ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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In 1 collection by Ollie G
Advanced Genesis
9 items
Armour+ is stackable with all other mods

This mod does Not have to be in first in the command-line

Mod ID:764792033

When you unlock each part of the Tek Armour, you will unlock the same UberTek+ part.

Armour settings:
2 = Double Damage Received, 1 = Normal Damage, 0.5 = Half Damage Received,
0.9 = 90% less Damage Received

Cloth =1
Desert =1
Chitin =1
Hide =1
Fur =1
Scuba =1
Flak =1
Ghillie =1
HazardSuit =1
Riot =1
Tek =1
UberTek =1

Scuba - 200 Armour -1000 Durability
Cloth - 200 Armour - 1000 Durability
Desert - 250 Armour - 1500 Durability
Hide - 300 Armour - 1500 Durability
Chitin - 400 Armour - 1750 Durability
Fur - 450 Armour - 2000 Durability
Hazard - 500 Armour - 5000 Durability
Flak - 500 Armour - 5000 Durability
Ghillie - 700 Armour - 5000 Durability
Riot - 850 Armour - 10,000 Durability
Tek -1000 Armour - NO Durability
Tek (Pink) -1000 Armour - NO Durability
Tek (Black) -1000 Armour - NO Durability
Tek (Camo) -1000 Armour - NO Durability
TekTank - 1000 Armour - NO Durability
UberTek - 1100 Armour - NO Durability

Sun Glasses - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
Party Hat - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
Turkey Hat - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
Witch Hat- 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
TopHat - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
Santa's Hat - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
DodoRex Mask - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
Chav Cap - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability
Gangster Cap - 500 Armour - 2000 Durability

Armoured+ Supply Drops
Mesozoic Era

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Servers Running This Mod
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Ollie G  [author] Oct 20 @ 4:11am 
I have a small test server if anyone wants to join just click the link below
furzkuchen8000 Sep 3 @ 12:19pm 
das ist ok so:steamhappy:
Danpeal Jul 24 @ 9:44am 
I have a wierd bug.. can't equip the uberTek Helmet.. worked fine for the last weeks suddently it does not work anymore.. built a new one.. same issue. any idea?
SpeX Jun 25 @ 10:52pm 
@nefrat Yes it is normal, you can only fly with UberTek.
nefrat Jun 25 @ 10:08am 
i would like to ask it normale if i can't fly, and run fast, and etc... with the pink tek, black tek, etc?
ShardTooth Jun 20 @ 12:22pm 
would it be possible to add the mining helmet to this?
Bovin Khan Apr 10 @ 10:10pm 
So i have a question: What the hell does the PinkTek, BlackTek, TankTek, and CamoTek do???? How do they compare to the UberTek? No description anywhere is given for them.
Max Apr 7 @ 1:20pm 
@Ollie G
Thanks for clearing that up, will also help to answer a few questions other's had previously posted a while back.
Also, cheers for the hazard suite fix. A few of the Tek Suit faceplates seem to be invisible too when seen in the player inventory screen but that's no big deal.

Don't forget you can alter all that, engram levels, points, hidden or not, item crafting costs etc. It's not hard, just takes a bit of time, it's the same for all mods so look up any example in general and apply it to this mod.
Alcarnique Apr 7 @ 12:59pm 
Love this mod for the most part, but the engrams are all over the place. Some have 0 cost, others are the same as the vanilla versions and some are more expensive. The level requirements are also all over the place. Cloth+ is higher than cloth, SCUBA+ is level 0, Flak+ is lower level than vanilla, Fur+ is 19 levels higher than vanilla, and ghillie+ is not only higher than vanilla, but it is also scattered from levels 54 through 57.
I don't really have any suggestions for fixing this other than maybe making each dependent on its vanilla version and setting the costs to maybe 50% of the vanilla version since engram points are hard to come by. Alternatively, set them at the same costs, but 3 to 5 levels above vanilla with no dependencies.
Ollie G  [author] Apr 7 @ 1:54am 
@Max Sorry for the late reply i started working on the mod last night and didn't see your reply.
All the Tek suits apart from the uber tek was made before the tek armor was released in the game and the uber was made after, they are just really good armor and you dont need the tek engrams.