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eco's RP Decor
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Aug 10, 2016 @ 9:19am
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eco's RP Decor

In 2 collections by eco
eco's ARK Mods
13 items
eco's Patreon Server
10 items
MOD ID: 741203089

Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers!

100% Stackable Mod

All items can be picked up. (Hold use key to pick up.)
If item is destroyed, after placing, it will return the exact amount of materials used to create it.
Engram cost: 0
Level needed to learn engram: 1
All items have HP

Mod includes:

Furniture and Decor Crafting Desk with the following:
11 Colors of Single Beds (Respawn point)
King Bed (11 color options via radial wheel, 2 laying positions available)
Bunk Bed (11 color options via radial wheel, Shorter cooldown period for respawn, 2 laying positions available)
Coffin Bed (Respawn Point)
Curtains (Hang on wall, can be painted)
10 Furniture Pieces
31 Dinosaur Head Wall Mounts (Can be Painted)
3 Skull Torches
Bonfire (25 slots, higher hyper/hypo cooks meat faster)
31 War Flags
11 Hanging Flags
11 Pennant Castle Flags
Kitchen Cabinet
Wooden Stool
Suitcases (Storage)
2 Globes
3 Map Tables (Island, Center, Scorched Earth)
7 Misc Decor items
Wooden Shutter
Metal Balcony
Fireplace Screen
10 Rugs
1 Shag Rug (Can be Painted)
Black Bear Rug (Can be Painted)
Polar Bear Rug (Can be Painted)
Brown Bear Rug (Can be Painted)
Plain Paintable War Flag
3 Paintable Frames
3 Canvas (M,L,XL)
Bathroom Wall Shelves
Rockwell Throne
Ring Box (Found in the Special folder)

Food Tray with the following items:
11 Food Consumables
8 Decorative Types of Food
Bowl (1 inventory slot)
Mug (1 Inventory slot)
Beer Bottle (1 Inventory slot)
Herb Basket
Empty Tray
Fish Tray
Hanging Herbs
Hanging Pans
Water Basin
Counter (Storage)
Counter with Doors (Storage)
Icebox (Keeps food milk, darts, etc fresh)
Pantry (120 Inventory Slots, increased spoil timer, can be painted)
Tall Counter/Bar (50 Inventory slots)
Kitchen Jar (3 Inventory Slots, can be used to storage consumables for a short amount of time, can be named)
Water Bucket (Place first to get to snap points for the Sink)
Sink (Decoration or snaps to Water Bucket for running water)
Cooker (Grill and Icebox. Cooks meat 2x faster)
Dye Mixer (Quickly Craft Dye, Snaps to Cooker)
Cooking Pot (Craft Vanilla Medical Brews, Soups, Kibble, etc, Snaps to Cooker)
Recipe Station (Craft Recipes and Faux Medicinal Teas, Snaps to Cooker) NEW LEARN MORE
Mixing Bowl (Craft Bases) NEW LEARN MORE

Community Box with the following items:
Guestbook (100 Inventory slots)
Bulletin Board (50 Inventory slots)
Outpost (Snap points for ladders and the floor can be built upon)

Bad Box (Can be placed next to an enemy foundation or build. Has 2 inventory slots. Used for RP servers when you have broken into a base and need to leave a note or clue back to your character or tribe)
Journal (Book you can edit and share)




Server Hosting Provided by LogicServers[]
Use promo code eco for 20% off

Having issues installing or updating a mod?
Installing/Updating Mods Tutorial[] - Text instructions
Installing/Updating Mods Tutorial - Video instructions
MOD ID: 741203089

Missing items?
If you updated the mod and are missing items then your install is probably corrupt. You must follow the instructions specifically for your server host.

Can't place items or find the Landscape Crafting Table engram?
If you can't place an item from this mod then your server probably hasn't updated with the latest version. If you can't find the engram make sure the mod is copied over to the server completely and the mod ID is listed under active mods.

eco' Extinction Foliage
eco's Primordial Decor
eco's Aberration Decor
eco's Stable Structures and Decor
eco Trees
eco's Scorched Earth Decor
eco's RP Decor
eco In Wonderland
eco's Tek Decor
eco's Terrariums
eco's Garden Decor
eco's Shoppe Decor
eco's Camping Decor
eco Trees LITE
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Mar 16 @ 9:29am
Keeps Crashing my game
< >
Hazearil Mar 15 @ 11:32am 
Could there perhaps be a way to irrigate the cooking pot, or make it not require water.
azuugirl Mar 15 @ 9:08am 
Thanks for fixing the journal so promptly. I gave it a bit of a 'stress test' to try to provoke a crash but no problems at all. :)
OddFlopper Mar 14 @ 1:24pm 
@Eco To be honest I didn't realize there was an update. I just logged in as usual. :)
eco  [author] Mar 14 @ 10:25am 
@OddFlopper Did you make sure the mod update had completed it's install process before starting up your single player game?
OddFlopper Mar 14 @ 9:50am 
Love your mod and have been using it for a while. I logged into my individual account yesterday (with the mod showing in my list of actives) and everything I have made and placed is gone. UGH! I am fairly new to the ARK community so I know crap happens. Any suggestions to keep this from happening? Thanks!! :)
eco  [author] Mar 13 @ 3:02pm 
@Mystic One have you tried clearing your ASM Cache?
eco  [author] Mar 13 @ 11:14am 
Getting reports that gportal has fixed the issue. Can others confirm?
Mystic One Mar 13 @ 10:37am 
With in ark server manager it said the mod was outdated, though people could then access the servers again but the Eco RP was gone even though installed with the files in the right place. Which before we ran it, the only thing it told us was that the mod was out of date not that is was install improperly. We then tried to update it again through ark server manager once again with out a problem it updated, but then people couldn't access the server again due to mod mismatch. We only have 5 out of the 14, eco's Garden Decor, ecoTrees, eco's Stable Structures and Decor, eco's Shoppe Decor, and eco RP. Any thoughts on how to fix since I did notice however the ark server manager for some reason when I use the update option to make it "current" it only has 1725 in the .mod and file together but on the client side it says both together are 1750?
Mystic One Mar 13 @ 10:37am 
Hello, I am running a cluster of servers, that we own at home. The problem I am having is ever since the eco RP updated my ark server manager updates it, but it says the client side is outdated for everyone thus mod mismatch. I tried to revert to a client side version of it (which mine updates along with the game, though for testing reasons I also tested it with the another co-owner of the server game files which also update automatically) we put both in (one at a time) to see if the manual install would work.
eco  [author] Mar 13 @ 12:36am 
Make sure to send them a support ticket