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gravage May 28 @ 12:54pm 
I just copied that instance of where your comment scrolled and test pasted it into one of my comment sections and sure enough it worked. I guess it is not over 1000 characters afterall. Thank you anyway.
gravage May 28 @ 12:49pm 
Heheheh ... well, you just must have the magic ... heheheh ... ( :
creativeDEX May 28 @ 12:39pm 
I didn't realized this^^ .
Don't know how to more than 1000. I wrote and klick on send, not more^^ .
gravage May 28 @ 12:32pm 
Yes or anything that will enable me to make comments using more than 1000 characters. As of now I always have to divide such comments into two comments or more. At your convenience only though. Thanks much.
creativeDEX May 28 @ 10:34am 
Not sure what u want. What for a how to use?
gravage May 27 @ 8:55pm 
Hello creativeDEX, I noticed in the comments section of your map Cleyra you seem to bypass the 1000 character limit by getting your comment to scroll. As busy as you might be I don't want you to spend any time answering this but if you can conveniently provide me with a link to a "how to" I would appreciate it. I've googled unsuccessfully : )