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Dubs Rimkit
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Jan 1, 2017 @ 7:39pm
Oct 3 @ 3:18pm
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Dubs Rimkit

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Set of accessories with abilities and stat boosts. Multiplayer ready

Medkit accessory with buttons allowing the colonist to bandage their own wounds or others on the spot.

Repair kit accessory which allows constructors to salvage broken components while repairing buildings, these can then be fixed at a machining table.



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Czech by Ralph Shepard Feedback[prekladyher.eu]

3 types are available, medicine bags crafted at basic crafting spots using herbal medicine, standard medkits crafted at tailoring benches using normal medicine, and a glitterworld version of the standard medkit. To use the medkit equip it as an accessory using forced equip or by making an outfit. All 3 kits have the same 3 abilities, bandage will bandage all of the wearers wounds on the spot, bandage in bed will do the same but they will find the nearest medical bed first, and bandage others will allow you to select another pawn to be tended to, even during combat.

Repair kits
The repair kit is constructed at a tailoring bench, it gives +12% bonus to construction speed and construction and repair success chance. And a passive ability which allows the wearer to salvage broken components while repairing broken down buildings, the chance is based on construction skill. The broken component can then be repaired at a machining table using 10 steel.
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Jan 28 @ 3:30pm
got this error
Apr 17, 2019 @ 4:56am
Strange Errors
Mar 13 @ 6:50pm
Repair kit replace Tools?
< >
Hayashi Nov 6 @ 9:46pm 
you might have other mods which are conflicting with this, happened to me as well.
Scorpio Nov 4 @ 6:12am 
Will test that
Dubwise  [author] Nov 4 @ 5:49am 
never heard of that before, and there's no reason i can think of that they would since i dont remove any defs, you sure you're not just getting errors with some other mod
Scorpio Nov 3 @ 11:50pm 
Pickaxe hammers etc they disappear when using this mod
Dubwise  [author] Nov 3 @ 1:51pm 
what exactly do you mean disabling tools?
Scorpio Nov 3 @ 8:57am 
can we have an option to stop disabling of tools?
=) Oct 7 @ 9:19am 
I see... If only he add rules like smokepop belt has kind of a universal quality, so that it can go with any apparel assignments of different quality.

Oh well, guess I'll just make do with force equip. That or just by using [KV] Change Dresser mod, since I finally get the gist of how to use that dresser.

Thanks for the explanation. =)
Dubwise  [author] Oct 7 @ 8:38am 
there is no quality comp on them, not sure what his rules are for equipment without quality comps, its the same setup as a smokepop belt
=) Oct 7 @ 5:25am 
Sorry if this seems like I'm complaining, but what is the quality of this kit supposed to be? I'm unable to let my pawn auto equip it when I assigned them to wear better than normal quality apparels, including the kits. I had to force equip the kits whenever I had them wearing all of the assigned cloth.
The temporary solution for this are to never change the quality sliders at all, just so that they will wear the kits, but this way, they will wear the lower quality apparels, which I don't want them to do.
Dubwise  [author] Sep 7 @ 3:31am 
maybe you have something preventing your pawns ai tree looping to the change gear jobs