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Auntie Mabel May 28 @ 1:33pm 
hey dm me i have a small problem with CS the game littlerly dosen't let me place assets and zone the cube things plz help
Angelhearth May 6 @ 10:23am 
I've installed Steam on my media server, will remove all assets and use it as an asset editor, not a game PC. Thanks. About the 64GB, I have 5k+ assets, using close to 40GB of RAM when I run CS. Having less assets feels like a hindrance, to me. :steammocking:

The things I want to edit are the quays. I want quays from end to end, on both sides of the train-tracks/road, with the 2 exits up to the airport, as they do today. Then I want to move the part above the rail-track a few U's out, and put a pedestrian walk-way there. There's also a couple of minor things I want to fix.
creativeDEX May 6 @ 9:43am 
Easier is to do modifications in your savegame(many mods doesn't work in editor) i mean there is only one reason to do this in editor: if you want to give this modifications to more than one person(okay or you want to place this asset ten times in different savegames). Another thing is, with too much mods and assets the asset editor wont load, some mods makes hard problems in this. Try to load this asset just with needed core mods, than it will load. If you do modifications just local, you don't need to ask me but thanks that you did^^ .
creativeDEX May 6 @ 9:43am 
@nunomiguelleiteferreirasantos, Angelhearth
Ye this setup is enough to play this savegame. I finished Lindblum with just 8GB ram and a gtx970. Today i play with a bit more ram and a new gpu(gtx1070, 16GB RAM, i7 and game on SSD), still enough to run this game with more than 2k assets and mods(current RAM count for the cities client: 8,7GB). 32GB is great and 64GB sure greater but this amount of ram is needed if you hit maybe more than 4k mods, just my experience.