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The Orders of Chivalry
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Jul 29, 2018 @ 9:56pm
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The Orders of Chivalry

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After creating The Great Trade League, here I am with my second set of societies! This time we have Holy Orders and Fighters Guilds!

The Holy Orders. The smallest in membersship amount of the 2 categories, specially the christian ones. Every Holy Order in the game will have its own society once they can be hired. Only the Grand Master of the holy order can achieve the top rank in the society.
They can be joined by the vassals and courtiers of the Grand Masters or by rulers with martial education or specific traits. Their events and powers are more religiously focused.

The Fighters Guilds. They are bigger, with an easier access based on cultures, they are more war focused compared to the Holy Orders. Ranking up by simply pressing the button is very expensive compared to normal societies, as event will prefer to make you target and defeat someone in a higher rank to take his place and then you will need to defend it.

Generic features:
-Duel System. A new duel engine with a lot of attack types, counters and sound effects!
-Bounty System. Non members can place one bounty at a time on people they do not like, that target will be a mission target for members of a fighters guilds.
-Playable Mercenaries. High rank members of the societies can become holy orders or mercenaries themselves if they meet the other requirements. These are not the usual mercs/orders, but you will still be hirable by other rulers, have new governments types and laws.

Current/Planned Powers:
-Squire appointment. Name a child in your court as a squire, the child will receive and upgrade a trait over time make him or her more martial oriented.
-Request for training. A fellow member can start a quest chain with you to randomly remove bad traits like craven or improve the warrior traits. HO (Holy Orders) also affect sins and virtues.
-Hire commander. Recruit commanders that are better than the ones recruited normally. They will come with special commander traits.
-Warrior Pilgrimage. Let the character go on a long pilgrimage with several random events giving various rewards and traits. The final reward is an upgrade to one of your commander traits.
-Set-up tournaments in your holdings. (FG only) For some society currency, you can change the quantity of certain units type in your holdings with "tournament" modifiers.
-Give holdings to Holy Orders. (HO only) Similar to the regular event, you may offer some of your holdings to Holy Orders in exchange for more troops and some minor bonuses.
-Propose law changes. (HO only) For some society currency, you can influence your holy order to change the joining recruitment or request boons.
-Hire armies. Event troops until the war end. HO will only give troops against infidels. The amount is based on how many tournaments or holy order castles you have.
-(Plan) Organize a tournament in the society. The top ranking member of the FG can trigger special tournaments for their members.
-(Plan) Go on an adventure. Long modular event chain that will let you wander around towns and caves, in the search of glory, gold and artifacts.

Current/Planned Missions:
-Train a fellow member. An event chain to help a member who requested training.
-Help someone in a war. Get involved in a third party war, by either giving money, troops or joining directly.
-Duel a target. HO will hunt demon worshipers and cultists while FG will hunt bounties.
-Pick the right focus. Up to the society condition, you can be asked to pick a specific focus.
-(Plan) Temporarily follow a monk life. HO only, will receive negative modifier for a while when accepted.
-(Plan) Acquire a weapon artifact. Get any weapon.

The mod is fully compatibles with both HIP and CK2+ without patches, it will adapt itself to their custom holy orders, religions and cultures.
It is also compatible with Umbra Spherae, change the fighters guilds rule from "European Map" to "Europe with Extra" to give the new cultures access to generic societies.
It should also be compatible with all non-total-conversion mods.

Inside of the downloaded file, there is extras ".mod" files to use with mods like "After the End" or "Game of Thrones" to make sure that my mod load properly. The mod can work without these files with some major mods, but they'll often be necessary. If there is no file for the mod you want, or one is outdated, just tell me and I'll fix it.

