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3CB BAF Weapons
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Mar 28, 2017 @ 9:42am
Sep 16, 2017 @ 4:03am
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3CB BAF Weapons

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Weapons of the British Royal Marine Commandos and other UK Armed Forces.
By 3 Commando Brigade[]

If you're over 17 and would like to try these mods on a MP server, our public server is open 24/7.

This pack now contains almost all of the rifles used by the British over the last few decades, including many of the variants produced as the weapons were developed or evolved. There are a number of authentic scopes, customised ammunition, plus many accessories to complete the picture.

For full details, including user and admin guides, please visit our website at

License and Disclaimer
For details please visit our website at

For all support issues please visit us on the BIS forums at
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Nov 1, 2017 @ 3:55pm
New Sounds For The Weapons.
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Custom flares effects
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Arcieri♠ Mar 15 @ 4:15am 
Oh yeah- and the static weapon tripod when selected in the ace arsenal does not function correctly. Dropping it on the ground just drops the package. And not the usual tripod.
Arcieri♠ Mar 15 @ 4:10am 
Hey there lads. Not sure where to send this but here'll do. The static weapons (GMG, HMG, M6 and L16). You can't stock up on ammo for them in the new ace arsenal. Also a load of your munition types like Airburst. 'Guided' etc can't be acquired by normal means other than by putting them into the boxes. Cheers.
[GaU]slampemil Mar 11 @ 8:07am 
That works too. Thanks for the answer!
SerJames Mar 10 @ 5:52am 
If you mean re-packing it into another mod, then that is a breach of the license I'm afraid. Why not simply link to in the workshop ?
[GaU]slampemil Mar 10 @ 4:40am 
Is it "Legal" to use this weapon mod in a faction mod? Not like dependencies. Credit goes to you guys ofcourse.
[GSEC] Reaper Feb 8 @ 7:10am 
Can't find airburst munitions for the mortars. There doesn't seem to be a crate for either. so far the only way we've been able to use them is by editing them into boxes
Retr0👻 Feb 3 @ 12:09pm 
I'm having a issue with the L115A3 when I change my loadout and go back to it my scope has changed is there a fix for this?
Scarley Jan 23 @ 6:31pm 
I cant seem to find airburst munitions for the mortars. Is there a specific thing I have to do or crate I have to locate?
Eijsvogel2 Jan 22 @ 4:04pm 
The inventory (and arsenal), yes. They show all show the correct number, but in lbs instead of kg.
SerJames Jan 22 @ 3:56pm 
I can't quite remember the math but Arma doesn't actually use weight as we know it. It uses a wierd combination of Volume & mass. I'm pretty sure we've tried to be accurate so it might be a mistake or... I dunno :-) where are you getting the weight from, in the inventory ?