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Allows you to host, entertain and recruit visitors.

Have you been wondering what the point of visiting factions is? Look no further, this mod is the answer.

- Convince visitors to join your faction!
- Increase faction relationships!
- Treat visitors well by providing them with rooms, guest beds and joy activities!
- Sell them junk by placing it in their area!
- Rescued characters can decide to join you!
- Happy guests will help out with your chores!

Savegame compatible.

Instructions and more information
Can be found HERE.

Known incompatible mods
- Refugee stats (fine if you load refugee stats after Hospitality)
- Any mod that gives guests animals (or slaves)
- Colony Manager (you will need to start a new game)
- No doomed newbies
- RimSlaves 2.0
- GeneticRim
- ClosedDoors
- Custom storytellers that are not fully / correctly implemented (guest tab won't show)

Reporting bugs
Should you encounter any issues, press Ctrl-F12 to upload your log and paste the link and a description of what went wrong HERE[github.com]. If possible, provide a screenshot of the error, your debug log and an explanation of what happened. This will speed up fixing the problem tremendously.

In 90% of all cases, the problem is a conflicting mod or a corrupted installation on your side.

Older versions
Can be found HERE[www.dropbox.com].

Support the cause
Because I love RimWorld and the fantastic RimWorld community I have spent many hundreds of hours over the last few years fixing and programming on these mods.
If you also enjoy my mods and want to give something back, you can use the following link to gift me a beer, a dinner or a buffer for repairs.

Wanna do me a huge favour?
I'm working on a new game and in the coming months we will open up to beta testers. So if you're up for helping me out and have some fun in the process, please sign up here[extra-nice.net].

If you want to watch me program, see my other projects or just say hi, you can follow me on Twitch[www.twitch.tv]!

My other mods
Can be found here.

Ideas, problems and suggestions
Please add a new topic in the discussions section here.
Check if your idea / problem is already there.
I ignore all suggestions and wishes that are not posted there.

Attention: Hospitality requires HugsLib!

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Aug 9 @ 8:21am
PINNED: B19 version available for download
Dec 9, 2017 @ 1:11am
Right click won't work, unless drafted?
Jul 18 @ 11:34pm
Detailed Instructions
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Orion  [author] 20 hours ago 
Can you upload your log please? Ctrl-F12
thefilthy1 Aug 15 @ 5:54am 
can some one help me my mods aren't showing up in the game?
Orion  [author] Aug 13 @ 1:37am 
Sorry, no idea... Welcome to the unstable branch, though!
Mongenfish Aug 12 @ 11:15am 
Hey Orion, do you know anything about how the Rimworld clock works and how to fix it when it goes nuts? Thanks to you from before, I had my game where everything was perfect - last night. This morning, all has gone to hell. The clock is racing fast, I stopwatched it and one hour in game takes 10 seconds in real time. What's worse is although I can see the shadows rapidly dancing around my buildings as the Rimworld sun must be rocketing over head, my pawns are in super slow motion. So they are starving to death inches from the food they can't reach this century!
Orion  [author] Aug 10 @ 4:20am 
Guests can randomly spawn with body components of it, which will cause errors / crashes other weird behavior.
dastormdragon Aug 10 @ 3:11am 
What's the incompatibility with GeneticRim?
Mike's working fine so far (haven't researched any of the GeneticRim techs)
Orion  [author] Aug 9 @ 6:41am 
For those who didn't see, there's a B19 version for manual download now !
Orion  [author] Aug 9 @ 6:29am 
It worked fine the last time I tried, but that was in B18. Why don't you try and let us know?
PremierVader Aug 9 @ 1:03am 
Hey so does this work with the psychology mod or am I better off just disabling the psychology mod when using this?
Orion  [author] Aug 8 @ 5:18am 
@ArmoredStone: A lot has changed since then. If it happens again, let me know.
@Trantor: Yes, move closer to their bases. Also, don't upset them.