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Hope Map V10.2
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Feb 22, 2017 @ 1:13pm
Aug 11 @ 6:22am
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Hope Map V10.2

Map Name = Hope
Mod Id = 869946022

Main Description
The map has all of the dino's from The Island,SE and Aberration. Set in a slightly fantasy style with high detailed biome's to explore. Infusing all 3 expansions onto one map ! with plenty of great building areas for either large,small or solo tribes. Overseer and Rockwell end bosses offer end game play, giving you a complete ark experience.

If you haven't already, check out the trailer below made By Jukari.

[You Tube Link]

Custom WIP
Rideable Vulture with dive same as a griffon.
Underwater Clams provide a buff for a short time live like a fish.

Size - Same as the island
Customs Spawners - Listed Below
Has bosses -Spider, Monkey, Dragon, Manticore, OverSeer, Rockwell.
Has SE engrams - Yes
Has AB engrams - Yes
Has EX engrams - Yes
Works with mods - Yes
Uses SE,Island vanilla - Beacons

Hide or Show Obelisks
admincheat ce hideob
admincheat ce showob


Resource Map


Custom Spawns

List can be found here -click me-

***Warning Ice Wyverns, Hope Vultures and Phoenix do not travel to other maps***.


Server Info
Thanks to Host Havoc Want to rent a Ark Server[]

Server is being used to test the map.
Thanks so much for your time, I hope you enjoy playing on the map and please remember to give it the thumbs up.

Would love to hear your feed back.
Discord for reporting bugs
Special Thanks for the new artwork.

His site for his amazing comics can be found here

Pen and ink b&w commissions of any
subject (or colour digital ones).
If you could rate and fav ! the map that would make me happy.

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vwcamper  [author] 19 hours ago 
@CedarBark_TheTallOne Thank you... Deinonychus Nest are on the map a fair amount of them, the problem is 3 of them have to be near enough for the nest to spawn :)

CedarBark_TheTallOne 20 hours ago 
I love this map it's really good! Maybe you could add Deinonychus nests in an area? That would make it the perfect map. Otherwise it's awesome.
vwcamper  [author] Oct 20 @ 10:53pm 
@grafikjoe Thank you :)

grafikjoe Oct 20 @ 11:14am 
After more than 2000 h on Ark, I found your map (for the first time). And I can Say: Its a beauty! Love it! Thankx for your hard work!
Chief Oct 19 @ 5:16pm 
Been working on Hope for 2+ yrs. At no time was it a re-make of The Island. Are you thinking of Faith?
uncle barry Oct 19 @ 3:36pm 
I thought this map was going to be a remake of the Island map?
Potato-brain Oct 9 @ 1:56pm 
@Jupiter Vessel Corps: -_- That question has already been asked dozens of times, just read through the comments, dude. Currently none are there and none plan to be added, but you can add them yourself with mods.
Jupiter Vessel Corp Oct 9 @ 1:05pm 
are the Extinction dinos on this map or will be add?
same question for the genesis dinos
Chief Oct 7 @ 7:54am 
Check the west side and east side swamps
Dack Janiels Oct 7 @ 6:31am 
Hello, is there no lake with castorroides on the map ? I've searched extensiveley but I haven't seen a single lake-like or pond with castorroides...