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Cleyra - Map Theme
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May 20, 2017 @ 11:25am
Jun 28, 2017 @ 4:51pm
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Cleyra - Map Theme

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Cleyra - Map Theme by Dexter

Hi everyone,

here is the Map Theme for my Cleyra project.
This is a theme for temperate maps. All textures use a high resolution(4k) and gives cities/maps a better and sharper look. The style is created with natural and realistic colors.

Special thanks to Mark Fire
I used and edit some of his source textures for this theme.
Thanks so much for sharing the textures.

Another special thanks to DeCzaah
For creating awesome custom assets for Cleyra.
Thanks so much.

How to use a Map Theme and what is it?
Map Themes change the textures, sun position, lightning and weather of your savegame/map.
You can choose the Cleyra theme in creating a new game or on loading your savegame.
This theme works only on temperate maps and
is on other maps only available with Environment Changer.

Note: This Theme use High Resolution Textures(4k) and some graphic cards cant handle this good enough.

Cleyra Map Videos:
Cleyra - Map Preview 1
Cleyra - Map Preview 2
Cleyra - Map Preview 3

Cleyra Project Items:
Cleyra - Map
Cleyra - Color Correction/LUT
Cleyra - Custom Assets

Last Update!
Grass sprites are now removed from the theme. Also i did some changes on surface colors and rescaled some textures for more realism.

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Equinox Oct 25 @ 7:53am 
Trying to start a new game with this theme enabled will keep my game stuck in the loading screen forever.
Swiss_Killer Oct 11 @ 12:05am 
Great! I rediscovered the game with this beautiful map theme, thanks!
hailongpham3012aa Aug 17 @ 7:54am 
Same problem as @Catratio, the map seems unreasonably dark. I dont use any graphic mod either.
SanditeSpartan117 Apr 19 @ 12:05pm 
Hi creativeDEX, this is a very nice theme! How do you blend those cliff, sand, and ruined textures? I've been trying to work on a custom theme and I can't seem to find a good tutorial for GIMP users in that area. I've tried Hadecee's guide, but he used Photoshop, and I'm not paying for Photoshop, because I don't want to do this professionally.
Captain James Apr 11 @ 2:46pm 
Is there any chance you can create a mediterranean coastal map? Those with awesome mountains in the back and beautiful beaches in the front. That would be so awesome considering your level of detail man. Keep it up!
Catratio Apr 1 @ 1:14pm 
Even with Cleyra LUT it doesn't look anything like your pictures on my end :/
Most of the grass and trees are really dark and buildings are blindingly white. Does it need further Relight adjustments or something? I turned on/off Daylight Classic in various ways too but it didn't help.
ekleberg Mar 24 @ 8:14am 
@Viribus Unitis I have had a similar problem with other map themes. My work around is to go to load game choose the save you want to open and select the theme you want then hit cancel. Open content manage, go to themes and turn the theme off then on again. Go back to load game and hit start game it should load.
Viribus Unitis Mar 19 @ 1:11pm 
For whatever reason whenever I load a map with this theme it tells me it can't find the theme and it instead reverts back to the default one. Only when I start a new map does it allow me to use the theme, up until the point where I save it and load it. Any idea what causes this and how to fix it?
creativeDEX  [author] Feb 28 @ 10:37am 
You are asking for the folder number right? It is: 929525319
Meh_Shrug Feb 27 @ 3:07pm 
I dont know if this is posted somewhere else,I didnt see it, but does anyone know the file number of this mod?