If you downloaded the file here, use the "Steam_Forum_the-overhaul-you-use.mod". "Chivalry_Forum_" is for the forum's version of my mod. There is a mod picture above to guide you.
Files Included for:
After the end
Elder Kings
Game of Thrones
Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica
Seven Kingdoms
Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht

Also, before starting your game, on the rules menu. Make sure you use the "Non European Map" and the "No holy order" rules to avoid any issues if you use a non-european mod like "Elder Kings". You will have 3 fighters guilds available to everybody and will be able to target one holy order's Grandmaster to make his holy order a society.

Do note that I cannot really be responsible for balance and logical outcome with other mods. Some mods vastly increase the combat attribute, so my mod's values won't match, Holy Fury should fix that when it is released. And do not be surprised when a small Goblin challenge the Phoenix King of Ulthuan.

General Warnings:
Installing the mod mid-game is not recommanded. It won't really be playable for years or even decades and it will shuffles all of the traits.
You cannot uninstall the mod in an on-going game. It will crash.
I am only human, wars and titles are finicky things to mod, I'll fix the issues reported as fast as I can.

Special thanks to:
AnaxXiphos & HIP/EMF for the 4 Fighter traits pictures.
fc08 for his help with spellchecking the localization. (I should ask him to check this mod's description one day)

Logo Pictures:
HIP mean that HIP is required
A + mean CK2plus is required
Default Crusader Kings[]
For modded Crusader Kings[]

Do check my other society, The Great Trade League, and my Paradox's forum thread[] for dev diaries, direct download link and more informations!

Since some people actually requested it, here's a button to give me a donation.
Or here's a link to patreon till I make a picture.[]
My mods will always be free to use, this is just if you feel like giving me an extra big pat on the back.
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G.Strategos Apr 21 @ 9:48am 
I see. No problem. I hope you'll find a way to tweak it at some point. Another think I was thinking is that you could decrease the prestige and gold from the duels a bit. It's very easy for me to abuse them atm with easy duels and contenders.

I probably gonna report back with more observations, since I'm play-testing it atm.

Maal  [author] Apr 20 @ 8:43pm 
Mh, technically that's some weird left over. Sometime when messages do not have a left/right portrait to show, it'll use a previously defined one, like that old guy from a previous event. None of the messages are from him, they are yours, his face just appear as a sort of filler.

There must be a way to "remove" that in the code. I am taking note of it.
G.Strategos Apr 20 @ 6:44am 
Hello @Maal
During Warrior Pilgrimage the old man who dies at some point, keeps posting messages etc after it's completion.
Maal  [author] Apr 8 @ 12:12pm 
I'll need to make a patch to make sure GoA doesn't disabled external events.
One thing you could do yourself is to pick another ".mod" file that I've made for another mod (pick the right one based on where you got my mod, forum or steam). Open it, open Guardian of Azeroth .mod file too. In mine, replace whatever other patch mod name found in the ".mod" with what Guardian of Azeroth use as name in their file. I'll upload a proper patch this week.

Haven't tested myself but I'll be able to test it this week. But I do not think that it'll affect my mod as it is independant from the vanilla code. I might make a patch that add a new wonder (roman like colosseum maybe?).
rickc2389 Apr 7 @ 8:03pm 
is this fine for the great works patch?
Atridij Apr 7 @ 1:44pm 
How can I enable this mod for the Guardians of Azeroth?
Maal  [author] Mar 28 @ 1:20pm 
One issue is that most of dark/middle age period didn't use gold either, silver was the prime currency.

I wanted to avoid using "gold" and "silver" for consistency sake, as I am planning to make my mods interact with each others a lot in the future and I have gold and silver ingots.
Chaincat Mar 25 @ 4:34am 
just a minor nitpick, would you consider changing it from ducats to gold? We aren't using venetian ducats yet like in eu4
squidge316 Mar 19 @ 3:58am 
@Maal Thanks, I'll try it
Maal  [author] Mar 19 @ 2:22am 
On the society screen, at the bottom, you should have the character to be trained's portait. The mission start by using a character decision on that portrait. You'll get events every few months till completion.