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Extinction Core
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Dec 12, 2016 @ 7:14am
Nov 5, 2018 @ 4:44pm
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Extinction Core

ID: 817096835


IMPORTANT : Due to personal and financial circumstances, I'm unable to continue developing this mod for the foreseeable future, therefore this mod is now on indefinite hiatus regarding further updates & expansion, unless notified otherwise on this workshop.

Thank you for all your support & God bless you!


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can't go to the dead island
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Crash2323 1 hour ago 
Well, the mod is not updating on the server when i try to download it via Ark Server Manager: Finished processing mod 817096835. ERROR: The following mods failed the update, check above for more detail
Crash2323 1 hour ago 
Well I guess Brutal Evolved will be a backup in case this doesn't work. According to comments here, people says this still works...
AlphaboyZz 1 hour ago 
I havent tried it in a long time so I can't tell ya if it will work flawless.
Crash2323 1 hour ago 
Thanks! I am assuming i can just subscribe to Extinction Core and be good especially if I try it on a map it was optimized for such as the Island correct? Shouldn't have to do any game.ini tweaks except for the rock drake fix?
AlphaboyZz 2 hours ago 
@Crash2323 They will attack it if they spawn nearby but they will not actively come attack your base. There is a mod that does send dinosaurs after your base like a tower defense type game after XX amount of time passes..might look into that mod as well. It is called TCs Brutal ARK I believe.
Crash2323 2 hours ago 
Unfortunately, PVE gets boring to me once I get into industrial, no need for turrets or defenses because dino's or NPC tribes (if they existed) would never attack. I already have a server using Ark Server Manager and would love to make PVE more interesting. This mod seems to be the ticket, especially with the NPC tribes. I plan to play this on Crystal Isles and Ragnarok.

So based on the comments, and the sample game.ini from domleg, I would need to add all the creatures in the Game.ini like below to make them spawn or is that just to change their multiplier? [/url

Of course I see you have to add the line for the rock drake fix.

Another question: Do NPC tribes attack your bases?
(Ãŋðŗĕý) Oct 25 @ 6:49am 
Psycho Was 34 now 35 LVL Steam. What....
Aoi Blue Oct 22 @ 7:40am 
All Psycho has to do is release the unbaked version of his mods, and set the non-artwork portions to be Share Alike instead of NoDerivative.

Many KSP mods use a hybrid license with Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives for art and Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike for code.

Some give exemptions for specific minor modifications to artwork (things explicitly required for version compatibility.)
< blank > Oct 13 @ 8:21am 
Что делать?Я не могу запустить мир с extintion core. При загрузке мира всё просто зависает
Axolol Oct 11 @ 10:18pm 
It's two years now, that I've been waiting and praying for someone to give this fantastic mod some love. It's so sad, especially with all the wonderful memories I have from playing it with my friends. ._. I'd actually pay for this rr.