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May 11, 2017 @ 2:31pm
May 24, 2018 @ 7:26am
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Thematic game expansion for Banished. Includes a new landscape with realistic climate and sun pitches, typical ambient sounds, wild animals and resources, buildings in old Nordic style, a reworked trading system and many more changes for a complete game overhaul. All models are self-made, inspired by historical buildings. The focus is on realism and survival.


This mod can also be played in French, German and Russian. It is possible to switch between languages in a running game by enabling/disabling them in your mod list.

If you start a new adventure it is recommended to place the North on top of your mod list and to play it stand alone or with a couple of suitable mods like DS Townhouses or Jetties and Bridges. A list of tested mods you find in the compatibility collection.

The North is changing the whole game and cannot work properly together with other main mods. They just overwrite each other and it will not be a consistent result. It's recommended to play different themes on different maps. Most Nordic buildings are also available as separate mods to add them to a vanilla based game or to Colonial Charter.

Please always exit and restart Banished after changing your mod list to clean up your game and to avoid crashes when auto saving or quitting!

If you are used to play with debug options please be aware that they are not available in this scenario to keep the survival aspect and to have a challenging game experience.

This mod was developed for about 3 years now and will be continuously updated for new content and bug fixes. Your ideas and suggestions are very welcome!

All details about buildings and resources you can find in the Wiki[]
For questions, wishes and discussions please write here or in the Forum[]
And to become a supporter of this project you can donate via Paypal.Me/banishedventures.


Tom Sawyer (Mod Author), Nilla (Test Pilot), Lucy Bextor (Russian Translator), Tsar Lyagushka (French Translator), Galensgranny (Proofreader), Ebonie, HelDM, Jeffrey, Torahel, Ashantin, Kazuyoshi, Kyösti, Hawk, Peter, Nethanis, Ughduty, Alex Perer (Supporters).
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May 12 @ 9:18am
Tom Sawyer
Feb 10 @ 3:50am
Feb 8 @ 2:39am
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Fliping{Brawr} 9 hours ago 
Thanks for the tip. That seems to have fixed it.
Tom Sawyer  [author] Nov 6 @ 2:05pm 
That's the typical kind of crash if the game was not really cleaned up after switching form another mod. You should always exit and restart the game after changing mods. I would now disable all mods and exit/restart Banished, then activate the mods you want to play and again exit/restart the game to finally start a new map. A bit anoying but then it should work. Unfortunately we cannot fix this problem by modding.
Fliping{Brawr} Nov 4 @ 8:53am 
When I launch a new map with only the North mod activated, it will load the game but whenever I quit the game it will crash and hang in my taskbar. I thought it was a mod conflict at first but I tried by itself and it still crashes.
Sampsap Oct 2 @ 11:18pm 
some of the houses are missing and theres no candle maker
Tom Sawyer  [author] Sep 27 @ 9:30am 
Thank you! Nice that you like it. I agree that the progression would be more natural with more suitable buildings over the tech tiers and especially for early game. With next version I have some new assets in old Norse style to extend the early medieval part of the mod. Forestry should be actually locked behind bricks because it's a really modern thing to care about the forest but for gameplay it's nice to have it available already in midgame.

Bricks after 24 years sounds not so bad actually. To get it earlier and in large quantity I would order them from Hanseatic merchants. I think with the new stuff to build in old style it will not be so annoying anymore to wait for bricks and I can keep this idea of a tech tree.
Ðiehard Sep 25 @ 1:14pm 
Thank you for this!

I would not have played this game more than one play-through without this mod and accompanying asset collection.

It has added a lot more variety and complexity to the town building that I find actually makes it interesting. It leads to a more natural progression to building styles and town layout.

Have had no issues or crashing so far when following the suggested install instructions. I'm also using all the mods in the suggested collection.

The only suggestion I could make, is adding more primitive buildings of some of the ones locked behind glass/brick.

It can be a bit annoying at certain times, like not being able to plant trees because you don't know how to make glass. I found my town goes from very primitive, to full industrialized upon the discovery of glass. I would have liked to see a bit more of a natural progression, and have glass unlock improved versions of existing buildings, instead of acting as a barrier to a lot of the industry tech.
Nugen Sep 24 @ 11:46am 
i know someone has asked this before but i cant find there a reason bricks are so hard to come by? Last session it took 24 years for a merchant with bricks to come with 24 units, And the building that produces bricks would cost 60 units to build :steamsad:
Tom Sawyer  [author] Sep 24 @ 6:20am 
Those seeds are just starting values for the map generation process and the result depends on various settings. So you can re-use a map seed only inside the same main mod. I always wanted to collect some interesting seeds for the North but did not yet.

To make a next version with all new assets was always the plan and North7 is on the way. Unfortunately not that fast as expected.
Sn0tFace Sep 23 @ 4:34pm 
I wanted to play this mod on map seed that i already have but it doesn't give me that map on here ;(
jpnm92 Sep 23 @ 10:22am 
You've made a lot of new buildings in your website, why not update the mod and add them?