ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Extinction Core
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Dec 12, 2016 @ 7:14am
Apr 5 @ 6:45am
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Extinction Core

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Get Trippy 1 hour ago 
Please add more armor to all primordials because i had a prim dragon which took months to get and then it gets 2 shot by and omega monkey while my monkey with an improved saddle was able to kill it no problem at all....
Cosmeticneptune 5 hours ago 
its not working cause i got it downloaded and all that and it use to work but its not working today
Shio 9 hours ago 
How do i load this mod?
slayergamerpro 17 hours ago 
on the map the island does not appear your father's egg, but you have increased it by 10 of the number of dinosaurs, the command to destroy the wild creatures and nothing has happened
-=SpAwN=- 17 hours ago 
prime shinehorn : abberation gems / prime jerboa : baby food /
prime feather light : abberation congealed gas balls / easter bunny : carno and herb treats /
golden dodo : golden kibble /
lmmattson 17 hours ago 
ok for real LAST message until somebody responds. it didnt WORK r.i.p. somebody please help me? do i have to many mods? what is my issue???
lmmattson 17 hours ago 
forgive me if this is spam but i THINK i found the problem my auto update did not auto update. lets find out shall we?
lmmattson 17 hours ago 
do i reinstall extinction core? imma try that and the other broke mods gimme a few min
lmmattson 17 hours ago 
i found a bug or something. i have the mod subbed and stuff [i have many other mods so i know how] and this mod wont pop up on my available mods list. this is happening with several mods i use. this mod, avp and a few others. PLEASE help these are mods i wanna play so bad! do i need to update me ark? if so how?
nulick 21 hours ago 
Kind time of the day, please tell me where you can make a set of Supremo Tek? because in the engrams it is written what can be done in the inventory, but there is no manufacturing ...