ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Extinction Core
Content Types: Mod, Creatures, Game Modes, Rebalancing
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Dec 12, 2016 @ 7:14am
May 21 @ 5:16am
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Extinction Core

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9 hours ago
now I need diamonds! where
10 hours ago
So whats the strongest tameable dino now?
6 hours ago
optimal map for extincion core
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GrumpyFish 3 hours ago 
I've been trying to use this mod for a while now and can't get it to work at all. followed all the info I could so idk if its working for others...
Vesuvious 5 hours ago 
@ruger when you update it using your server ui ... do you use update mod or install mod ... i only ever use install mod..... havent had an issue
rugersr556 Jun 21 @ 9:30pm 
anybody else having a hard time getting this mod to update on their server? ive been trying for over 2 weeks.. even using the TLP to copy it from my machine directly to the server and all it does it cause lots of bugs. it says its active but it doesnt actually do/add anything to my server. it used to work perfect. i loved this mod. dont actually like playing without it so any help would be greatly appreciated
Sadorachi Jun 21 @ 9:06pm 
i have this mod running on my ragnarok server. it seems to have caused the castroides from vanilla and beavers from the mod to spawn out of control. i disabled the spawning of vanilla castroides but it seems that it didnt work. any ideas? i used
in the game.ini and disabled the spawn in my server manager. any help would be appreciated.
ItsPlanetJosh123 Jun 21 @ 8:02pm 
How do i use this content?
ItsPlanetJosh123 Jun 21 @ 6:36pm 
In my downloads, it says im downloading a ark workshop item and I only subscribed to this "mod", does that mean I am downloading this particular content?
Piggelino Jun 21 @ 12:50pm 
Code for Element cluster that works?
ItsPlanetJosh123 Jun 21 @ 9:29am 
Coming here from kigDaddyDmac, such a cool mod, still downloading Ark, I cant wait until i can play this, ive always wanted this game since i got an xbox, ofc Im going to play on Keyboard and mouse
Lightning Raptor Jun 21 @ 9:27am 
is it normal that the deities on my private serv dont spawn?
ItsPlanetJosh123 Jun 21 @ 9:26am 
So how do you work this out? Like do you download it or what? first time getting ark because of the sale