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eco's Aberration Decor
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eco's Aberration Decor

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MOD ID: 1266909337

Craft and plant trees, rocks, bushes, and more to create your own Aberration paradise!

100% Stackable mod.

All items can be picked up. (Hold use key to pick up.)
If item is destroyed, after planting, it will return the exact amount of materials used to create it.
Engram cost: 0
Level needed to learn engram: 1
Items can be planted on the ground, in the water, on catwalks, foundations/ceilings, and rafts/platform saddles.
All items have HP

Mod includes:

Aberration Landscaping Crafting Table with the following:

16 Crystal
7 Mushrooms
7 Rocks
8 Trees
24 Plants and Flowers

New Items will be added as the mod progresses




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MOD ID:1266909337

Missing items?
If you updated the mod and are missing items then your install is probably corrupt. You must follow the instructions specifically for your server host.

Can't place items or find the Crafting Table engram?
If you can't place an item from this mod then your server probably hasn't updated with the latest version. If you can't find the engram make sure the mod is copied over to the server completely and the mod ID is listed under active mods.

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70 Comments Feb 19 @ 6:24am 
WOW.. your probaly the best decor maker in the whole of the Steam Workshop :)
eco  [author] Feb 11 @ 12:36pm 
@btb556 I will not be creating engrams for every specific item. That causes engram list lag. I understand your request for this but at this time there are admin spawn codes or the ability to spawn in the materials.
btb556 Feb 11 @ 12:34pm 
Can you make it so these can be put in our inventories (as a engram) when we're in creative mode? (For all your mods)
Monopoly Feb 10 @ 6:53pm 
I tried force taming Rockwell, and i was going to use that as a center piece... but he T-Posed and stopped moving. =/
Monopoly Feb 10 @ 6:52pm 
@eco Could you make Rockwell's tentacles, and Rockwell himself as a decoration?
Maybe his pink goo/pond as well? Preferably that would be separate though, so we can place Rockwell anywhere.

Having the tentacles and Rockwell separate would be cool, you could add as many tentacles as you want, or have if you only want his body, you can do that too.

He doesn't attack, just moves sways around like normal.
Perhaps a version with and without audio? Or rather the option to turn off his sound effects?

Rockwell is one of the coolest "creatures" i've seen in Ark. It reminds me of the Romans, and Colossus. To make him into a "statue/decoration" would be amazing.

A 1:1 scale of him preferably, perhaps a smaller version as well.
eco  [author] Feb 9 @ 1:01pm 
@Slayerz you should check out The Wookie he has some great tutorials
Slayerz Feb 9 @ 12:44pm 
@eco Hello :) I come to you, can you give me a link of.. webpage or youtube movie tutoriale for :
(How create box - table or smithy with inventory custom and put my custom item inside).
Because i always love your job and the organization of your item / engram.

Im not good on ADK but i want try to make my second mod :) thanks advanced.
K1N3T1C4L_K4OS Feb 3 @ 4:07pm 
Hi MasterAntlion .. No you don't need Aberration DLC.
MasterAntlion Feb 3 @ 12:12pm 
do you need the dlc for this?
eco  [author] Feb 2 @ 8:12am 
@WhiteWolffs Please post your server info in the correct thread above.