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Iron Front 44 + IFA3 Liberation Smarter Tanks
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Jan 7, 2017 @ 12:30pm
Feb 6, 2018 @ 12:26pm
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Iron Front 44 + IFA3 Liberation Smarter Tanks

This mod is a development of this one

The original for Vanilla A3 was done by alarm9k and we wish that he was still doing this sort of great work and thank him greatly for what he has done.

What I have done is hard code in the weapons from:

1. IF44LITE,
2. IFA3 Liberation, and
3. BW Panzer VIII Maus
4. 7 Panzer Division modding teams Churchill tank.

Mods so that the AI "sees" them and acts in a better way when in a tank.
I have also modified the data so that the mod is always on instead of only on in AWARE and COMBAT modes. A professional tanker is always on duty! (otherwise the mod often does not activate when using standard BI AI)
Added a custom screen logo of a golden tiger tank so that you know that it is loaded.

This mod works best with the DAC AI mod as the units have there status preset to aware and combat.

If you like this mod and want to support my work please donate here

Other mods that you may like that I have done are linked below:

Smarter Tanks
IFA3 Liberation


Vehicles assess the threat/value of the targets and fire at the most dangerous/valueable target it range. It will prefer AT rifleman over autorifleman, tank over a jeep etc. Threat and value calculations use the type of target, distance and ammo types available (for tanks only). For example: AT rifleman 700m away is a more valuable target for the tank than Jeep-HMG at the same distance, but only if the tank has HE rounds. Otherwise it will prefer to fire AP round at Jeep, as the infantry unit is unreachable with current weapons. But AT rifleman still remains more dangerous than the Jeep..
Tanks will use appropriate rounds (if available) for different types of targets: HE for infantry and static weapons, HEAT for lightly armored targets ( trucks), AP for heavily armored (tanks, APCs etc).
Tanks will identify groups of infantry and use HE rounds agains them. A group is 3+ men in 15m radius. By default the tanks will not spend HE rounds on a single infantry unit (unless it's a high-threat AT soldier).
If the vehicle is a tracked vehicle (tank, tracked APC etc), it rotates the hull to face the most dangerous target.
If the threat is too high (for example an AT soldier at a close range), the moving vehicle will stop immediately, rotate the hull and fire. When the immediate threat is eliminated, it will proceed with the previous move order. This will presumably save the vehicle in situations when a hit is inevitable and the best decision is to stop and take the hit to the frontal armor rather than continue moving and take the hit to the side/rear.


Some of the use cases below assume that the vehicle is in the player's group and the player can issue direct commands to the vehicle's crew, which is not always the case. If it's not then some of the options won't be available: for example, changing default round type.

Smart behaviour is activated automatically if the vehicle has an AI crew. This includes the vehicles created with the crew inside, or empty vehicles occupied after the mission start etc. Smart behaviour is activated for all factions and all groups: AI groups, vehicles in the player's group and High Command.

If either gunner, driver or commander is a human player, the smart behaviour is suspended and manual control is assumed. If the human player is replaced by AI at any moment, the smart behaviour is re-enabled.
Vehicle commander's behaviour must be either Careless, Stealth, Aware or Combat (now active in all states). To disable 'smart' behaviour set the commander to Relaxed. This is just a sort of 'switch' for dynamically enabling or disabling the smart behaviour during the mission, until I implement a separate action menu, (9kAlarm never got around to doing this)

To disable hull rotation but keep picking priority targets issue a Stop order (Action menu 1-6). The vehicle will go into Waiting state.

To resume full 'smart' behaviour, including hull rotation, issue a Move order at the vehicle's current location: the vehicle will not actually move but will go into Ready state.

If you don't want the tank to halt after encountering an immediate threat, set the commander's behaviour to Stealth. It will continue to execute its move order regardless.

For tanks there is such thing as 'default round type'. Tanks start with AP as the default. Tanks will have default round loaded unless they fire at a different type of target. If you manually give the tank commander to 'Reload HE-T`, the HE round will become default.

