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Extended Storage
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Jul 26, 2016 @ 2:36am
Mar 4 @ 7:01am
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Extended Storage

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Extended Storage

Adds additional storage buildings that multi stack items.

This works by having an input cell which the storage cell grabs from until it reaches its own internal limit, for example the wooden pallet can hold 600 steel in its storage slot and 75 will sit on the input slot, giving it total storage of 675, other buildings have smaller and larger limits for certain resources, all controlled via thing categories ala stockpiles, pawns are aware of contents and will take from them as per normal.

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Asmitha Oct 25 @ 6:24pm 
plz update bro :(
Werewolfie Oct 15 @ 1:29am 
Love this mod, by far the superior storage mod. My only issue is that while most of these storage units take up two tiles, even when full the contents tend to only be in one tile. Thus, it looks like my storage capacity is only half full, while in fact the entire storage capacity of the container is used. Given the varying stack sizes, I'm not sure how easy/feasible it would be to distribute the contents more evenly between both tiles of the container, but that would make it easier to "take stock" at a glance.
Echo Tech Oct 11 @ 7:29am 
i been having problems with pasting setting and my pallets are destroying my walls
Dźwiedziu Oct 11 @ 6:56am 
It seems to work in 1.2 without issues with a pretty big mod list.
Echo Tech Oct 10 @ 6:26pm 
If possible can we get this updated to 1.2
Dźwiedziu Oct 8 @ 11:17am 
I cannot live without this mod in 1.2.
Tesca Sep 15 @ 4:23am 
It seems that Misc Robots hauler bots ignore the storages and just haul to the vanilla storage area
Hugh Mongus Sep 6 @ 2:44am 
im getting stuff exploding out of containers on loading saves and blowing open walls
lilwhitemouse Sep 3 @ 8:24am 
DS is slower to for pawns to use (configurable), looks slightly different, has slightly different storage units, and allows diverse types of items in the same storage unit.

But that's my take on the differences
TDuffin Sep 3 @ 4:43am 
Anyone know how this differs from deep storage? Just curious :)