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The Great Trade League
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The Great Trade League

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The Great Trade League is an alliance of trading guilds, an amorphous blob of "guilds" merged together with a loose sense of attachment to their former guild-leaders. They are helping each others in this world dominated by God(s) given rights, in the name of greed. There is no culture/religious limits, everyone who meet the requirement can join (stewardship educations, business focus, mayors, patricians or simply a high stewardship).

It is mostly be about buying and selling goods for cold hard ducats or modifiers, alongside several events linking it all together.

General Content
- Apprentice will gain experience under you and give you events with occasions to teach them.
- Non-society-members can name a Trade Master to manage their trading in their stead.
- Everybody can access attempts to find resources like silver or lumber in their demesne.
- A new councilor exist to show you maps of trade goods and resources. (more to come later?)
- A new bloodline, a weird woman named Holo, warehouse buildings and more!

The Ranks
- Have access to a decision that trigger shopping events.
- Can ask for loan.
- Able to request to buy goods from other characters.

- Spend trading goods in their demesne holdings to get modifiers alongside a smaller cash return.
- They can also hire craftsmen to transform goods into more profitable ones.

- Can set up stalls in their holdings to improve the gold they receive when selling there.
- Can send caravan to foreign province to buy cheap goods.
- They can also sabotage enemy provinces, like increasing their build cost.
- Have the option to clear their negative wealth once per life-time.

Guild Masters:
- Those who are dukes or higher (dukes only for AIs) and not a nomads can spend a high amount of money and society currency to become a merchant republic, inviting fellow vassals society members to become patricians.
- They can also set their capital as a major Center of Trade, giving them free goods and shipments.

Making a profit
Most of the events and decisions are unlocked with the society ranks like stated above. Nearly every single one of them is about buying, investing and selling for trade goods. Making a profits is harder at low ranks but higher ranks allow greater opportunities.

For example, the basic shopping events have a set range of prices for the goods based on rolls and your yearly income (with a minimum and maximum). The profits will be meager using only that event as most options are random and won't often offer the right goods at the right prices.

The tools you get at higher rank will make it much easier. Caravans let you buy goods for really cheap and stalls let you sell them in that province for much higher. But be careful... caravans can go missing, thieves can appear, you can lose settlement buffs when being sieged and other nasty things.

A more direct way to make a profit would be to play around the factors that affect goods prices. For example, buying the stone trade goods from the market while your character is in a mountain province make them cheaper while sending a caravan to a province at war will make the Arms and Armor trade goods more expensive.

- Name an apprentice.
- Build a warehouse.
- Deliver a specific trade good.
- Send a Caravan.
- Pick the business focus.
- Build a city.

Resources System
- You can see the resources using the new cartographer councilor.
- You can find new resources in your demesne (if a province lack one) with a long and expensive events chain.
- The result is random. It is based on the terrain, river/coast, trade route and nomad.
- You passively receive payment every ~2 years, there is no event to tell you about it unless there's something special or an issue with the resource. It would spam the user with too many events otherwise.
- The resouces are not permanent, they will be removed eventually.
- Members of the Great Trade League receive the trade goods related to the resources. Non-members receive money equal to the minimal market value of the goods (value scaled to your income).
- Nomads only receive the resource in their capital, they either move their capital to a county with a resource or they can also move a meat/wool/hide/ivory resource from one of their empty province to their capital.
- Whoever own the county get the payment, so go conquer that county with a gold mine.

It is, in theory, compatible with most mods and require no DLC. It only require the 2.7 patch and the decision to become a merchant republic require The Republic DLC. Using this mod with big overhauls could cause my mods to use the wrong pictures if that mod modified the vanilla picture files, it is only a minor visual error.

Also, some total conversion mods change so much that a patch could be required to make this work, the Game of Throne mod for example. In the zip that is downloaded, there is a compatibility folder, simply pull out into your mod folder the "Trade_Steam_the-overhaul-you-use.mod", if the mod you want is not there there, ask and I'll add it. Use that one to run the mod.

To fix the minor graphical issue with CK2plus, swap the ".bak" extension from "guilds_event_mod_ck2plus.txt" filename to "guilds_event_mod.txt" in common/event_modifiers. See screenshot above.

To have the Guild Masters use the patrician clothings, you have to remove the ".bak" extension from "guilds_republic_portraits.gfx" in interface/portraits. Do not do this if you do not have the The Republic DLC.

If activated on an ongoing save, leave the AI some months to create and fill the society.

Removing any mod from an on-going save is not safe and may cause crashes.

Thanks to reddit user fco8 for his help with Localization.

Do check my other society mod, The Orders of Chivalry, and my Paradox's forum thread[] for dev diaries, direct download link and more informations!

Since some people actually requested it, here's a button to give me a donation.
Or here's a link to patreon till I make a picture.[]
My mods will always be free to use, this is just if you feel like giving me an extra big pat on the back.
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Maal  [author] Apr 15 @ 8:39pm 
A lot has changed since 2014, that's around the time India was added.
donschmiddy Apr 15 @ 2:01pm 
I would love to see his work incorporated into the current game. I have no idea how many thousand lines of code were written for his mod... and now it is all just sitting around collecting dust.... what a shame (just looked it up, his mod was for version 2.2. in 2014)
donschmiddy Apr 15 @ 1:53pm 
I loved the old magnate lord mod... to bad the development stopped waaaay back
donschmiddy Apr 15 @ 1:51pm 
yeah ck2+ is to buggy atm tho, hardly anything works, so i wouldn't update, played a couple of different starts today, reformation is buggy at best the aztek don'T work at all.

Thanks for the 3 towers tho, i didn't know they updated.
Maal  [author] Apr 15 @ 11:53am 
Saw that one when I looked for Ck2plus patch notes, it hasn't been touched since September tho. There is a few other trading mod, like The Three Towers and Advanced Trade System. But they are either not for CK2plus or outdated too.
donschmiddy Apr 15 @ 11:36am 
yep exactly, to be expected with the new changes with 3.1 and great works in general. the rest is astonishingly smooth though. also don't sweat it, you are hte modder, do stuff at your own leisure, let the entitled community wait for ones. btw i found another similar mod to yours on the forum.
Maal  [author] Apr 15 @ 10:19am 
Wish there was a patch note for the beta, looking through the files is going to be a pain.
I'll check it this week (i've been procrastinating too much modding stuff for too long, it pilled up). Is the warehouse issue that the decision to build one doesn't make the building appear in your capital?
donschmiddy Apr 15 @ 9:31am 
btw everything works fine except for the warehouse.... weirdly enough, some ai players do seem to get i though
donschmiddy Apr 15 @ 9:29am 
you are not going to make it compatible with the beta for ck2+ i assume?
Maal  [author] Apr 14 @ 12:42pm 
@Fallen King
Since some Wonders affect tech gain, perhaps something changed on that side. I'll need to check that too then. Thanks for the report.