Having HE as default makes the tanks fire HE rounds at single infantry units (not only groups). So if you expect armored targets around, its a good idea to have AP as default, as the tanks will have AP loaded and won't waste time reloading the round. If, however, you want the tanks to use cannon against every soldier they see, make HE default.

Manually ordering the tank to target an infantry unit (action menu 2-x) will make him use HE round against assigned target, even if it's not a group of infantry.

Hope you like it.

Here is my tip jar:


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Aigle2 Oct 24, 2018 @ 12:07pm 
Hi, is the bug described my Magnus about to be fixed ?
{RP}Alan  [author] Aug 5, 2018 @ 10:56am 
Hello Benjamin Magnus 31 Jul @ 5:34pm,

As I write this there is a big ARMA3 update downloading, it could be that something in the main game has changed that has affected the mod. I will have a look and find out and report back.

Another tip is to make sure that this mod is the last one in the load order so that is writes over any other AI mod that might be there and also the core programming. The last arma mod loaded have code precedence.

Thanks for using and commenting.

Benjamin Magnus Jul 31, 2018 @ 8:34am 
Hey Alan, been fidigiting with your mod for use with my unit for about a week now. I had it working great, tanks acted just as described. We tested some other AI mods, didnt like them, so we got rid of them. Now Smarter Tanks doesnt seem to work correctly anymore even with the other mods not installed. Tanks wont rotate their turrest to face the threats. Wont fire main weapons (only MGs), at enemy infantry. Any ideas on what might be causing the issue?
{RP}Alan  [author] Jul 10, 2018 @ 1:24pm 
Hello Madmedic, the smarter tanks should work on those ones too. If not let me know and I can add the weapons to the list in an update. IF I can open the FOW data to read the files, some modders lock their stuff and so one cannot see it to develop it further.
madmedic Jun 23, 2018 @ 4:51pm 
If IFA3, and FOW (Faces of War) mods are installed, along with the compatibility patch...Will this addon also make the FOW tanks smarter?
If not, is there a line that can be added to the init line of a FOW tank that will make it use this addon?
{RP}Alan  [author] Apr 23, 2018 @ 12:47pm 
Hello SCG_wtornado,

Thanks for reporting and I will look into it.
SCG_wtornado Apr 17, 2018 @ 11:44am 
I get this when I am loading the mods starting the game.

Addon'Smarter_tanks requires addon
{RP}Alan  [author] Feb 2, 2018 @ 5:48am 
Hello birkenmoped , Yes you are right it does do a bit more. What it does in a nutshell is:
1. Provides more realistic penetration and hit values.
2. New loading sounds.
3. The world famous shell fly sound

When not loaded the game defaults back to the stock settings which are not too bad and I had a hand in helping develop.
birkenmoped Feb 2, 2018 @ 4:41am 
Hi {RP}Alan,

the rp_weapons.pbo is doing only the shell fly/buzzing sound or is it doing also some other tweaks to the weapons?

I know you wrote "I made the shell fly sound seperate so that one could use it in any mod and also remove it if it clashed with other mods such as ACE" but from the name of the .pbo rp_weapons I thought it could maybe doing something more and so I better ask for this again! ;-)
{RP}Alan  [author] Jan 31, 2018 @ 4:14am 
Hello birkenmoped and thanks for your comments and questions. The answers to your questions are:
1. This smarter tanks mod includes all the IFA3_AIO_Lite mod and Liberation mod tanks and anything that carries a weapon that is a threat to a tank. It also has the vanilla A3 tanks in it.
2. You need this mod on this page we are corresponding on for IFA3 and Liberation and Geist.
3. It is not in the smarter tanks mod but there is a version in the RealPanzer mod which can be removed if that shell buzzing sound occurs when using ACE by removinng the pbo called rp_weapons. I must add that as a note in the instructions to that mod. I made the shell fly sound seperate so that one could use it in any mod and also remove it if it clashed with other mods such as ACE.

Thanks for using my mods and taking the time to comment and ask questions.