. Nice thick green and leafy

378 tri

Texture is 1024x1024 for that close up detail

Suits most colour corrections

Does not do snow...
Little Leafy Bush.
Created by pdelmo
Little Leafy Bush. by pdelmo.

A must have asset. Full detail minamal poly and texture . No need to use the vanilla bushes

109 Polygons
256X256 Texture...
Bush Shrubs
Created by pdelmo
Bush Shrubs by pdelmo. High Detail for close to town. Most of the plants used are from my own yard and up the paddock. I took pics myself others are just good textures I found. There is a total of 10 diffrent types plants in the one cluster.

low pol...
Bush Shrubs Low Poly
Created by pdelmo
Bush Shrubs Low Poly by pdelmo. Bigger scale low poly 10 diffrent types of plants on a 512 texture.

518 triangles

512 Texture

Cluster of bushes
Created by pdelmo
cluster of bushes by pdelmo.

Seven bushes in the cluster. 3 big and 4 small.

Triangles is 3130. (for all 7)

Texture is 1024

Forest Floor Patch
Created by pdelmo
Forest Floor Patch by pdelmo. Made to fill in forest areas. Suits fairly flat ground as it has a large foot print for best coverage.
This Asset is upscale for making nature scenes. Does not suit in city enviroments

Triangles= 344
Texture- 512...
RainForest Patch
Created by pdelmo
Rainforest undergrowth patch by pdelmo.

Triangles= 695
Texture used is 512x512...
Green Savannah Grass.
Created by pdelmo
Green Savannah Grass by pdelmo. Make a plain of grass instead of trees

Large grass Tree Prop

256x512 texture 288tri

Meadow Grass
Created by pdelmo
Meadow Grass by pdelmo

Recommended Mod make sure you adjust the settings to suit you and your computer using this mod

Triangles 1512 ___it is a really big patch
Quercus ilex (Encina)
Created by BenTracker
3 Models

Quercus ilex Small - 2188 Tris / 1024px
Quercus ilex Medium - 2955 Tris / 1024px
Quercus ilex Big - 2955 Tris / 1024px...
Poplar tree
Created by Ston3D
Poplar tree (Populus nigra var.italica) by Ston3D

561 tris
1024 px texture
17-25m high

It 's a tree I started to work long time ago but was never satisfied with the results. And these weekend muses finally strikes so here it is in a d...
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