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Dino Colors Plus - Unnerfed Flyers Edition
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Apr 9, 2017 @ 10:16pm
May 12, 2017 @ 5:22am
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Dino Colors Plus - Unnerfed Flyers Edition

When switching from DCP to DCPUF **ALL** rideable flyers will disappear. Please ensure you empty inventories etc prior to changing mods. This is intentional in order to prevent breeding issues etc.


Dino Colors Plus is a modification for ARK Survival Evolved that adds a greater variety of colors to the dinosaurs in the game. It also adds babies to most species and allows Doedicurus to attack while being carried! This Unnerfed Flyers Edition has flyers with un-nerfed stats (pre 256.0)

Have you become tired of the dull, drab and earthy tones of most of the Ark dinosaurs? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a vividly bright Argentavis into battle? Or to wander the swamps on a frog that reminds you of Kermit the Frog? How about the fear that a bold red Giganotosaurus might evoke in the eyes of your enemy? Or the laughter that your pink Parasaur might cause if you were ever game enough to ride it out of your front gate...

This modification adds to the color options available to wild dinos. The dull, drab and earthly colored dinosaurs will still be available, but so will some more exciting options. Colors are created randomly when the dinosaur is spawned and we take no responsibility for any color combinations that look dreadful!

What dinosaurs are colored?

As of the latest release the following dinosaurs are available in a wider variety of colors:

* Achatina
* Allosaurus
* Ammonite
* Angler fish
* Ant
* Ankylo
* Archaeopteryx
* Argentavis
* Arthropluera
* Baryonyx
* Basilosaurus
* Beaver
* Beelzebufo
* Bronto
* Carno
* Chalicotherium
* Coel
* Compy
* Daeodon
* Dilophosaur
* Dimetrodon
* Dimorphodon
* Diplocaulus
* Diplodocus
* Direwolf
* Direbear
* Dodo
* Doedicurus
* Dragonfly
* Dunkleosteus
* Electrophorus
* Equus
* Eurypterid
* Ichthy
* Ichthyornis
* Iguanodon
* Gallimimus
* Giant Bee
* Giganotosaurus
* Gigantopithecus
* Kairuku
* Kaprosuchus
* Kentrosaurus
* Jerboa
* Liopleurodon
* Lymantria
* Lystrosaurus
* Mammoth
* Manta
* Mantis
* Megaladon
* Megaloceros
* Megalosaurus
* Mesopithecus
* Microraptor
* Morellatops
* Mosasaurus
* Moschops
* Onyx
* Oviraptor
* Ovis Aries
* Pachy
* Pachyrhinosaurus
* Parasaur
* Paraceratherium
* Pegomastax
* Pelagornis
* Piranha
* Phiomia
* Plesiosaur
* Pteranadon
* Procoptodon
* Pulminoscorpious
* Purlovia
* Quetzal
* Raptor
* Rex
* Rock Elemental
* Sabercat
* Sabertooth Salmon
* Sarco
* Spino
* Stego
* Tapejara
* Terror Bird
* Titanboa
* Titanosaur
* Therizinosaurus
* Thorny Dragon
* Thylacoleo
* Trilobite
* Trike
* Troodon
* Turtle
* Tusoteuthis
* Woolly Rhino
* Vulture

****Please note that there is an Ark bug that the WC devs need to fix that causes rexes, carnos, mosas, raptors and squid to not remap correctly and spawn as their vanilla (uncolored) versions. I can't do anything to fix this, been waiting on a fix from them for months.

Team Mod Plus Discord

Come and join us on our Discord[] to get update notifications, contact the Devs directly for support or just hang out!

Known Issues

Please understand the limitations of this mod, especially the first one:

1) Dinosaurs that spawn after installing this mod will all be Dino Color Plus versions of each dinosaur. This means that if you uninstall this mod in the future you will lose any dinosaurs tamed that are Dino Color Plus variants. All color mods, to the best of our knowledge, have this limitation. We are working on a solution, but it isn't in this release.

2) Dino Color Plus dinosaurs can only mate and be mate boosted with other Dino Color Plus dinosaurs (this includes dinosaurs caught in the wild while running the IDRS mod). This means that Dino Color Plus dinosaurs are unlikely to be able to mate or be mate boosted with your existing dinosaurs. Your existing dinosaurs can still mate and mate boost other existing dinosaurs though.

3) When the Ark Developers add new dinosaurs they will automatically spawn on your map as non-Dino Color Plus dinosaurs. It will take us a little bit of time to add a Dino Color Plus variant of each new dino to the mod and any dinosaurs caught before the Dino Color Plus variant will be unable to mate or be mate boosted by the Dino Color Plus version. Where possible we will add Dino Color Plus variants for new dinos to this mod before they are officialy released by the Ark Developers.

Cheat Codes

You can find cheat codes for spawning in Dino Colors Plus Creatures under the Discussion tab.


The ModID for this mod is: 902303076

If you are running this mod on a dedicated server you must specify this mod ModID as a commandline arguement GameModIds=902303076 or as ActiveMods=902303076 in GameUserSettings.ini. You only need to specify it as a commandline arguement -OR- in the ini file - not both :) If you have another mod running then use a comma to separate the mod numbers. This mod is stackable but must be called first.

Installation Instructions

Check the Discussions tab for the installation instructions.

Servers Running This Mod

You can find a list of servers in the Discussion tab: Servers Running Dino Colors Plus - Unnerfed Flyers Edition

Is your server running this mod? Would you like to let others know? Visit the Discussion Thread and leave the details of your server so that others can join it.

Verson History

Beta v0.3 - Adding new dinos, removing remapping of mosas to resolve overspawning issue until Wildcard fix the issue, resolved issue with Gigantopithecus inventory.
Beta v0.2 - Basic testing done, ready for initial release.
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R♪ Oct 19, 2018 @ 8:08pm 
steam://connect/ , server it 10x vieni anche tu xD
greeensoul Oct 18, 2018 @ 2:42am 
Thats so cool now im taming evry low and dumb creature because of the colours!
gwSenpai007 Sep 24, 2018 @ 6:41pm 
This works on aberration?
Kikachucutie Jul 15, 2018 @ 4:59pm 
I’ve done some tests and it seems that it’s this mod that is effecting the pick up ablilitys of the Argentavis. I was curious to see if there was an update in to works to try and fix the issue
Alpinya Jul 6, 2018 @ 10:18am 
ı cant find the equus code can you say or post
Leviathan1110 Jul 4, 2018 @ 2:30am 
Please update the mod for TLC flyers! :D
Cooper9717 Jul 2, 2018 @ 10:38am 
does this mod make the Argentavis not pick up thing or is that just a bug?
TrinkBell May 21, 2018 @ 9:11am 
Nordy because these guys dropped the project before the gryphan
TrinkBell May 21, 2018 @ 9:11am 
Ghostraven then the tlc is included. all thise do is change colors not the mesh of the dino
dohabandit2 Apr 4, 2018 @ 9:01am 
I didn't read everything in the description, sorry, but do these colored dinos spawn in your world? Or do they just make new colors when breeded?