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Hearts of Iron IV

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Expert AI 5.0
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Dec 14, 2023 @ 8:55am
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Expert AI 5.0

Compatible with: vanilla HOI4 AAT 1.13.6
Unsub/resub the mod to make sure it is installed correctly.
Not compatible with: 95% of non-cosmetic mods. Absolutely NOT compatible with major overhaul mods.
Patch notes: LINK
Donations: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/kondi

Looking for a bigger challenge against AI in a historical campaign? This mod aims to do that in several ways:
First and foremost, this mod adjusts AI behavior to make it optimize its country better to achieve the best possible economy and military that it can get without any AI bonuses added. Aspects like:
  • Construction: industrial, radar, forts, air bases, anti-air.
  • Equipment production factory assignments.
  • Research priorities and paths.
  • Political power management.
  • Experience management.
  • National law priorities.
  • Decision priorities.
  • Division, tank, plane and ship designs.
  • Advisor picks.
  • National focus trees and other country-specific mechanics.
Extensive AI behavior scripting on historical AI mode to achieve a more historical campaign progression. This means guiding the AI in various ways to make that more likely, while having some flexibility to deal with unexpected situations. Completely ahistorical campaigns are not recommended for this mod. The mod will still work but the AI is not optimized for it.
This mod implements several scripted AI systems that replace or work in parallel with the vanilla AI systems, including: construction, research, division and equipment design, espionage, lend-lease. In general, they allow creating more detailed strategies that this mod requires in order to optimize the AI.
AI’s military behavior:
  • NOTE: it is not the purpose of this mod to implement a micro-managing genius AI that creates armor breakthrough armies and such. It is not possible to create a mod like that. The way the AI conducts attacks especially at division level in this mod is not different from vanilla. However, this does NOT mean that this mod changes nothing about how the AI in general uses its units and where it sends them.
  • General airplane and naval assignment priorities.
  • Front behavior: how many troops to send to certain fronts, how aggressively to push the enemy, when to push the enemy. A lot of adjustments to specific historical fronts.
  • When to launch naval invasions.
  • Garrisoning capitals or other important areas with divisions.
Completely reworks the way the AI produces, designs divisions and equipment:
  • There are no nation-specific or somewhat historical units like in vanilla. Every country may build the same types.
  • However, instead of building the same types in every game as in vanilla, the AI uses a Military Focus system to determine what it wants to research, build and design. You can change these focuses through the mod configuration in-game.
  • This means that depending on the mod settings and your customizations, USSR could be building lightly armored 20-width medium armor divisions in one game and extremely armored 40-width heavy armor divisions in another. There are many different such military focus options for the AI.
New diplomatic actions to allow coordination with your allies, for example, tell them what to build, where to launch naval invasion or which borders to avoid sending troops to.
Entirely OPTIONAL difficulty configuration that offers various ways to give the AI buffs. No matter how many buffs you give the vanilla AI, it will not build monstrous 40-width armor divisions and such. With this mod’s AI changes combined with difficulty bonuses, you can test yourself against some pretty dangerous tank armies.
  • Set permanently enabled static bonuses against any country in the game or dynamic bonuses that are applied to AI nations depending on who you fight or how the war progresses or which specific equipment the AI needs. Reconfigure at any point during the game.
  • Customize the modifiers given to the AI in order to buff aspects that you think the AI needs help in.
  • This is not a mod for those who want a slightly better AI, a couple of fixes or a straightforward experience to jump into. This is an AI overhaul; the AI design in this mod has completely different priorities from the vanilla AI, generally geared more towards min-max gameplay for very experienced players, historical progression, as well as alternate implementations of AI systems. You are expected to adjust the mod settings to suit your playstyle, apply difficulty settings where you feel they are necessary.
  • Multiplayer compatible.
  • Not achievement compatible.
  • 1939 start is not supported.
  • Compared to vanilla, a historical campaign should progress more historically. However, it is by design not historical when it comes to all other, smaller details.
  • The AI also expects the campaign to progress more or less historically. No different from historical multiplayer games with rules enforcing the same. You CAN do whatever you want, but it should not come as a surprise if the AI is not all that prepared for your 1936 cheese invasions.
  • The mod does NOT give any sort of stat or combat bonuses to the AI without YOUR CHOICE.
  • This mod does not change the gameplay mechanics of the game.
  • This mod modifies all kinds of files from national focuses to tech trees and events. This means that Expert AI depends on you not combining it with mods that alter these things. In other words, it does NOT work with tech mods, overhauls or national focus mods that replace the vanilla focus trees.
  • Furthermore, this mod's AI is designed to play well only with the vanilla game mechanics and balance. Do not use mods that make radical changes to these areas and expect the AI to adapt. Neither this mod or the vanilla AI is capable of that.

French translation by bibrax / Scribio -> https://discord.gg/nJJsW2a
German translation by KaisersReichsAdler
Russian translation by santyrion
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M@tZe Feb 25 @ 10:23am 
Hi there. I absolutely love your mod.
Could you update it? :)
Patrick_pants Feb 16 @ 7:38am 
isakyıl Feb 16 @ 6:24am 
PLSS UPDATE THE MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!:steammocking:
Vaf Feb 12 @ 11:46am 
@konkape9 it's the only mod that i run but i am missing dlc. i haven't buy any dlc after nsb. what i am trying to say is my allies is really weak. i tried to fix that as playing soviets since you have no ally basically but it was even easier than vanilla tbh. literally overruned germany right after they declared. when i am playing germany, france is terribly strong with all difficulties unlocked and reinforcements. japan is a bit hard too. idk couldn't satisfied but i can easily say that this mod is way better than vanilla at least. at least AI has remarkable airforce and factory count. going focuses they should do. btw france AI doesn't remove disjointed government when i play on the side of allies but they have fuckin 800 strat bombers when i am playing germany XD
Vyacheslav Feb 11 @ 11:49pm 
Great mod!
konkape9 Feb 11 @ 2:30am 
konkape9 Feb 11 @ 2:30am 
Vaf idk what you are on about, for me its fine. you probably have a mod that brakes expert ai
Königsberg Feb 8 @ 7:58am 
update pls !!!!
Vaf Feb 8 @ 5:30am 
+++ AI italy literally weaker than 4 province hungary. Allies doesn't invade at all, USA doesn't interwene the war, 3 out of 3 times USA joined the Chinese faction. even tough japan attacked allies. AI numbers and equipment is competent, constantly attacks and reinforces i loved that but rest is shit unfortunately
Vaf Feb 8 @ 5:24am 
I'm italy, war started mid 1940, by the time germans annexed poland i conquered entire north africa middle east and sudan. by early-mid 1941, allies have no navy, almost no air, still germany has only 106 divisions with NO ARMORED divisions and couldn't kill even belgium yet. declared denmark and norway first, only took jutland from denmark, killed netherlands and stuck at belgium while allied armies 2 times stronger than germany at the border and soviets justifying on germany. difficulty challenging-impossible. game before that, soviets justified this shit germany again and because japan guaranteed, soviets annexed japan as well. did all settings according to mod, not invade norway puppet egypt etc. i can send the game files. btw, what the fuck is that china bro? hardest game of my life against china as japan lol