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eco's Tek Decor
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Dec 11, 2016 @ 7:57pm
Oct 2 @ 9:31am
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eco's Tek Decor

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eco's Mods
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MOD ID: 816908578

Craft scientific decor for your technological base!

100% Stackable mod.

All items can be picked up. (Hold use key to pick up.)
If item is destroyed, after placing, it will return the exact amount of materials used to create it.
Engram cost: 0
Level needed to learn engram: 1
Items can be planted on the ground, in the water, on catwalks, foundations/ceilings, and rafts/platform saddles.
All items have HP

Mod includes:

Crafting Desk with the following:

4 Chairs
Tall Stool
Tall Table
Tek Bed
6 Map Desks (Holographic and original)
Decorative Table
13 Holograms
8 Experiments (Decor)
4 Floor Lights
4 Wall Lights
Painting Capsule (Quickly craft dye)
Generator (Silent, Storm Safe)
8 Refrigerators (100 Inventory slots)
4 Counters (Medium Storage)
4 Wall Storage Boxes (Medium Storage)
4 Tall Storage Boxes (Large Storage)
Decorative 'Broken' Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator (.ini Settings and Information can be found here)




Having issues installing or updating a mod?
Installing/Updating Mods Tutorial[] - Text instructions
Installing/Updating Mods Tutorial - Video instructions

MOD ID: 816908578

Missing items?
If you updated the mod and are missing items then your install is probably corrupt. You must follow the instructions specifically for your server host.

Can't place items or find the Landscape Crafting Table engram?
If you can't place an item from this mod then your server probably hasn't updated with the latest version. If you can't find the engram make sure the mod is copied over to the server completely and the mod ID is listed under active mods.

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AtlasBlu45  [author] Nov 12 @ 7:49am 
@Scorpion As from the FAQs, it is not currently feasible to combine all mods into one.
Scorpion Nov 12 @ 4:03am 
I'll just say right off that I don't know anything about modding. I am wondering though if it would be possible to combine your mods into one or two maybe even three instead of all of them? That way I don't have to be picky and also don't have to have 10 mods I can just have a couple. Great job btw keep it up!
KornelisWel Oct 28 @ 4:00am 
nice stuff
eco  [author] Oct 27 @ 10:39am 
Did you still need help or did you get the info you needed on Discord?
micleftic Oct 27 @ 7:29am 
Hi, I have the problem that I am not able to learn any engrams, I can see them but when I click them nothign happens, I have enough points left, but it won'T work, any suggestions?
AtlasBlu45  [author] Oct 25 @ 4:36pm 
@intheend99lp It can be found on the right-hand side of the mod description, under the thumbnail.
(172.992 MB)
intheend99lp Oct 25 @ 3:59pm 
how big is the mod?
eagle_1980 Oct 18 @ 6:30pm 
I had previously suggested a tek standing torch of some sort to use instead of normal standing torch that gets annoying to replace all the time cause some dino sneezes on it. Any chance of making that?
123 Oct 8 @ 10:11pm 
ur welcome :)
eco  [author] Oct 8 @ 5:23pm 
@123 Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I have updated the spawn codes with the missing item.