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Allows you to host, entertain and recruit visitors.

Have you been wondering what the point of visiting factions is? Look no further, this mod is the answer.

- Convince visitors to join your faction!
- Increase faction relationships!
- Treat visitors well by providing them with rooms, guest beds and joy activities!
- Sell them junk by placing it in their area!
- Happy guests will help out with your chores!
- Guests can be invited via the Comms Console!
- There is a tab that lists all present guests!

Savegame compatible.

Instructions and more information
Can be found HERE.

Load order
Hospitality works best when loaded as late as possible. You can safely put it at the end of the list.

Known incompatible mods
- Any mod that gives guests animals (or slaves),
- Giddy Up (works fine, but guests won't use mounts)
- Colony Manager (you will need to start a new game, or your work priorities will be jumbled - you can use Fluffy's Work Tab to prevent/fix this)
- RimSlaves (crashes / errors)
- ClosedDoors (guests will leave immediately)
- Arachne mod (their guest groups won't spawn)
- No water no life (guests will dehydrate)
- Custom storytellers that are not fully / correctly implemented (guest tab won't show. Always load Hospitality after storytellers)
- Multiplayer mod (requires Multiplayer Compatibility mod - if you have multiplayer issues, that's where you have to report them. Also, you need to use an older version of Hospitality. See the Older Versions link below)
- Outfitted mod (guests won't buy things)

Recommended mods to use with
- Snap Out!: Allows skilled wardens to calm people with a mental break down
- Where Is My Weapon?: Downed pawns will pick up their dropped stuff again once they can walk

Reporting bugs
Should you encounter any issues, first make sure the mod has updated correctly. You do this by unsubscribing and resubscribing whatever mod you think causes the issue. Then restart Steam.

If the issue persists, press CTRL-F12 (right after the problem occurs!) to upload your log and paste the link and a description of what went wrong HERE[github.com] or in the discussions section. If possible, provide a screenshot of the error, the link to your log and an explanation of what happened. This will speed up fixing the problem tremendously.

In 90% of all cases, the problem is a conflicting mod, failed update or a corrupted installation on your side. First try to resubscribe this mod (and restart Steam), then try a different load order. The Mod Manager mod and Mod Sorter[bitbucket.org] can help find obvious issues.

If you just complain and don't include an error log, I'm not gonna do anything about it.

Requesting features
You can request features HERE[github.com]. If you want to have a say in which feature will be added next, you can become a patron[www.patreon.com] and vote.

Older versions
Can be found HERE[github.com].

- French Translation by Scribio[discord.gg]
- Korean Translation by NyaamZ
- German Translation by RW Chaos[github.com]

Support the cause
If you enjoy my mods, please consider supporting me:
You can vote for the next big feature[www.patreon.com] and get priority support!

I have a few one-feature mods (Animals Are Fun, Rescued Pawns Will Ask, etc.). They're not on Steam, but you can download them here: Micromods[www.patreon.com]

Ideas, problems and suggestions
Please add a new topic in the discussions section here or HERE[github.com].
Check if your idea / problem is already there.

Attention: Hospitality requires HugsLib!

Try my new upcoming game!
You'd do me a great favour if you stream it or send me feedback[extra-nice.net]!

Attention: The game will update to 1.1 soon. This means Hospitality will stop working[www.patreon.com] until it is updated. You can force RimWorld to stay at version 1.0 in the Steam properties menu for RimWorld (beta tab) to keep playing!
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ok gatorade
< >
26 minutes ago 
I honestly forgot this was a mod and was wondering why I couldn't make guest rooms and why the guests were leaving so fast
Good job on being such an integral part of this game
Scud 43 minutes ago 
This mod should've be a feature in the game ++++++++++++++++++++++
Slater 4 hours ago 
I'm also checking here every day to see when it will be updated. I won't be starting a 1.1 game before it's out, as I just can't imagine playing RW without this mod - it does so much for the immersion and gives a reason to keep building things.
But yeah, don't stress it, Orion. I'm just glad to hear the update is coming. And thank you so much for the work.
Orion  [author] 5 hours ago 
You're awesome. Thanks for the positivity!
Salt Mage 7 hours ago 
@ol moep o
No. Royalty only has visitors for specific quests.
ol moep o 7 hours ago 
isnt this mod part of the royality dlc?
Demonlord09 8 hours ago 
Needs an update for Rimworld version 1.1 and the DLC. Tynan needs to start adding the best mods to the base game...
Vorugal 8 hours ago 
So odd playing 1.1 without this mod. I honestly cannot believe that this wasn't included in the 1.1 update - it's such a staple to me and so many other Rimworld players at this point that I'm surprised it hasn't been included in some form to the base game itself. Can't wait to see the 1.1 update (and how it works with Royalty in future editions) -- thanks so much for the hard work.
Shieldsbrothers 11 hours ago 
Is it just me or once I wall off my base fully guests no longer appear at all?
Raeyother 11 hours ago 
Ditto, to all that everyone else has said. Keep up the good work