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Dubs Rimkit
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Jan 1, 2017 @ 7:39pm
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Dubs Rimkit

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Set of accessories with abilities and stat boosts. Multiplayer ready

Medkit accessory with buttons allowing the colonist to bandage their own wounds or others on the spot.

Repair kit accessory which allows constructors to salvage broken components while repairing buildings, these can then be fixed at a machining table.

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3 types are available, medicine bags crafted at basic crafting spots using herbal medicine, standard medkits crafted at tailoring benches using normal medicine, and a glitterworld version of the standard medkit. To use the medkit equip it as an accessory using forced equip or by making an outfit. All 3 kits have the same 3 abilities, bandage will bandage all of the wearers wounds on the spot, bandage in bed will do the same but they will find the nearest medical bed first, and bandage others will allow you to select another pawn to be tended to, even during combat.

Repair kits
The repair kit is constructed at a tailoring bench, it gives +12% bonus to construction speed and construction and repair success chance. And a passive ability which allows the wearer to salvage broken components while repairing broken down buildings, the chance is based on construction skill. The broken component can then be repaired at a machining table using 10 steel.
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RankLord123 May 18 @ 1:41pm 
@Discohydra you don't need one
Omega13 Mar 30 @ 12:05am 
Hey here is a small suggestion: I've used this mod for quite some time and enjoy it a lot. However, I find it's always a minor hassle to get the med kits made as due to the (logical) Intellectual requirements, I end up having to assign one of my doctors to tailoring just to craft them. However, what if the recipe was also added to the Drug Lab? It makes sense to create a first aid kit at the drug lab and intellectual/crafting characters are often already assigned there. Anyway just a thought! Thanks for the mod!
Discohydra Mar 10 @ 9:32pm 
Has anyone worked out the compatibility with Fluffy breakdowns? I'm not sure if there's a patch or not.
Dubwise  [author] Feb 21 @ 4:45am 
not sure its needed, but you could use the repair kits
The Bradass Mofo Feb 20 @ 10:49pm 
How does this work with combat extended?
Dubwise  [author] Feb 4 @ 8:08pm 
updated to work with zetriths multiplayer
Blaine Jan 21 @ 9:35pm 
Dubwise  [author] Jan 21 @ 8:16pm 
yes there's a countdown on them
Blaine Jan 21 @ 7:42pm 
Great mod! Do the kits run out? Like after a certain number of uses?
Quae Jan 13 @ 3:03pm 
I have the same issue as Hu. If I don't manually take worn medic bags/kits/sachets off the colonists, they will wear them until they disintegrate, and there's not way to mend them. I too have the mending mod.