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Allow Tool
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Sep 10, 2016 @ 12:25pm
Oct 24 @ 8:51am
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Allow Tool

A set of tools to make your life on the Rim a bit easier.
Easily forbid and unforbid items, select similar things, have things hauled urgently and affect the entire map with powerful new tool extensions.

Allow Tool can be safely added to existing games.

Notice: The HugsLib library mod must also be installed for this mod to work. Make sure both are enabled in the Mods menu and HugsLib is loaded first.

There is a brief guide in the ingame description. To get more info, discuss features or provide feedback, please visit the official forum thread:

Hope you enjoy.

The B19 version is still available, and can be found here: Allow Tool (B19)

My other mods: HugsLib · Map Reroll · Defensive Positions · Remote Tech
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Paitel Nov 28 @ 5:10am 
Other Note, the Harvest Ripe Plants selection will allow you to mark plants behind walls (Like in the FOW) to harvest, which seems kinda cheaty,
ejderiya Nov 27 @ 10:30am 
im %99 sure this mod breaks the game in some way. It causes some kind of lagging and with time it gets worse until game becomes unplayable anymore. I cant tell why it happens but at this point im %99 sure it happens because of this mod. (A couple times my save ruined because of this. So i decided to remove all mods a while ago. Since the last dlc came up, i started adding mods one by one. After a couple weeks i downloaded this mod today again. RIGHT AFTER i used this mod with my game, game started lagging again. Its a little acceptable for now but im sure after a while it will break the game again. I can check some logs or smth if it will help. ) It would be awesome if you helped me solve this because urgent hauling is really helpful :tobdog:
LionelCG Nov 27 @ 6:08am 
@Player, search for "SatisfiedStorage" for the feature you are looking for.
Paitel Nov 27 @ 3:42am 
What happened to the uninstall buildings selection? (Like draw a rectangle and uninstall all within the rectangle) did vanilla remove that or did allowtool remove it, and can you add it back by chance please?
DigitalHare Nov 23 @ 8:20am 
Question - As long as I've used Allow Tool, the Numpad 0 hotkey is meant to allow all forbidden, but it has never allowed desiccated corpses and such. Given my pawns have the capacity to deal with those and it ends up better in the long run to remove piled corpses (Not to mention insta-rotted manhunter packs), is there an option I've been missing to allow /everything/ with the hotkey or is it just a limitation of the mod all around?
Player Nov 23 @ 4:19am 
Saw someone say that this mod adds an option of restocking the stockpile once the amount reaches under certain percentage but the feature is not there. Was it removed or is it incompatible with current version of the game?
BlueTressym Nov 22 @ 10:26pm 
Is it possible to add 'Extract Tree' to the orders menu for tree-hugger colonies?
Furoggu Nov 22 @ 10:53am 
I believe there is an issue with Royalty and this mod. I saw someone else mention it back in May so I'm assuming it's unlikely to be an issue new to 1.4/biotech. The "Finish off"/"Executor" work type disables the Melee skill for Empire champions (and presumably pawns in general) with all work types disabled. This is a rather glaring issue considering that the whole purpose of champions are to be strong melee fighters.

Nothing in the mod options appears to rectify this upon testing, only disabling the mod entirely. I would greatly appreciate if this could be fixed, or a toggle to disable the work type entirely could be added (as a workaround for this situation). Thank you.
Rainoa Nov 21 @ 6:13am 
i disabled that hual urgently tool and re-order my mods around i dont seem to get that error anymore ar lest very often but i think its a diff pathing one i get from time to time now
Cal Nov 20 @ 1:00pm 
I really like the features of this mod but I am getting tired of the haul urgently errors constantly popping up.